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  1. That was quite the rollercoaster! I really enjoyed this little show, and I hope it comes back. I loved Max's inability to stop singing when he was so happy Zoey was kissing him. Aaaand then I cried for the rest of the episode. American Pie isn't one of my favorite songs, but I could see why they chose to use it. I read a good interview with the creator and it seems like they haven't officially renewed it yet. The article does answer some questions we have about Lauren Graham's role and why it may be reduced and why Max/Zoey kissed this episode (essentially, to make it fair because Simon
  2. This show is so cute! I don't feel like it will last a super long time, but I'm enjoying every actor and all the singing (maybe not MS's songs, which are a combination of songs I'm not interested in and her tuneless singing, but I appreciate that she's trying) and the sweet/sincere plots. I'm glad Joan didn't get angry at Zoey when Charlie left lunch after Joan pushed her into speaking up (I feel like some shows would definitely turn it that way) and that they ended up supporting each other in the workplace. I do feel a little weird that the show (by way of the characters) are trying
  3. There were early establishing shots showing the car with the women in it was behind the truck. Some random car from a side street pulled out in front of the semi and caused him to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting it, and because our characters were always behind him, when she was distracted by the phone she rear-ended the truck. I also thought at first they were the car pulling out, too; it was a bit confusing.
  4. They are taking 20 to whittle it down to 10 in one episode, just like last year. So I'm imagining the Academy will be 2 weeks, in that one week will be getting to the top 20, next week top 10, then the live episodes. This was definitely the most boring of the audition episodes.
  5. Aaah, THAT'S where I've seen Evan before! I love Kyle Hanagami's choreography/channel. They should do a night where they highlight YouTube choreographers, give some lesser-known people a break (yes, I know Kyle isn't a no-name since he choreographs for people like J-Lo, but I'm sure there's plenty others).
  6. They made it sound like he'd be there for all the auditions. I hope they keep him for the live shows too, though, because he's the best. Vanessa doesn't bother me as much as other people here, but she's definitely a Paula Abdul "cheerleader" sort, and I prefer Twitch's enthusiasm AND real eye for dance movement over her any day. I didn't see anyone who wowed me here. I thought the first girl was very cool and different but I don't know how that will translate long term. I can't remember if last year they talked about the all-star mentors this early, so if they did and it's clearly absent
  7. I wasn't disagreeing with you; I don't think you need to relate to these characters to watch their story. But I don't think it's pointless to want to relate to them, or for that sometimes to be part of the reason why you don't feel connected/interested in the story. And when I was referring to "Putting aside their first world privileges and problems" I was talking about their fancy cars and houses and feeling inadequate because someone is looked down upon for having a 'silly' twenty hour a week job, etc. The things that people are using to dismiss them as silly rich housewives.
  8. I just read the book a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it, so I'm looking forward to this mini-series. I was considering waiting, but I think knowing the book gives some of the lines and little looks and scenes a bit more meaning, knowing what's coming. It does feel a bit different since it's not in Australia and everyone has entered this suuuper rich stratosphere, but I think it'll be worthy of watching in its own right. Reese was great as Madeline and so was Laura as Renata. The child actors were particularly spunky, and I look forward to seeing more of them. I mostly agree. There
  9. I do enjoy how this show refuses to completely demonize its antagonists. I wish that they would've let Sister Ursula stick around for a little while longer now that she isn't going to be so rigid, but it was nice to see Sister Julienne back in her role as showrunner of the house. I knew Sister Monica Joan had found the TV and was going off to watch her show, but the way she did it peering through the window was just adorable. Similarly, I knew that the Chinese MIL was going to have a heartbreaking story about her daughter dying from the cold, but still having to hear her go through it mad
  10. Nah, I've got enough bratty kids on my TV. Tim continuing to be a delightful teenager is a nice reminder that all teenagers aren't crappy. My cousin made it through her teen years being very sweet to her parents and supportive by helping with her five younger siblings. She had her moments, I'm sure, but 95% of the time she was great at home. I can't get through an episode of this show without crying. Patsy and her father, Phyllis reciting the poem to Delia to tell her she knows and she's cool with it (who knew that Phyllis would become my favorite character on this show!?), and Reeds and
  11. Yes, the actor who plays Kenneth has such a great, deep voice! They definitely need to tap him for some voice acting in the future. That part where he was narrating everything as the Magical Negro was spot on.
  12. This has become one of my favorite new shows, and this episode was particularly hilarious. When Maya began dancing for the horse, I could not. stop. laughing. Kenneth and JJ's friendship is also just one of my favorite things, how they were bonding over being cliches. And when the Dad walked up because Maya was talking about how he gave up graduate school to help his disabled son, and then the kids told her to stop spinning fantasies and he just walked away. I wouldn't have thought I'd love this show as much as I do when it started, but everyone has managed to win me over.
  13. I really enjoyed this, despite it being a quiet hour of television. The difference in the vibe was obvious, but much welcomed. I think that there is definitely going to be a transition episode or two where the new writers have to write their characters out of the messes they were in before, bring them back a more level emotional/mental field. At least, that's what I hope they are planning on doing with people like Maddie and Juliette. In those forty-two minutes, I think that was the most Deacon and Rayna have said to each other than they did all of last season. I'd love to see Gunnar and
  14. I can't help but be charmed every time Stamos and the little girl who plays Edie are on screen together. The ending was just too cute. This show may have its flaws, but it's been one of my favorites of this past fall season. I pretty much enjoy all the characters and I like all the actors.
  15. Rayna should have turned to this 'sign the girls up to my own label' idea way back when we all first thought of it, because of COURSE now Maddie is too 'mature' to continue on in their adorable duo. Connie's hair did look even more fabulous than usual. I was seriously getting distracted as I was watching. I enjoyed all of the songs this episode. I always enjoy the show more when we get a bunch of new material - more time spent on songs and less on boring Caleb and boring Brand Lady. And way less time on Maddie being horrible beeyotch to her little sister.
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