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  1. I saw some mixed reviews for season 2, so wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed it. I binged the whole thing in two days. As scrb noted, the first two episodes were heavy. And I’d say the overall tone of this season was a bit more contemplative, less laugh out loud funny. I think it worked though. Ramy’s crisis of faith really drives the season, and I thought there was a satisfying narrative arc. Mahershala Ali, as the Sufi sheikh who Ramy looks to for spiritual guidance, was a great addition. Like last year, though, my favorite episodes focused on the secondary characters
  2. Is it just me or is anyone else finding the judging on this show incredibly mean-spirited? I’m not someone who likes my shows all warm and fuzzy (in fact, I miss the snarkiness of Project Runway’s best judges), but I found some of Heidi’s and Naomi’s reactions incredibly mean and personal, particularly when it came to Troy. Heidi was almost reveling in the fact that she was right to vote to send him home the prior week, and pretty much told him that she can’t see him with a brand. And Naomi attacked him when he said he was happy with his concept and his attempt (given that he only had 7 hrs)..
  3. I’m also kind of obsessed with Cameron and Lauren. They’re both really attractive (Lauren reminds me a bit of Issa Rae), but unlike a lot of the other contestants, don’t seem defined by that - they come across as smart, sweet, and kind of goofy/awkward. It’s the only relationship where I feel a genuine connection. And, as a black woman, I’ll admit it’s nice to see a black woman “win” on a dating reality show (I’m looking at you, Bachelor). I don’t really care much about the other couples. I like Mark way more than Jessica (and, while he may not be her usual type, I think he’s really
  4. I cried too! I thought there was something so sweetly moving about the episode, and the actors knocked it out of the park. It managed to strike a nice balance with the comedic moments too.
  5. Don’t know if that’s an unpopular opinion, but I adore Fleabag, find Maisel very overrated, had a hard time getting into Barry, and have zero interest in Kominsky... different strokes!
  6. I know they’re total long shots, but I’d love for Lupita Nyongo and Florence Pugh to be recognized for their performances in Us and Midsommar, respectively.
  7. I don’t see a general discussion thread for Season 7, so here goes. Not sure if this is a minority opinion, but I loved Season 7 - it may even be my favorite (although Season 4 may edge it out). The ICE storyline moved me in a way I’ve rarely experienced on this show - they really captured the Orwellian nature of the immigration system and drove home the point that detainees are in some ways even worse off than prisoners (no lawyers, no commissary, indefinite detention, etc). Lots of memorable storylines - Karla’s desperation to connect with her kids (her phone call made me bawl my eyes o
  8. I guess I'm in the minority because I was mostly happy with the finale. I found it flawed, but ultimately satisfying. I thought the second half - and especially the last 30 minutes or so - was much stronger than the first. I was genuinely affected by Brienne updating Jamie's entry; the reveal of the new Small Council and the exchange between them; and the montage intercutting Jon's, Sansa's, and Arya's respective paths. I thought the montage hit all the right beats (bittersweet, yet hopeful) and included some incredible shots (especially the ones with Sansa donning her garb and being crow
  9. I was there too! Great recap by Rinaldo. I love that they packed in so many songs (way more than the televised concert special) and gave supporting characters like George, Jim and Tim moments to shine. Also, the performance of Heavy Boobs, a song I've never really cared for, was pretty epic.
  10. Forgot to say, I was never a Melisandre fan, but I found her death at the end surprisingly affecting (esp after being one of the MVPs of the battle).
  11. That was (largely) incredible. My heart started pounding a minute into the episode, and didn't stop until the end. I think the best parts were the moments of stillness, with the mounting sense of dread. Case in point: the opening, when everyone's just waiting in formation, in silence and darkness. And the eeriest image of the entire episode for me was the shot of thousands of Dothraki soldiers, identifiable only as dots of light, riding into the darkness, and quickly being extinguished. There were two things that bugged me in the episode though: First... the darkness! I know the even
  12. I’m eight episodes in. I thought the first couple of episodes were a bit heavy handed with more obvious jokes, but it gets much, much better. The tone actually reminds me quite a bit of Atlanta (I bet that’s what they were going for - even the episode descriptions are written in a style that’s very reminiscent of Atlanta).
  13. Anyone watching Ramy? It’s a new Hulu show by stand-up comedian Ramy Youssef about a millennial first-generation Egyptian-American grappling with issues around faith, relationships, family, etc. The protagonist’s Muslim identity is a central part of the story, and the show captures a broad spectrum of the Muslim community: Ramy fasts, prays, and abstains from alcohol, but also sleeps around and parties; his uncle is judgmental, without actually adhering to any religious tenets; some of the Muslim female characters wear hijab, while others don’t - and those who do are normalized in a way that’s
  14. Yeah, despite my quibbles, I agree. Vulture's Top 25 is really solid. And the only choice that left me completely befuddled was ranking Feeling Kind of Naughty as the fifth worst song. But most of the other rankings and Top 10 lists I've seen for this show have seemed completely random. This show has done really well by its third-tier supporting characters. Honestly, I like the numbers by Jim ("Don't Be a Lawyer"), Tim ("Buzzing from the Bathroom"), George ("George's Turn" and "What You Missed While You Were Popular"), and White Josh ("Love's Not a Game," if you count that as his) way
  15. Vulture updated its ranking of all Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I guess it’s a testament to the quality of this show that every list I’ve seen has a totally different song ranking. Every song seems to have its fans. Personally, I think Feeling Kind of Naughty (one of my favorites) is ranked unconscionably low (125 out of 129!). A few others are also severely underrated – e.g., Friendtopia (84), The Darkness (74), I Have Friends (72), West Covina (71), and Love Kernels (40). Math of Love Triangles and A Diagnosis did pretty well (24 and 23, respectively
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