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  1. Dylan immediately drinking and no one batting a single eyelash = one of fifty sharks the show jumped, but for ME, the biggest. I think that was the moment as a sophomore in college, that I knew I just couldn't with this fucking show I had grown up with. How did they expect me to continue to be loyal when all the pre-teen emotional turmoil 12 year old me went through watching Dylan's alcoholism, that sad scene of him hugging his inner child after not giving in to drinking after Jack's funeral, the amazingness of him swigging wine straight from the bottle at Felice's fancy parter when he fell of
  2. Tooch

    S03.E05: High-Like

    Yep. Everything changes with a baby, and you DO need to make mom friends. Preferably neighborhood mom friends but online groups can be wonderful too (I've been in one for 5 years and we even plan get togethers in person sometimes, those ladies know shit about me I've never told anyone). ESPECIALLY if you're the only one in your friend group to have a baby (or even be married! It's amazing she's hung in there this long). No one has done anything wrong, but people become different when they move into different life phases. That scene in the car gutted me. I cackled at seeing Chad, and then
  3. True but I was truly maddened by the timeline on Gossip Girl. When the show starts Serena is returning after being gone for ALL of sophomore year at some boarding school. Which means all the flashbacks to her "wild party days" happened when she was like 13 and 14 years old. I know it's Manhattan but COME ON. Slumber Party is my all-time favorite episode, to be honest. I loved it. Truly the only time on the whole show (with the possible exception of sneaking into the hotel looking for Color Me Badd) that "the gang" actually acted like teenagers. Plus early years "troubled, kind of bitchy"
  4. Yes! Dylan's very first scene back on the show where he became famous for being a relapsing alcoholic struggling with sobriety was him gulping champagne with the gang at Thanksgiving like it was no big deal.
  5. My thoughts exactly. This show does really short seasons and I feel like we've been trodding the same "Issa is unhappy at work and needs to find a more creative profession" ground for all three seasons. Enough already, it's a bummer. If she's not in a new job by the end of the season I will be fed up. And more Kelli, she's the only funny one on the show!
  6. The Walsh House was retconned more times than Valerie's Dead Dad. Per my recollection, at the end of season 1 when they were going to move back to Minneapolis, it was mentioned that Jim's COMPANY owned the house, it was like, leased by his firm for them for some reason. Then when they moved to Hong Kong, it was retconned that they owned the house and were going to sell, and the gang threw a huge party to trash the joint because the seller planned to tear it down. But that fell through. Then the gang just lived there for the rest of college, which at least makes a small amount of sense. P
  7. Oh man, I'm so excited about the return of Dylan now, I can't wait to hear Tara and Sarah discuss how no one in the gang says a word about him casually drinking. As if the sight of Dylan with a beer wasn't enough to send everyone into a tailspin just a few years ago. Retcons, how I love you.
  8. Returning to my point about the horribleness of the Valerie retcon. When David's mom attempted suicide (and not even with a gun!) she had nightmares for a week and woke up screaming and crying in Brandon's arms and it was actually kind of moving (and pretty much the only time Brandon was even a half-decent friend to her, though I do remember him acting put-out by her tears). Now, another friend's dad blows his brains out and no one even says "Hey Val, remember you had a mini breakdown over David's mom....you okay?" It's the same suicide method, same parent. It's just fucking ridiculous.
  9. What pisses me off the most about Val's retcon is that it un-does what was so sweet in the first place about her and David's original romance, which was that she was re-traumatized by his mom's suicide attempt because of her dad and was able to be the one to help him. It makes no sense whatsoever now. That whole episode when she was having nightmares about finding her dad's body? Makes no sense whatsoever now. Sigh.
  10. UGH, another foreboding comment from someone who has seen the finale, on Twitter: There's also another awards show forum with someone who has seen it, and when a user say something like "no way June will forget Serena's role in the rape" the person who has seen the last ep replies "She might" with spoiler tags. My depressing theory: the "controversy" is that June decides to give Holly to Serena to raise so she can escape with Nick. BUT the post above that mentions yet another "soft reset" as well as Fred's continued infatuation with June makes me think the controversy might be
  11. This is more speculation than spoiler, but I think that June ends up escaping, which is why they're setting up Emily with a "mysterious" new commander so we can maintain a link back to Gilead/Aunt Lydia/Janine/etc next season while June is either on the run or in Canada. I bet they also have a storyline planned for the fertile young commander. Frankly, if they send June back and give Holly (I am convinced that episode title is a reference to the baby's name as well as June's mom) to the Waterfords or another hideous couple I might just have to be out. After today's episode, I cannot acce
  12. Oh totally, it wasn't subtle at all. I did actually like Kevin's conversation with Kate about the knee though, because when she said "you have to watch it" or "be careful" or whatever she said I thought she was just showing concern for his injury, but now I think with the heavy-handed episode-ending pill popping that what she meant was that he could get hooked on his meds, as if it's happened before.
  13. Yep, I mentioned this in the visual aids thread. It's completely absurd to me that Kelly gets up on her high horse about what Val chooses to do with her own goddamn Christmas vacation. She even says right in front of Kelly that she just couldn't deal with going home just yet -- with the implied BECAUSE OF THE MEMORY OF FINDING MY DEAD DAD IN A POOL OF HIS OWN BRAINS. And Kelly is still just eager to snot away. She gives me face flames, she is so terrible. Remember fun season 2 Kelly? Le sigh. Jesse and his legal career make me snort. I can't wait for the "5 year reunion" episode whe
  14. I'd like to thank this thread for reminding me that "Ed" exists. That show was such a treasure, and also featured a fat actress in addition to the teen boy who had weight loss surgery. I always try to support shows that represent that humans actually do come in multiple sizes, ha. As for Chrissy's weight loss contract, I think she's an adult and is probably pumped. I used to weigh over 300 pounds. I am not in any way speaking for others, but for me personally, being that weight sucked even though I'm a major supporter of the body-positive movement. If she feels the same way and wants to
  15. OMG Kelly's anti-Val crusade is so maddening. Reminder: At this point in the story, it's been only a few months since Val's father blew his own brains out. What does Kelly know about Val, besides that fact? That she strung Steve along and kept it a secret that she was hooking up with Dylan. That is literally IT. At this point none of the other "bad girl Val" stuff has come out. She hasn't done a single thing to anyone but Steve, and Steve is over it. So maybe not being such a toxic bitch to a 19/20 year old girl who suffered a huge tragedy only a few months ago isn't out of order? For Fuck's S
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