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  1. Nervous about the HOH mostly tonight. I hope Kaycee wins it, or Brett. But Sam or Scottie, if he returns, winning and putting up JC would be excellent! I am so over JC at this point, I can’t take him anymore.
  2. Button Boy better not be asleep at the switch
  3. I hope we aren’t disappointed with the aftermath. We need Fessy freaking out!! Haleigh yelling at him saying it’s his fault!! We need this!!!!
  4. I saw him pouring maple syrup all over bacon before he put it in the oven
  5. What I would love is that his dopey plan works, Haleigh is evicted, Scottie actually does team up with L6, one of them wins HOH, Fessy and Sam on the block
  6. Sam isn’t giving up and Fessy looks like he wants to run!
  7. I’m dying! Sam and Fessy! This is so hilarious!!!
  8. Fessy, the king, laying in bed while the serfs clean the house. Idiot! Also, he said he's a man of his word and promised Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler they weren't going up this week. Or will he get out of it saying he didn't mean as a replacement nom.
  9. Totally agree about Fessy. He showed his nastiness last night when he won HOH
  10. I think Fessy will still put up Scottie and Brett. He never once offered him any type of deal like he did Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee. He made his mind up last night and hasn’t changed it, I hope
  11. Yeah, Haleigh will want a backdoor of Tyler. JC will push Scottie
  12. I think Fessy, if left to his own devices, would want to get out either Brett or Scottie to wipe out his competition with Haleigh. But she will push Angela and Tyler.
  13. Rockstar really did seem hurt by Brett’s goodbye message
  14. Why does Rockstar talk like that in the diary room? It’s so annoying!
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