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  1. Glad to see the show back. The COVID thing was weird for me. I don't care if the show wants to pretend COVID doesn't exist, but it can't do it halfway. There were scenes with no masks, some masks, and a lot of masks and overall zero mention of the virus. It made me wonder if some of this ep was leftover scenes from last year before the plug got pulled. As for the police reform angle, I can't help but think about the black guy they got killed last season. The ep was worth it just for the Kev-Voight argument. I too was surprised that Ruzek went after Kev. Adam earned some points with me for that. I also wish Antonio was back because the show/unit could use his integrity. I'm not sure what Voight wants Kev to do as it pertains to Doyle. He can't go back and change his statement (not that he's willing to) because he'd then have zero credibility. So what exactly does he want Kev to do? Besides, I thought Voight could've stood up for Kev to the other cop stronger than he did. He just seemed resigned to whatever was going to happen. The case was odd because none of the suspects were talking despite a significant amount of evidence implicating them. For a second, I actually thought they were covering for the younger boy in the house during the raid because they were over the top confident.
  2. Unfortunately, it was exactly what I expected... the worst character from the original show played by the worst actor. I basically spent 60 minutes wishing someone would slap him in the face. Who thought this was a bright idea? Tony Soprano's sister played the judge?
  3. Had to pop in just to say... now kidnapping is bad? I'd have a modicum of respect for dopey Wyatt if he just told the truth, which is, "Kidnapping isn't a dealbreaker. I just like her more than you."
  4. I think they were going for what happens on "The Affair", in which POV memory is unreliable like you said. The problem is the show never really does this so it seemed out of place. The most noticeable instance of this IMO was James saying, "Let him go" to Tommy after he was shot. Originally when that scene was shown, the CC said James' final words were "Let it go". I guess they didn't want to spoil the ending. I think it all stems back to two things, the affair with Angela (which Tariq brought up) and Ghost lying about his past. Either way, Tariq was an annoying, pampered whiner who somehow managed to skate despite all of his stupidity, mistakes, and felonies. He really was his mother's son.
  5. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! When there was a knock on the door while Tasha and Tariq were doing that fake family breakfast shit, I was hoping it was Tommy to end both of them right there. Heck, I would've settled for Elisa Marie or her aunt. To make so much of the finale center around the show's absolute worst character was a guaranteed fail. Saxe being outsmarted by the dumbest person in the world should've been the only thing on his suicide note. While James spent the entirety of this final season being a complete jackass to everyone, I cannot argue with him when it came to recognizing that the coddling of Tariq was a disaster. But both parents had their blindspots when it came to Tariq. Tasha's coddling was a mess and for Ghost to not recognize how much his son truly hated him was indicative of how far his head was up his own ass. Tasha got what she deserved. She didn't think about Cash when murdering LaKeisha and she was perfectly willing to leave Q's daughter without a father. I cannot fuck with a spin-off that involves Tariq. They cannot be serious about this many spin-offs. Why bother canceling this show if they were going to do that nonsense?
  6. Fuckin' Tariq. Just 5 minutes of his dumb ass could almost ruin a really good episode. As someone else mentioned, the show at it's best was always Ghost and Tommy. It has to be Tariq that shoots Ghost because I can't see Ghost telling Tommy to "let it go" if it's Dre or Tate. Elisa Marie was better than 98% of the characters in the history of the show and smarter than at least 99.9999% of them. I made a comment last season that the only way I'd want to see a spin-off involving Tariq is if Elisa Marie goes gunning for him when she gets older. Well, she's got a reason to now. On a show almost seemingly about awful parents, Kate really took the cake.
  7. Fucking Wyatt. I hope when he and Flo have a kid, it comes out looking like Dikembe Mutombo and we can hear how that's "a mistake" too. I love RS, but Quinn is out of her freakin' skull. This one stuck her tongue down Ridge's throat while she was with his father and the other one stuck her tongue down Ridge's throat while he was still married to Brooke. (I'm not giving Ridge a pass.) Quinn should know that thing about throwing stones in glass houses is still true.
  8. I thought this Flo nonsense was over with. In addition, it's interesting how the kidnapping of a child is now known as "a mistake".
  9. I haven't been watching regularly (thank goodness), but did I miss an episode in which someone held a gun to Kayla's head and forced her to conceive or have this baby? She's acting like all of this is happening to her against her wishes. Also her demand to choose where they live after Luke's graduation was an eye-roll moment. Should've used protection. Or two or three.
  10. I thought Tariq must've been recording Ghost because he couldn't possibly be stupid enough to expect Ghost to "take the weight" for his dumb ass, right? As the unrelenting stupidity of this show cascades upon the viewers, my only wish is that Tariq dies or goes to jail. The only one of Ghost's "You know what your problem is?" conversations I cared for was the one with Tasha. Stop trying to save Tariq's dumb ass. He needs to start dealing with the consequences of his actions. Why would Tommy shoot Ghost at this point? Dre actually got out of jail? Again? C'mon man.
  11. Neither one of them look like they want to have this baby. So this begs the question... why in the heck are they having this baby?!?!?!? Even her friends are incapable of faking support... everyone knows this is a terrible idea. Hopefully one of these two people speak up before it's too late. I don't think she's trying to trap him (and I loathe that phrase... it's disrespectful to women), but the timing couldn't be worse.
  12. If anyone knows the look of a bullshit liar lying, it's Tariq. The 2nd Ghost/Tasha scene was crazy. All these people dying and yet Tariq is still alive? I really, REALLY hate this freakin' kid now. Benny tried to get cute and it didn't work out for him. Elisa Marie is really fucked now. Although a Power spin-off of her growing up to become a hitwoman who kills Tariq could pique my interest. Nah... I want him dead now. Oh Saxe... when given a chance of doing the right thing and the stupid thing, he's always chooses stupid. Dre is just a damn cockroach now, huh?
  13. Yay... now there are 4 Triangles of Doom. - Ridge, Brooke, and THoT - Waffles, Hope, and Steffy - Wyatt, Sally, and Flo - Thomas, Crazy, and Batshit Insane (less of a Triangle than a full-on threesome) Hope is 100% correct about Snuffy, but her desperation did not look good. Either you trust Waffles or he isn't the right one for you. I can't wait to see Snuffy deny this as the picture of her and Liam still hangs on the wall in the background.
  14. That kid set off a nuclear bomb in NYC because he was mad at his father. Even Tariq isn't that stupid. Well... I know he's too stupid to get his hands on a nuclear weapon. Besides Tasha and Ghost would try to cover it up anyway. Just go to the cops and tell them you didn't do it.
  15. How many people must die or have their lives ruined over Tariq's stupid ass? The craziest part is James and Tasha know he's not worth a damn, but will do anything and everything to save his dumb ass. It's not even parental love... it's their guilt over Raina's death or having set a bad example for the idiot. Ghost and Tommy have amazing luck in that they keep choosing to commit crimes in buildings that have no video of the people walking in and out of them. Tommy deserves his revenge. I hereby offer up Tariq. Drop him off of the Empire State Building ass first onto the world's biggest foot.
  16. The odds of Tariq being killed by open cellar doors in a NYC street are pretty good. Are we really supposed to believe that someone this dumb is an aspiring kingpin? The only people who can't see through his nonsense or trick him easily are his parents and Tommy. Oh and the cops. When Ghost held the gun to Tariq's head and Tommy held him over the side of the building, it moved. If this jackass survives this season and is in any way a part of a spin-off, I want Power removed from my brain "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"-style.
  17. One of my major problems with the SL was that you could see the FLO-demption coming a mile away and that she was never going to pay any real price for her actions. Meanwhile, the black characters are fired, dead, or on the lam. I don't care how many organs she gives Katie... I'm still going to hate her. And now that Wyatt will somehow forgive her for niece-napping, I can hate him too. BTW, I would never listen to a doctor who got her head caught in a headboard once.
  18. I watched "The Twins Going to College" special last night and the omission of Colin is glaring. I actually came on this board for the sole purpose of figuring out what happened to him. They literally never mentioned him once. I thought I skipped something. The situation with Hannah is mentioned as an aside almost like she was staying with her dad just for the weekend or something. (Only towards the end do the viewers get the "people keep leaving this house" line from Kate.) I know these reality shows are mostly B.S., but I do think it would be better to share truthfully what has happened with the 2 kids who aren't there. But that would involve mentioning Jon's name on air which apparently Kate and TLC would rather die than do. At least I found out here that Colin isn't dead or something. I hope for all of everyone's sake they're happy and productive. Best of luck to the twins in college.
  19. Quinn's intense/borderline irrational dislike of Sally resuscitates one of my least favorite tropes of soap operas... parent who is WAY too involved in their kid's life. She just sounds like a lunatic right now. How could Wyatt ever show his face around his brother if he's parading around the baby-napper on his arm? Think Quinn. Is it possible we can wrap up the Flo saves Katie/rehabilitates her image with Logans/gets back with Wyatt storyline in 5 eps next week? I can't possibly watch a month of that nonsense. TBH, I can't watch 1 ep of it.
  20. The line that made the entire ep for me was when they were trying to figure out who Pops was engaged to and Diane said, "I bet it's one of those twins Zoey hangs out with." The Junior storyline being over already is corny.
  21. So now I have to root for Vincent and Benny? Hell, I'd even let them bring back Kanan for the sole purpose of keeping Ghost and Tommy from getting that $2 million. RIP Proctor. Jerry Ferrara was a great addition to the show. Tommy is killing everyone under the sun, but Tasha can't mention that idiot running a protection racket? I would've laughed in that guy's face. Tommy has his issues, but he would've dealt with that problem quickly.
  22. Dude... she didn't tell you that your brother's child was still alive while watching Hope lose her mind and their marriage disintegrate. Just thinking about Flo for a second is enough for Sally to drop-kick his ass. I've always liked Wyatt, but that's pretty much done. I don't expect any better from Quinn and Shauna's dumb asses, but Wyatt should know better. Who's idea was those ridiculous looking fake photos of Wyatt and Flo?
  23. Ewww... that spoiler is greasy and gross. That girl would have to have literally zero respect for herself. Speaking of greasy and gross (and exponentially worse), for some reason, Brooke and Oliver having sex popped into my mind. That was completely and utterly insane. Does anyone remember what their excuse were again? Was it just the costume?
  24. If/when Wyatt hurts Sally, I'm going to whip his fictional ass. Sally looked good today... I would've been begging her to move back in too as ridiculous as Wyatt sounded. The idea of Flo and Thomas avoiding jail time is ridiculous, although totally expected in the case of Flo. The show didn't even give Thomas the bullcrap 4-6 months (in television time) that Adam or Victor would get on Y & R before some illness/beating "necessitated" their release. That being said, I'm not surprised that Ridge would do something to keep his child out of jail. Brooke would do the same damn thing. I don't recall her advocating any jail time when Rick let off that gunshot at FC post CaRidge affair. She's totally entitled to her feelings and is pretty much accurate as it pertains to Thomas staying in the house or being allowed to raise Douglas in the near term in light of his recent actions. But to think Ridge is going to let Thomas sit in jail is foolish. What's also foolish (at the very least, brain dead at worst) is Ridge thinking Thomas can just plop right back into that house. Hopefully, $Bill and Justin can put a foot in Thomas' ass over Emma's death with some new/old evidence.
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