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  1. Lis

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    Zelena's new curse reveal immediately made me think of the Jamie Dornan article from earlier this year, where Adam & Eddy said that they wanted him back for something that's going to happen in the finale. I think she's going to be at least temporarily successful and we're going to see what everything would be like if Regina had never existed/Zelena took Regina's place. I apologize if this doesn't go here, I'm a long time lurker but I've never posted anything!
  2. Lis

    S03.E16: It's Not Easy Being Green

    I loved the Oz scenes tonight! There was so much speculation about who would be Dorothy, the Wizard, etc and I don't think anyone guessed Zelena was Dorothy or Walsh was the Wizard. Other than that, I agree that there seems to be a lot of retconning going into this storyline. I was a little let down by the Zelena/Regina showdown. Zelena has the power of the Dark One behind her and THAT was how she went about trying to get Regina's heart? I guess she probably didn't think Regina would know what she was after but still, giving your enemy 8 hours to prepare a defense seems a little odd for someone who thrives on the element of surprise.