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  1. This. I feel people are being too hard on Vanya and not hard enough on Reginald. The guy wasn't only a cold and distant father, he was downright abusive. Next to him, Michael Jackson's dad looks like a good father. What he did to Klaus and Vanya specially, was horrible! Heck, he wouldn't even address his children by their names! In fact, they didn't explain it, but I think the children gave themselves those names when they grew up, that's why Five has no name. And then he thinks they're going to save the world when they grow up? No thanks to you, asshole! She was 4!! She didn't "murdered" 3 nannies, she didn't know what killing was. She just knew she didn't want her oatmeal. If indeed the nannies were dying, then Reginald is truly a monster, since all he did was get another nanny to get killed before he finally tried with a robot. He didn't even care that the nannies were dying. No talking to her and explaining what the consequences of her actions were, no parenting at all. How did he pretend she'd learn anything? The only thing he tried was attempt to train her like a professional athlete or a dog. Also, the kid was a toddler, let her NOT eat her oatmeal if she hated it that much and find something else that she prefered. That's not the hill you want to die on. But nope, he'd rather have 3 employees killed before not having one of his kids do exactly what he wanted them to do. Exactly, he just decided to lock her up and when he found he could just sedate her, what does he do? Mistreat, ignore and psychologically abuse the poor child. Sure, you have a super powerful kid who you're afraid of and your solution is to raise them with as much resentment as possible, so one day they finally snap. That's smart.... Also, no matter how many pills he made her take, that plan was stupid, cause if she's that powerful (she blew up the fucking moon, yo!!!) one day she was bound to explode anyway. Heck, she could have just forgotten to take the pills or lose them and all Hell would break loose, since she couldn't control her powers and didn't even know the extension of them thanks to stupid Reginald. Making her believe she didn't have any powers was one thing, and may not have been the smartest decision, but I could understand that. But he not only did that, he belittled her and made her feel like shit every day of her life. He made her feel jealous of his powerful siblings. He made her feel like an outsider. He made her feel unimportant. He made her YEARN for powers. It's like he purposely wanted her to blow up one day. And speaking of stupid....Luther is the one who actually caused the Apocalipse. Vanya felt horrible about what she did to Alyson, they could have worked together to help her control her powers. Maybe she would have continued taking the pills voluntarily if she knew she couldn't control them. But nope, he knows his sister is so powerful that she could blow up and cause the END OF THE WORLD, and what does he do? He makes sure to piss off said super powerful human to the point where she actually blows up. What did he think was going to happen when he locked her up in that horrible room (did you see the knives on the walls?) to wither and die? And the siblings may not have been guilty for what Reginald did, but I can see why Vanya would resent them as well, and not just be jealous of their powers. They also belittled her at every opportunity as we saw in the last episode. We actually saw it since episode 1. They continuously ignore her, like she's not part of the family. They never told her anything and made decisions without her. Diego is downright nasty with her, Alyson was also very cruel to her on several ocassions, and she's supposed to be the one closer to her. Luther pretty much ignored her. I don't know, if you see one of your siblings being mistreated even much more than you are, you kind of try to reach out to them. Also, I liked Pogo.... until we discovered he was covering all the fucked up things Reginald did. I'm not going to blame him for not doing anything about it, after all, he was just a victim as well. But after Reginald's death, he continued to keep secrets, when the knowledge of said secrets could have saved a lot of time and made things easier for the siblings. He also continued to justified and defend Reginald for all the horrible things he did. I suspect that's some Stockholm Syndrome on his part. But yeah, I'm not that sad he's dead, turns out he was kind of useless at the end.
  2. What? What are you talking about??? She looks great, she's 72!!!
  3. Oh, thank you! I'm terrible with typos and spelling mistakes. In my defense, English is not my first language. But that tells you how much I care about Twitter. I do have an account, but I rarely use it. I don't find it as useful as some do. And I'm way younger than Murphy, I'm 42. But I do have a smart phone ;)
  4. She wasn't wallowing on her couch with a flip phone, she was actually going to marches and staying politcally active. She was out there in the real world, as opposed to pretending doing something worthy by wasting time writting silly tweets just to stay "current". Just because someone chooses not to engage in social media, doesn't mean they're less capable or confident than people who spend their time on it. You don't have to be a grandma or a very old person to not care about Tweetter. She was very aware of Tweetter and how it all works, (as she demonstrated by her tweet and the # comment) but as she hadn't used it before cause she didn't care; it's realistic that she'd need someone who had the experience to help her set an account and have the initial navegation throught the app. That's not offensive at all. Actually, I find your post more offensive, insinuating that people who have flip phones and choose not to engage on Tweeter or IG are old, less than capable and out of touch. Some of us prefer to interact more in the real world, rather than a screen. No way she would have been wasting her time argueing with that idiot on Tweeter. She got sucked into it by the end of the episode, just cause the circumstances brought her there, but I can understand why she'd rather not get involved into it from the begining. And she has stayed in the game, as was demonstrated at the begining of the episode, she was just coming from the Women's March.
  5. Oh, your're right, totally! Probably he won't even tell his sisters. He has stop caring about his former life. At least I'm glad he apparently had comunicated with Arya and Sansa about Littlefinger. I wish we had seen that on screen.
  6. Maybe but war would have happened either way. As the case of Henry VIII, you just can't dissolve a royal marriage like that. He had to brake up with the Church and that cost England future hereditary wars and conflicts. The same would have happened with Reaghar and Elia, although worst, because she already had a male heir....who, by the way, was named Aegon as well?? Really, WTF is up with that? Llyana had a weird sense of humor.... Reaghar and Lyanna weere very selfish, if you think about it. He pushed a little kid down a window and still hasn't shown remorse for that!!!! That's my problem with Jamie, for all his tribulations, sense of honor, doing the right thing for his people and whatever, we don't see him even once being remorseful about making Bran a cripple, or the fact that you know, he could have killed him, no matter what selfish reasons he had to do it. Any normal person with a conscience would be HAUNTED by that. It makes him seem like a sociopath with no soul. I don't see any redemption for him until at least he acknowledges that. But even then, it's been 6 years, and he never seemed to care, a little caring now wouldn't be enough, so, yeah, he has no redemption for me. Count me as another who would like to see Brienne and Thormund together. And I also don´t think Brienne sees him with disgust, she just doesn't know how to react to him. Remember she's kind of gruff when it comes to affection, or somethingg, I don't knnow how to say it in English well. I'd like that. Oh, And I agree with KFH, I don't think Bran can see the future for now. He specifically said he can only see the past and present. Maybe in a future he will learn to see it.
  7. I don't think so. The Wall wasn't melting, it was...I don't know, kind of like it had been struck down by a science fiction beam. It it were fire, we would have seen some ice melting and I guess smoke. Exactly. Specially Tyrion who knows about the Wildfire and has used it before. He knows how useful it'd be agaisnt the army of the dead! I would say is quite the contrary. A political marriage with the King in the North would be the best thing to placate the Northeners dislike for Danarys. Even though Jon has bent the knee, they all know the Northeners distrust her and they're already thinking about dethroning Jon. Or maybe they'll just get angrier and try to have him killed again. Who knows with these people! For a bunch of guys whose mayor moto is "The North Remembers", they surely remember what they want when they want, because those folks's loyalties are as flaky as the poor masses in King's Landing! Your first question is easy. As I mentioned before, killing Tyrion right then would have been a stupid move. He's still the Hand of Dany and she was still outside with her MASSIVE army of Unsullied and Dothrakis, and of course, a couple of dragons close by. Cersei may or may not have known if Jon would bend the knee, but she obviously had to ask. And Jon didn't suddenly bend the knee to Dany, he had alreay done it last episode, when she rescued him. And I'd say, deservingly so, because, not only did she went right away to rescue him, risking her own life ,but she also lost one of her dragons for him. As for Cersei's and Urine's plan, I have no idea when those 2 even had time to conspire. But it had to be before they knew of the zombie. So, like I said earlier, it doesn't matter if Jon had lied or not, she was already planning on betraying them, even before she knew what the truce was about. Cersei NEVER meant to agree to the truce. She was always going to say yes at the end to deceive them. She was only putting on an act. What I don't understand is why Cersei let Jaimie go. Of course, I knew she wasn't going to kill him, but she should have locked him up. Now, he'll tell the others about her betrayal. Also, Jaimie shouldn't have left alone. He should have taken his men with him and try to convince other Bannermen to join him. I'm sure many would.
  8. Thank you for all that KFH! (that's Kentucky Fried Hound, in case you have forgotten). I'm always so confused, I thought Maester Aemon was the Mad King's brother. If he was his uncle, he must have been ancient when he died! At least I remember correctly that Jon and Dany are aunt and nephew, not siblings like most of my family always assume. And why would Lyanna give her son the same freaking name as his older brother, with another woman, who she just illegitimized?? Was the actor who played Reaghar in the flashback the same that played Viserys? I understand they all look alike, but I thought they'd go for someone who looked more manly and, I don't know, regal? So Jon is the Egg now. Good, who's the Chicken?
  9. Can anyone explain to me why was Tyrion acting so weird when he saw Jon coming into Dany's room? I thought he was shipping those 2. Was he jealous? And why did he bleieve Cersei so easily about the second deal? What did he tell her that he thought he had finally convinced her? And they didn't show the end of the conversation, that was so weird as well. And how did Tyrion know she was pregnant? Because she didn't drink the wine? Or because she kept touching her belly? Hey,she could've had a cramp! And I don't think pregnant women abstained from alcohol in those days, heck, I think even in my mother's days they didn't think it was a big deal. If you watch Call the Midwife, you'll see not even the doctors care about letting pregnant women smoke. I don't care that Jon was stupid for not lying to Cersei. Truth be told, Cersei was still going to betray them all, with or without Jon's word. She was just playing her part well, you know trying to be convincing. On a shallow note, Jon has a superb butt!!!! I'm sure Bran was spying on those 2 doing it. Useless Little Perv! I bet he tells Jon he looked "so pretty" while boning the Dragon Queen, his aunt <3 . At least they finally had a character blankly asking Dany why she keeps saying she cannot have anymore children. I thought Jon's answer was spot on, because a witch who hated you said so? But then again, Dany is a woman and she knows the basics needed to get pregnant, so if she's not getting her period, I think she has good reason to belive said witch.
  10. Actually, I thought this episode was kind of predictable, which is fine by me, I don't want them to start making up stupidities just for the sake of shocking us. Thee only thing that surprised me was that Cersei hadn't planned anything murderous for the meeting. This. I was expecting Cersei's hired merrcenaries from Essos to come out of the pits and slaughter them all when they were left there alone waiting. When Dany arrived in Drogon, I almost screamed at her not to let the dragon fly away. So Cersei was surprisingly restrained and even, let's say reasonable? I mean, she did pay attention to the zombie and she was willing to agree to the truce at first, but she wanted the North on her side. Understandable. Of course, the minute she made that last agreement, I knew she wouldn't honor it. We all called it last week,. She'd agree to help them, and then stay right there waiting for Dany's army to be masacrated by the Dead. Is way too convenient for her to let it pass. Of course, what Jaimie said is also true, then what? But Cersei doesn't think so far ahead. If she has to die by the hand of the Dead, she'd rather die as The Queen. I also knew Cersei wasn't going to kill Tyrion, if she had, she'd have a problem right there with the whole of Dany's army and dragons outside her door waiting to venge their Hand. Yeah, Cersei is not that stupid. Yeah.....I'm not eveen sure if hat makes Jaimie beter or worst in my view. Like his word meant much before! Plus, Like Brienne said, Fuck loyalty! This is more important than words or honor. I wish Jaimie would have left because it was the right thing to do, not because he gave his stupid word. And yeah, he still doesn't care about puching a little kid from a window. Asshole. The minute I saw Bran on that meeting, I knew it was a setup for LF. I mean, as USELESS as Bran is, surely he wasn't going to let his siter kill his other sister? And speaking of Bran, seriously, he can see anything that has happened before and he still didn't know about Reaghar and Lyanna? He had seen the vision of his aunt telling Ned a secret before handing him Jon, but he didn't try to listen to it?? He hadn't thought of finding out how on earth did Lyanna ended up with Reaghar in the first place?? What the fuck is he doing with his time??? Ugh, useless fucking Tree Eyed Raven. And really, why does he have to go outside to the freaking snow in front of that stupid Tree to have his visions? Ca't he do it in his comfy bed by the fire? Why is he trying to turn into that Tree? That seems tobe what he's doing. Probably to have an excuse to be more useless. " But now, not only I can't walk, I'm a Tree. I can't move at all!". Ugh, idiot, I hope he finally does something in the final season. THIS. I've always said that it doesn't even matter wether Jon is a bastard or not. By all means, Cersei has NO claim the Throne, yet, she's The Queen now. Of course Dany and Jon were meant to rule together (if they don't die) becaue it was obvious from the beginnning they'd marry. LF was right about that. It makes the most strategical sense. That has nothing to do with im being a bastard or not. But the fact that a Maester allowed the annullment of a ROYAL marriage, that had already 2 children (HEIRS) with one of the biggest houses in Westeros, is a major flaw. And Stupid Bran was wrong, the war would'd have happened anyway. Just different. Because there's no way in hell all of the kingdoms, specially Dorne, would allow the Prince to break that alliance. I still don't know what zombie Dragon breathes. It doesn't seem to be hot, but It doesn't seem to be ice either. It looked like electricity, but it seemed like one of those rays of a science fiction weapon? That doesn't make much sense.
  11. Ohhh, so many interesting speculations! I can't quote everyone, because I have already forgotten who said what after reading everything and I'm too lazy to go back. But, from the topic of the WW being all Craster's family, as someone else said, there must have been many other WW from eons ago. If the CHoTF created them to fight men, then they surely created an army, not just the Night King. But yeah, there must be at least other 99 WW babies (or already grownups?) around somewhere. Which leads me to another question, who the hell is taking care of those babies?? The WW don't seem like cuddly maternal guys, but these are babies we're talking about! And where are they? Where do they live? Do they have houses, cities? Do they even need to eat?? Drink milk??? I would have been fine with a horde of WW who may not sleep, eat , or have any civilization at all, but once they brought up the babies thing, they must have a society. Plus, they have clothes, who makes it?? Also, the power of turning normal human babies into WW babies with just one touch is HUGE!!! Not even the CHoTF could do it. They needed the circle thing and the obsidian, and they were magic! So, there goes again my theory that WW are directly serving the, let's call him Lord of Darkness. We have seen some humans with incredible powers like Melissandre who is apparently immortal and can bring people back from death. Heck, even Thoros, who wasn't particularly special, did have that Super Special Power. The LoL gave it to them for some purpose. Well, the NK seems to be special among his people as well. The LoD may have chosen him and gave him those powers with time. That works as well for something interesting that another poster mentioned. The WW at the beginning required elaborated rituals to turn cadavers into zombies. I think I remember a spiral made of decapitated horse heads or something? Anyway, in Hardhome and in last episode we saw the NK resurrect the dead by apparently just willing it. I initially thought this was a continuity mistake of the show. But now, I believe this is intentional, and falls into the whole theme of magic coming back stronger and stronger as the end is near. It seems the NK is getting more powerful as winter is setting in. I wonder how much it'll take for the days turning into night, like Bran's grandma said. By the way, if I remember correctly we have seen human zombies, bears, giants, horses and I think they showed a zombie mammoth once. Soon we'll see zombie Summer as well.
  12. I have decided that zombie Dragon cannot possibly breathe fire. They're against fire, light and warm. Fire is the Lord of Light's weapon. Plus, their army is allergic to it, fire destroys their natural habitat. And fire implies that the creature is somewhat alive, cuz heat is associated with life. So it wouldn't make sense. Maybe it will breathe ice. Or a cold breath that will freeze everything it touches. The complete opposite of the living dragon that burns everything. What doesn't make sense to me is that the WW can walk through fire. And not just any fire, Dragon fire nonetheless!!!
  13. Oh, such interesting speculation about the Night King being a Stark! It'd make sense, since we know the Starks are descedants form the First Men and the WW were created possibly when there were only First Men in Westeros. And maybe he has some kind of vision ability, like Bran. That's why he can sense Bran when Bran is warging near him. And, maybe, just maybe that is why the Dead were waiting all so patiently by that lake. Maybe he was expecting the dragons. But I don't think he's moved only by vengeance. I have no idea about his motivations, but maybe he's just following his new path. I mean, the Lord of Light is the god of the light, the living and fire, no? And he is against Darkness. That means he must have an antagonist in Darkness, Death and Cold itself. So, if there's a God of Light, there must be a God of Darkness. All religions have an antagonist to their Supreme Being. When the CoTF created them, they inadvertently tapped into some dark evil magic and created something for the Dark side to take advantage of. Otherwise, how would the WW have so much power? I could buy making a new species out of magic, but the whole capacity of raising the dead and bringing out the cold and darkness to the world cannot be that easy to create. They must have help, powerful divine help. So, their main motivation is exactly that, end of all living, light and warm, to replace it with Death. Because that's who they serve. Just as Jon, Beric and Thoros have figured out that no matter how much they hate each other, they're all on the same side, the Living. And they're waking up now, because all magic has been waking up for some time now, the Rubick's Cube you guys are always talking about. Maybe the WW believe a New Era is coming. The Era of the Dead. A new world order. Or maybe I have been watching too much Star Wars or something.
  14. I don't know, I don't think she's actually confiding in LF. I think that's what she wants him to believe. I mean, he kind of told her to keep Briene around and she went and did exactly the opposite and sent her away. I'm not really sure what the heck she's planning, but she's obviously planning something. That's why I'm wondering about that telegram from King's Landing. Well, I do hope she's really planning something, as well as Arya. I mean, they can't both be that stupid, can they?
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