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  1. Thank you, I thought maybe I had imagined that she said that the blue was popular in Moldova earlier in the episode. It Seemed like the only acceptable reason to use that color. I loved Chelsey's and would happily wear it, but Nancy deserved to be top three.
  2. I don't think I'm going to watch again either. Even if they're over-emphasizing Buddy's boorishness for the show (I didn't watch Cake Boss, so I'm not sure), it's clear that he's a miserable little brat, and that's not any kind of fun to watch. I love Duff, and I was so excited to see Geof again—Ace of Cakes was my happy place show when it was on—but it's not worth it if I have to watch Buddy's nonsense too. What a creep.
  3. I loathed Sean on his season, but at least then he made a few interesting and pretty garments. This season he's been just as irritating but far less memorable. I'd have sent Michelle home last night, but Sean would have been my second choice. That dress was the sartorial equivalent of a shrugged shoulder.
  4. The only designs I really liked tonight were by the three designers who were safe. I'd have given the win to Biddell or Dmitry. I did like the boombox outfit, but the rest, ugh. Also, I know we're in the lame-duck stage of the Lifetime era and none of this matters, but still: the judges almost gave the win to a carpet pad. A carpet pad!
  5. I hope there wasn't any serious debate about the winner. I loved the Mountie-inspired outfit, but Dmitry was in a whole other league in this challenge. It was beautiful, and it was very true to the challenge. I'm not even particularly a Dmitry fan, but that was a well-deserved win.
  6. I almost decided not to watch when I saw her. One of my least favorite contestants ever. And those glasses…seriously?
  7. I'm moderately interested in the other characters (though not Noah), but I do wonder what the point of the show without Allison will be. Not that she was my favorite character, despite my devout shipping is Cole and Allison, but she was one of the main focal points of the show, and I don't see it holding together without her.
  8. That's exactly how I felt. And Anthony's dress was beautiful, so I was fine with the win. That color was a great choice. But I loved every single thing about Fabio's, and I agreed with the judges that it seemed more like future fashion than any of the others, which were all familiar and current styles (maybe not Edmund's...). It's a little ironic that Orange Josh went home for this dress, which was relatively inoffensive compared to some of the garbage he's sent down the runway before. I kind of loved his color combination, in fact. But whatever, at least he's gone. Fingers crossed that Helen will be next.
  9. I've agreed with the judges now than usual this season, but OMG Orange Josh's was not Betty Boop. It was straight up mall fashion for tweens, and once again, I question his taste level. I don't know, maybe I'm just blinded by the fact that I can't stand Josh, but that was not a winning outfit. It wasn't the worst thing there, but it was bottom 3. Nothing really grabbed me tonight. I did like Stanley's and (ugh) Helen's, but neither had much to do with Betty Boop. Edmund's was ma Aubree the closest in terms of structure and style, but that fabric was his downfall. Still, I wouldn't have had him or Char as the worst, and I'd have sent Merline home over either of them.
  10. Josh's dress was a crime against fashion. And good taste. How that thing was safe is beyond me. Fabio was robbed, a little, but I take loved the colors and iridescence of Stanley's dress. As someone said upthread, it might have been better at a shorter length, but I still loved it. Helen really should have grown out of her nonsense by now. It's just tedious. Don't go away mad, Helen, just go away.
  11. I could watch footage from Iceland all day long... Almost none of the teams really stood out to me, except the skiers, the Yalies, and team NBA. I'm a basketball fan and loved both of those guys as players, so I'm rooting for them, but they do need to step it up.
  12. Kentaro seems like a lovely guy, and I've liked a lot of what he did during the season. But I wouldn't have given him the win based on that collection. I wish him well, and I'm happy for him, but...
  13. I wish Ayana hadn't used the shiny fabrics, but overall I liked her collecton the best. Kentaro's was pretty solid too, and I liked some of Brandon's pieces a lot. All three of their collections can be described as fashon. Margarita's, not so much.
  14. I was a little concerned that that red bath towel, I mean dress, was going to fall right off the model.
  15. I agree about Kenya. I love her personality, and she did some beautiful work this season, but her looks tonight were just uninspired. But I'm beginning to think that Margarita is going to win. Something about the judges' reactions to her looks tonight made me think she's getting the redemption/winner edit. With Brandon's outfits looking kind of washed out and Kentaro being inconsistent, I can really see the judges rewarding Margarita for her "bold vision." Even though that shorts outfit was truly ghastly. I'm kind of rooting for Ayana at this point. Her looks are unusual, in a good way, and some are really beautiful despite the drab palette.
  16. Leather isn't necessarily a by-product of the meat industry. It often comes from animals who were killed for their hides. But I think the perception that it's a byproduct helps explain why a lot of people are okay with leather but not fur. Nothing was completely successful tonight (though Kentaro's and Brandon's were very good), but I mean, Margarita's dress looked like a bath mat. Seriously, judges?
  17. I loved Mychael Knight. A talented designer and a class act. Very sad news.
  18. I'll join you there. I like a lot of southern food and enjoy most southern accents, but in this episode, the teams that annoyed me the least were the ones from the Northeast (where I'm from). Wicked Good Seafood were obviously going to be the first to go, with their $35 in the beignet challenge, but I was hoping against hope that Stick 'Em Up would somehow lost instead. The cornpone mom and her "Ah'm jes' a li'l ole country girl" crap can't get off my TV fast enough.
  19. Just started watching this today, and it's so awful that I'm completely hooked. The man are mostly just boring bros and the women aren't very interesting either, at least the ones they've focused on. I liked Albert, but he got eliminated, so now I'm mostly interested in Jimmy and Kelli Jo, who seem sweet and relatively genuine for famewhores. Danny and Naya have potential too, if she decides she can trust him. I totally get why she's guarded, though. Missy is horrendous. Unattractive and overbearing. She's too gross to even be a good villain.
  20. Sometimes I think TAR should be fined for Egregious Boston Stereotypes. I was rolling my eyes as soon as the cop opened his mouth. And speaking of stereotypes...Urkel? Really? He's short and Black and could be nerdy, so he's automatically Urkel? These people need to get out more. But Floyd and Becca are my favorite team so far. I'm usually leery of people who announce themselves as "fun," but Becca is so goofy and has such a likeable, expressive face that I took to her immediately. They were fun to watch.
  21. I'm surprised to find myself saying this, because she hasn't impressed me much till now, but Hawwaa was robbed. Her outfit was so well executed, and it showed that she does have a strong point of view as a designer. Chelsea's outfit was fun, but not as creative or polished as Hawwaa's. Really enjoyable episode, with a strong runway for the most part. I'd have put Chris or A'kai on the bottom rather than Izzy, but in truth it would have been fine with me if no one had been sent home.
  22. I hope people don't see Hawwaa as the villain in this episode, because she wasn't wrong, even if she could have been a little gentler about expressing her frustration. A'kai does take way too long on the skirt, he did have construction issues (as did Hawwaa, to be fair), and he didn't really communicate. He seems like a very sweet and sensitive kid, but he also seems kind of out of his depth. I knew as soon as he had his talk with Tim that he'd be sent home and that Tim would use his save, but I agree with the designers that it's way too early to save anyone. I didn't dislike anything on the runway, really, though Chris and Rene"s jumpsuit was in no way avant garde. I loved the winning outfit and Chelsea and Allie's look, especially. Chelsea is my favorite personality-wise so far--she's so quirky and likeable. I hope she goes far.
  23. I was rooting for Mary all the way through, and I'm glad she won, but wow, Jeremy's sushi looked amazing. His dessert was beautiful too, though the flavors didn't sound all that appealing to me. This was a very talented final two.
  24. I didn't love any of the looks this week other than Roberi's conventional look. I think all the designers seem kind of tired and out of ideas. The right person went home, for sure--Cornelius's unconventional dress looked like a child's beach pail or something. But I'm hoping Rik will be the next out. He's competent, mostly (though his conventional look was extremely poorly made), but unimaginative and unmemorable.
  25. I don't like the concept of bringing back past chefs, period. But I am grateful that at least I don't dislike all of this crew. I can't stand Sam or Casey and would really prefer to never see either of them again, but the rest I can live with. Brooke was an all-time favorite of mine until late in her season, when she started to seem a bit too entitled and snobby. I still like her okay and think she's an excellent chef. Sheldon is good too. Katsuji, Shirley, and Tesar are annoying, but not the worst possible candidates for returning chefs. I now remember Amanda thanks to the posters who mentioned the booze in kids' food incident, but I don't think I felt much one way or another in her season, so I have no feelings about her return. Seems like there's some good potential among the new chefs, too. Silvia Barban is semi-well-known in NYC, and I'll be rooting for her, but I'' also intrigued by Sylva and Jim. I liked Gerald right away--too bad he was the first to go. And best of all, NO BLAIS! I don't love Graham Elliot, but I'll very, very happily take him over King Smug.
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