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  1. KraftEasyMac

    S01.E01: Richard Blais vs. Marcel Vigneron

    To take a short break from my blazing Blais hatred, the fuck was up with all the super dramatic slow mo cooking & plating shots? Was not a fan of that cheese factor. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming: BLAIS IS A DOUCHECANOE!
  2. KraftEasyMac

    S01.E01: Richard Blais vs. Marcel Vigneron

    With every appearance Richard Blais makes on my television screen, I hate him more and more. His false sense of humility and deprecation is such horseshit. It's clear he thinks he's amazing as he's never been shy about expressing that he "should have won" his original Top Chef season over Stephanie. His arrogance is oppressive, even as a television viewer. His burger comments were eyeroll worthy- Yes, I'm aware that he is the proprietor of a very successful burger restaurant, but he is NOT the be-all, end-all authority on hamburgers and his snobbery about Marcel's burger was obnoxious. And the comment that a Canadian, Australian and Austrian are less qualified to judge the quality of an American burger? GTFO. You got beat, bro. Deal with it. Notice how Marcel, who has long been perceived to be one of the villains/assholes from Top Chef never once insulted what Richard cooked, yet alleged "Aw Shucks" "good guy" Richard Blais was throwing shade left and right, criticizing everything Marcel did? He is an ass. If he wins, I'm never watching Top Chef again. The fact that I have to see his homely mug, with that ridiculous hair, and those moronic facial expressions again already makes me want to remove this series from my DVR. Have I mentioned that I can't stand Richard Fuckin' Blais?
  3. KraftEasyMac

    The After Show: Because You Can't Get Enough

    Well, there's Cara, Coral, Veronica and Butterface Rachel to name a few. Yes. They did. Johanna is vapid as hell, but she's flawless looking. Mr. "Beautiful" was looking kind of rough to me. Snooki was absolutely worthless. Has she always been all tatted up like that on her arms? I don't recall (nor do I really want to I suppose...) CT all cleaned up is so nice to look at. And word to whatever guy said he can do better than Diem. Call me, CT!
  4. KraftEasyMac

    Caprice Bourret: By Caprice, For Caprice

    I can't stand Caprice. Not since her stint on The Surreal Life when Jose Canseco was lusting after her. And if memory serves, I think she tried to pose as a Brit on that show, boasting that awful affected faux accent. She just clearly loves herself and everything she says makes me roll my eyes. While it is ridiculous that the other ladies sneer at Caprice's tabloid fodder, I think it's equally ridiculous that on a reality show of famewhores, she still manages to come off as the most desperate and famewhorish of the bunch. Haaaaate!
  5. KraftEasyMac

    S02.E13: We Have Manners. We're Polite.

    Fuck. Yes. Rosa. ::Pumps fist in the air:: That is all I can muster for now. ETA: I agree with all of this:
  6. KraftEasyMac

    Total Divas

    I dunno, I'm not some big Nattie fan, but I think that TJ and his sister are equally douchey. Really? $5K on a bouncy house that you want to rent out? Is he going to pay all of her legal fees when she's sued by a parent whose kid hurts themselves on it? She's a shady bitch. And I sincerely doubt TJ is rolling in dough since he's never been more than a mid card and is barely active, so maybe he should be a little bit more frugal about pissing his money away. I also can't stand Ariane and her numbskull boyfriend. Not one functioning brain cell between the two of them.
  7. KraftEasyMac

    Total Divas

    Every week my love for Trinity and Jon grows. They are just fantastic and I wish them a long and happy marriage. Eva's family are the absolute WORST. I can't help but feel sorry for her because they are just awful. Her mother's attitude on the phone was just deplorable. I still don't understand what the beef is with Eva's husband. He seems like a nice enough guy. Even though they were trying to show that they "came around" by coming to see her, they still seemed to be totally callous to Eva's plight. Hate hate hate.
  8. KraftEasyMac

    S06.E07: Fireworks

    Word to this. My friend and I have been theorizing that Sonja is on the booze & Adderall diet, accounting for her weight loss (she definitely looks much slimmer this season) as well as her erratic behavior. Re-watching episodes like Scary Island when Sonja was the rational voice of reason make me so sad for what she's become. Luann continues to be my surprise favorite- I think being demoted to Friend of the Ho'Wives was the best thing to happen for her with regards to fan perception. I loved how she (attempted) to handle Sonja, who of course acted like a looney tune in response. Aviva is insane, but Carol is still the one coming off far worse in this BookGate. And when even your bestie Heather is telling you to drop it already, maybe you should. However, Aviva's conduct during the Soap outing with Kristen was ridiculous. The fact that she was so dense to not even acknowledge the inappropriateness of saying "Shut the Fuck up" in front of their small children was positively mind-blowing. She's so over the top in her villainy, I am seriously starting to question whether or not she's putting on airs for the show, guided by production. I mean, can anyone really be that batshit cray cray?
  9. KraftEasyMac

    Watch What Happens Live

    Popping in to stir up some discussion. Hopefully this forum grabs a little more steam as time goes on because this show has a permanent spot in my nightly DVR and is one of my guiltiest pleasures. I watched through covered eyes during last week's crapfest with Lindsay. Andy totally pussyfooted around with her, and I was so disgusted with her whole look and demeanor. She has to be the crustiest 27 year old ever and doesn't look a day under 51. And all of the answers she gave were dripping with condescension and pretention. She can go away at any time now. Enjoyed Gillian Jacobs and Heather Dubrow much more than I thought. Heather annoyed me from time to time on RHOOC, but the two of them were pretty enjoyable here. Aside from Gillian asking for a Wretchen/Slade Slimey wedding special. WTF. No. Also loved loved loved LuAnn and Billy Eichner. I can't help it, I know that both are acquired tastes but I just adore them both and really enjoyed their dynamic. I feel as though they have guested together on WWHL before. Can anyone confirm or deny? I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Boy George, but Marisa Tomei seemed a little wasted. During the Squirting game, she kept grabbing at Boy's arm and he kept giving her these Looks. It doesn't help that I recently read a blind item reveal citing her as the meanest drunk in Hollywood. I am avoiding watching Mario Lopez because he makes me physically ill. The guy just oozes sliminess. And didn't Brandy kill someone in her car not that long ago? Ugh. Pass on them. At least two equally vile people were paired together so it's an easy delete.
  10. KraftEasyMac

    The After Show: Because You Can't Get Enough

    Um... was it just me or were Susie's boobs GINORMOUS on the after show? I was so distracted by her bosom the entire time she was on my screen. So much so that I literally cannot remember anything else from the show.
  11. KraftEasyMac

    S06.E06: Unhappy Anniversary

    I will readily admit that I am a Heather apologist. The basis for me is that she looks, sounds and acts exactly like one of my best friends. Her facial features are strong and can border on severe, and she can definitely be a bit abrasive, especially to those not in her circle of friends, but she has such a good heart, so I can't help but adore Heather. Carole on the other hand... Last season, there were times I found Carole's conduct with the other Ho'Wives' SO's to be entirely inappropriate. She really does fancy herself this flirtatious Carrie Bradshaw-esque vixen, but I find her to be so hideous (inside and out). She's confident, I'll give her that, but I feel as though she lords it over the other women whom she perceives to be insecure. It's gross behavior, and she is definitely not a girl's girl. Also, word to whoever noticed that there was something... different about how Kristen looked in those old pictures with Brandi. I barely recognized her, so I wonder if it was more than simple Botox or fillers. I think she looked beautiful in those pictures and is still beautiful, but they definitely did not look like the same person.
  12. KraftEasyMac

    S25.E01: Live Free Or Die

    In all honesty, I can't even recall what she did on her previous season that grated on me, but she just left a bad taste in my mouth that caused a visceral reaction when I saw her on my screen this go-round. Honestly, I could have thrown any number of female names into that spot (Camilla, Jonna to name a couple off the top of my head).
  13. KraftEasyMac

    S25.E01: Live Free Or Die

    I didn't even realize the new season started until I accidentally happened upon it while flipping through the TV. *SO* excited to have Cohutta, Isaac and Laurel back on my TV. Even though they're always popping up, CT and LeRoy are always a plus for me. Barf to seeing the loathsome Johnny Bananas, Frank and Teresa again. I hope the individual format weeds those three off of my TV posthaste, but I'm sure they will (like always) find a way to politic their way into the finals. Although Johnny and Frank can campaign all they want, but the luck of the draw with the death card is the great equalizer, just like we saw tonight. I feel like I don't know who about 1/3 of these fools are, as I've abstained from the past few seasons of RW. Didn't Dustin get in trouble for sexual assault? Guess that all went away...? Either way, I'm excited to have this train wreck back on my television screen. I am the Challenge's bitch.