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  1. I just saw this ice cream shop episode for the first time and went searching for info on it. It looks like they're renting out the top floor on airbnb, and the listing says: I don't know if something got changed or if they were always planning to make a 3 bedroom apartment on top!
  2. I kind of hated everyone in this episode (including Kevin -- back off for two seconds dude, damn!) but I still want to see what happens next! Was that really the finale? Rude!! I would personally love this, since I'm generally more into Fantasy/SciFi than Romance. I've enjoyed this show a lot, but the further they get away from the initial "I have a second chance!" euphoria, the more it feels like a Young Adult drama that just happens to be set in the 90s. There were some episodes in the middle that felt like filler, but going back to those same events from a different angle would be fun. I
  3. No1uNo

    Dawson's Creek

    I'm so sorry it took me so long to check back and thank you for your reply, but I really didn't expect anyone to have an answer! Thank you thank you thank you this is brilliant!!
  4. No1uNo

    Dawson's Creek

    I got a yen to read some old Season 1 Dawson's Creek recaps from Television Without Pity. I know it's down, but the archives are still up and I could read the first page of a few episodes, but never any other page. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place (by going to the main page and clicking from there). Does anyone know if the whole recaps are still available somewhere?
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