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  1. John.G

    S01.E16: The Red Scare

    The “Emma as Rittenhouse” reveal is ridiculous, I don’t buy it at all. I get it that a Rittenhouse agent in hiding wouldn’t act in a way that overtly helps them, but she should at least act in a way that puts her in position to help at some point. Early on she was perfectly placed, the ultimate insider, and was trained to pilot the machine. Maybe she was the only one trained? How does hiding out in the Old West help Rittenhouse? What possible benefit to the organization would there be, not merely taking their pilot out of the loop, but taking her SO FAR out of the loop that it will require stealing a time machine to go get her? Suppose there is some good reason. Once Flynn and Anthony find her, what possible benefit to the Rittenhouse organization is gained by her telling them even worse stories of “you have no idea what Rittenhouse is planning” than what they already suspected? If she’s so bad-ass that she single handedly takes out the heavily armed team that goes to recapture the machine for the good guys, why didn’t she just take out Flynn and take the machine for Rittenhouse at that point, before anybody but Flynn and Anthony know she’s not dead? Flynn was wreaking all manner of havoc (or trying to) surely it is in Rittenhouse’s interest for her to take him out?
  2. John.G

    S01.E02: Chestnut

    Nobody seems to be talking about this, which might mean I'm wrong, but here goes: it sure seems to me that TMIB killed a Guest during the shootout in Lawrence's town. We see a scared younger man run across the scene, shooting blindly. He hides behind an adobe wall, muttering to himself. Did not seem like "cousin of Lawrence" behaviour to me. TMIB laughs, then does something to the hammer on his pistol, then shoots the kid through the wall.
  3. John.G

    S10.E06: Death's Doorstep

    Not to take anything from the win, but the twist in hole-saw ghost's face was going the wrong way. The teeth on the drill were correct, but that twist would be caused by turning the bit turning counterclockwise, not clockwise.
  4. John.G

    S02.E08: And The Point Of Salvation

    I must respectfully suggest that a recent Dr Who episode is a serious contender for 'best time loop' which is really saying something for a show actually ABOUT time travel.
  5. John.G

    S10.E01: Wanted Dead Or Alive

    "Cool ship with spikes...we're using the shapes in the skull...the colors, we'll use them on the face..." "We're taking the sails from the ship and using them as fins.." Why?!? Where does this idea come from, that aliens must look like their space ships?!? Do humans build our vessels based on our skull shapes? No! Vessel shapes are for function! People use boats with sails and aircraft with air intakes, but we don't have fins or gills! Do we paint our vessels in flesh tones? No? Then why should aliens do it? Now, duplicating vessel shapes in the character's armor, that I can see. We seem to have more contestants who actually work in related fields this year. Almost all graduates of cinema makeup schools? Thank goodness!
  6. John.G

    S03.E03: Eli Matchett

    Keen continues being a total idiot. She called Ressler, thinking he would back off because she ASKED him to? Really?! The only thing I can think is that the writers are making her stupid on purpose.
  7. John.G

    S01.E05: House Rules

    Two huge plot problems for me this week. 1. At the surrounded-by-Feds garage: they were able to just DRIVE OUT? Seems to me that a basic part of establishing a perimeter should have included blocking the exits? Park a car in front of the garage door, how hard is that? Or failing that, park one or two where they block the street? Come on! 2. The super hacker kid says "Someone wants you to call": so whoever that is encoded the phone number in a way that Alex does not have the skills to decode for himself? If not for a lucky selection of this bet's victim, and a convenient pause in the gunfight so Alex could present the problem to hacker kid, how was THAT supposed to work?
  8. John.G

    S08.E02: XX (2)

    The bottom line is the writers don't seem to watch their own show. The only reason Rita and Castle Sr can 'protect each other' through seperation is that their relationship is secret. Rick and Kate are MARRIED, writers, it was in all the papers; their relationship is NOT A SECRET! If Kate becomes visible as a threat to Big Bad, they can snatch Rick any time they like, especially if Kate isn't around to protect him! They've got two more episodes to change my mind or I'm gone.
  9. John.G

    S09.E09: Judgment Day

    Still don't understand why barbed wire has anything to do with famine. Nor why that piece was better than Scott's mummified Death character. But the real surprise: they didn't eliminate Ben? They must have given him credit this week for his better work in previous weeks, because THIS week he put a real disaster out there. Kevon's piece wasn't good, but it was better this week than Ben's creature.
  10. If you want a quick recap, faster than Netflix binge watching three seasons, check out SyFy's Continuum 101 photo collections: http://www.syfy.com/continuum/photos/all/4236
  11. John.G

    S09.E06: Extraterrestrial Enterprise

    When a contestant (Ben, maybe?) started talking about bringing his planet's color into the makeup, I groaned. Then comes "Be careful with that. Because we, as humans, don't look like dirt..." So glad to hear Neville say this! Why were the judges so impressed by Scott's fish creature? They usually HATE the mask-as-makeup approach! Happy with the chosen winner and loser. Ben sure rescued what started as a real disaster.
  12. John.G

    S09.E05: The Gatekeepers

    Another thing that bugged me in this episode, and many before it: Why do we always hear people talking about a requirement, real or imagined, that characters look like they 'tie together' in these challenges? Gatekeeper and evil thing should be different, not the same, in my opinion. The 'otherness' of the thing behind the gate should be part of the story. Heck, Jasmine and Nora's two characters didn't match, and it earned them a top look! There was an 'alien planet' challenge one year where bottom looks were criticized for not being matchy-matchy. As if things must have unifying features to be from the same world. Come on, there are plenty of species pairs from Earth that don't look like each other. Jellyfish / anything with bones. Starfish / anything with bilateral symmetry. Massive, bulky elephant / petite, delicate gazelle. Glenn and Patrick.
  13. John.G

    Challenge Ideas

    Take a late episode, with four or five remaining artists, and give the contestants a "do over" challenge. Assuming that every surviving contestant has been a bottom look in a solo challenge, preferably longer ago than last week, the assignment is to do that challenge again. You don't have to attempt your original design, feel free to rethink/redesign. Just as long as you answer the original challenge criteria, only better this time! Not every season will meet the "everyone has been bottom look" criteria, but probably most will.
  14. John.G

    S02.E22: Masha Rostova

    In the 'real world' this would be the end of the show. With Lizzie's FBI career now burned beyond redemption there is no reason for Red to not go back into hiding and stay gone for real this time.
  15. John.G

    S07.E19: Habeas Corpse

    What really ticked me off was how Castle and Beckett handled the burial site. If you think you've found a shallow grave of a murder victim, you call for a forensic crime scene team! You don't tramp around destroying evidence! They BOTH should be kicked out of the precinct!