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  1. Oblique Angle

    S07.E18: Over A Cliff

    Same. It wasn't a select committee per se but the GOP Senate health care bill working group consisted of only of 13 male senators, most if not all of whom were likely White. This happened in 2017. Ditto comments above, I can't believe they turned David into a suddenly overly trusting idiot and killed him off. And all Cyrus got was fired from his job? Say what now? (And the US AG can wander around all hours of the day and night with no Secret Service? I don't believe that but I don't dare google it because I'm not trying to get Guantanamoed over Scandal.) Given all the killings and other felonies they are were involved in, it seemed like a cop out to me to pin it all on Jake but whatever. And finally, Shonda just had to throw the Olitzers a bone, leaving the question of Vermont hanging but hopeful since Liv didn't end up in prison after all. Okay then, Shonda. Have cake, eat it too. Got it. My fellow Scandal forum PTVers, our long national nightmare is over. It's been a pleasure watching the show with you and reading your witty and insightful observations.
  2. Oblique Angle

    S07.E17: Standing in the Sun

    Why would Mellie plan to plead the Fif if she knew she didn't try to assassinate Cryus? Is it publicly known that Jake (allegedly) is a recent widower? What happened to that plot point? Or for crying out loud, Olivia "Not a Crime Left to be Committed" Pope was seeking inspiration from the memories of King and Mandela. They both must've been spinning in their graves. Deep state? Might as well have blamed it all on the boogeyman. Interesting choice to Jake the ultimate Big Bad in the end. They're all as terrible as he is if not worse. None of them are without sin; none of them can cast either the first or last stone.
  3. Oblique Angle

    S07.E16: People Like Me

    Why do I keep hoping Jake is working Cyrus? Heh, we'd probably all be better people if Fitz hadn't come into our lives. Olivia should've capped Jake while he was delivering that verbal smackdown. But noooo, no nice things for us. "I am not guilty." Oh, Mellie. That's right up there with "I am not a crook" and "I did not have sex with that woman." Sometimes the better choice is to say nothing, even if it's the truth. Not sure why they bothered to bring Jake's wife back for an appearance just to kill her off. Assuming she's actually dead and this isn't part of some big scheme by Jake to Save the Democracy! Guess Shonda had to throw the Olitzers a bone before the finale. I hope that was just a one-time thing and not a precursor to Vermont.
  4. Oblique Angle

    S07.E15: The Noise

    From season 3, episode 14: Fitz was running for his second term and was being challenged by someone who had curried the favor of the major gun lobby. Mellie stepped up to try to convince them support Fitz instead.
  5. Oblique Angle

    S07.E15: The Noise

    Oh. Look at Scandal trying to be a low-rent Homeland. After all the horrific stuff he's pulled and the people he killed, I can't get too bothered about Charlie being falsely accused. And Quinn shouldn't even be in the same building with a white hat. Mellie is a fool and a tool. Just like that she lets Olivia back in and now Liv will be unstoppable. Liv has the president directing the assassination of the VP, just like Mellie's being accused of. How would all suspicion not point back to her if Cyrus dies now? Jake better be pulling some super secret double agent 3-D chess stuff because his falling for Cyrus' nonsense is pathetic. I'm going to need someone to put two in his head right after they cap Cyrus. I want them all dead. All the gladiators, and Fitz, Mellie, Cyrus, and Jake. Eli and Maya too. I guess they could leave David Rosen alive though.
  6. Oblique Angle

    Scandal Cast & Crew’s Other Projects

    From Variety: ‘Scandal’ Star Bellamy Young Lands Lead Role in ABC Drama Pilot ‘False Profits’
  7. Oblique Angle

    S07.E14: The List

    Seems kind of late in the game for them to have Jake making a move on Mellie. Or was that just his way of trying to distract her? For the finale I hope they pull a Moldavian wedding massacre and kill them all.
  8. Oblique Angle

    S07.E13: Air Force Two

    Maybe she and Cyrus were working together. Nothing on this show surprises me anymore. I just hope that was the last we'll see of her. As far as I'm concerned, her shtick is almost as tiresome as Eli's and she's just as vile.
  9. Oblique Angle

    S07.E11: Army of One

    Eli was actually threatening to kill Quinn's baby right in front of her. Both he and Olivia need to be dead now. So did Liv put that guy on Jake's wife or did she just take advantage of an existing situation? Poor dumbcluck's life is likely ruined because he slept with the wrong woman... Why would anyone ever trust Cyrus? He's clearly playing both sides against the middle. Sniper, YOU HAD ONE JOB! HER ARM? I bet it was Rowan who shot Olivia. Because insane. Now Liv has developed a conscience. Guess all it took was a bullet. The better part of 11 episodes wasted...
  10. Oblique Angle

    S07.E10: The People vs Olivia Pope

    How did Liv step out of the shower with her hair bone straight like that? Whatever, spare me the allusions to the curative power of Fitz's penis. Olivia's intervention outfit was fierce though. No way should Huck have been in on that witch trial. He's the most bloodthirsty gladiator of them all, and St. Quinn the holy mother of assassins is a close second. "...but she won't make a fool of me." Um, remember "bitch baby," Cyrus? So it's all Millie's fault. Riiiight, Jake. It takes a lot of guts to call the first woman POTUS a basic heaux to her face. At least she got to clap back later. These fools had met Olivia before, right? Why would they trust her after everything's she's done to gain and hold onto her power? Olivia is straight up insane. They're going to have to kill her and I'd be okay with it.
  11. Oblique Angle

    S07.E09: Good People

    I'm going to need for Rowan to be brutally murdered before this is all over with. What if Quinn had gone into labor alone in that cellar and there was some kind of difficulty with the delivery? I am so over all the low-rent game theory, art of war crap between Olivia and Rowan. It's a shame what this show has descended into. The actors all just seem to be going through the motions until the clock runs out. (Well, it has run out for the cast already but the viewers are still waiting for the tick, tick, boom.)
  12. Oblique Angle

    S07.E08: Robin

    So is Quinn's fake death the big wake-up call Liv needs? Doesn't look like it so far to me. I think Glackland is a bad guy and is working Cyrus--assuming we ever see him again. Either way, STFU, Cyrus. Fixing a presidential election and thereby effecting the lives of hundreds of millions of people (if not the whole world) is way worse than wooing one person with an expensive painting. Was Huck really considering shooting Olivia? Maybe he should've considered harder and put everyone out of their misery. Whatever, I hope she took a car service and wasn't driving with her drunk self. Ugh, and now the Olitz fan service re-emerges. Grief sex? KMN. Still loving Liv's blowout though.
  13. Oblique Angle

    S07.E06: Vampires and Bloodsuckers

    Yes, and clearly he's been having a ball playing it. Yep. I will be completely stunned if that doesn't happen because Shonda will probably want to do something to get back in the Olitzers' good graces. I have but those shows didn't spend all but their last season telling me that the main character was actually a hero/heroine forced to do bad things for The Greater Good. On Scandal Olivia and her gang of sociopaths do bad things because they can, pure and simple. They enjoy it, they bathe in it, they live for it. Power corrupts and absolute power turned Scandal into crap. It's telling that lately I haven't gotten around ti watching the Scandal episodes until days after they've aired. I've hardly ever caught it live but I used to look forward to watching my recording on the same night. Ugh, I can't remember the last time I became so over a show I had stayed loyal to despite its faults.
  14. Oblique Angle

    S07.E05: Adventures in Babysitting

    Is it possible Glackland was using his phone to record Cyrus putting the touch on the congress members? Cyrus was basically bribing them to support Mellie's war and now Glackland has the goods on everybody. I think he's working Cyrus to attack the administration from the inside and that he's going to primary Mellie. "I want my bones!" A line that's probably never been said before in the history of television. Seems like Quinn has turned into Olivia Jr., being nasty and vicious when it's not necessary. But what goes around... So Mellie was okay with sending troops in to risk their lives because she wanted to ride President Rashad's joystick. Guess that doesn't make her much different from Fitz when he had his Helen of Troy moment over Olivia. Except for the part where Fitz actually had had a relationship with Olivia. This thing with Rashad was mostly a schoolgirl crush. Yep, as others have said, you could see that plane explosion coming from a mile away. My guess is Olivia arranged it to punish Mellie for having dared to defy her but I also like the idea of Charlie doing on Eli's behalf.
  15. Oblique Angle

    S07.E04: Lost Girls

    Did I actually hear Eli tell the walking ego that is Fitz that only his dick could save Olivia? It didn't take long for Mellie to get accused to her face of using sex to manipulate a foreign head if state. This is an example of why no unmarried, still relatively young woman will likely ever be elected POTUS. And darn if Eli didn't sorta turn out to be right. Liv certainly had a noticeable calmness about her after she spent the night with Fitz. KMN. This is looking to me like it's going to be worse than a "redeemed by love" ending.