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  1. Not bad - 50% is a pass rate yeah? I'm giving myself a Locke and half a warg (I'd discounted Hodor as being too well chained to break out - I stand by that for anything but plot manipulation)
  2. And one-liners If possible, include who, and which episode. Show-only, and for the Unsullied only; so I won't partake (but I'll be personally disappointed if there's a lack of lobster-talk).
  3. We would like to suggest a "house rule" that images be added as links rather than as image attachments within threads. This is not something that we can or will enforce; but would certainly like it to become the norm for all images, whether a screengrab or a funny, a picture of your cat, or whatever else. We suggest that this is done by writing a brief description of the what the picture entails, then adding a hyperlink to the image itself (not its host page). This ensures that any images that were originally part of a conversation doesn't include a link to that conversation. Please alwa
  4. Personally I always just assumed that QOT used LF as her supplier of lethal poison whilst in a hostile environment and under intense scrutiny. Sansa was the delivery mule and potential fall-guy; and the chances are that QOT didn't have a say in the matter. Tyrell plans for Sansa had already been ditched, so they had no further use for her. If the Tyrells had known they intended to assassinate Joff before arriving in KL, they'd have brought their own, once there though, they need a supplier. Tyrell thoughts on the Convoluted plan: We can't get our hands on what we need here. LF supplie
  5. So how are they going to do the latest Stark meet fake-out at Craster's camp of... enough-already? (surely, no-one actually believes Jon and Bran will meet up right?; surely we HAVE been paying attention?) The way I see it, we've got 3 options. 1. Introduction of Coldhands, possibly amidst a minor invasion of Wights. 2. Locke scouts ahead and interferes. 3. Bran Wargs an ex-NW, grabs a sword, and starts swinging - rinse and repeat each time the new body dies. 3a Bran Wargs Ghost to break out and save the day. Personally, I want 1 or 3; but suspect it'll be 2
  6. HBO have said that they want to finish the show in 7. However, that's largely because their standard actor-contract is for 7 seasons, so any longer than that and they'll have to renegotiate contracts - though with this being GOT, not as many as you'd expect for a cast of a couple of hundred. The 7 seasons announcement was also made before they announced seasons 5 & 6 as green-lit; which I believe is unique in TV history, certainly HBO history. I feel this announcement, made in advance, is a green-light to spread the 2 books over 2 seasons, probably with at least 1, probably both of t
  7. Wow, that's huge. As we're doing geography, I've always liked these 2 images http://www.cclapcenter.com/archives/westeros.jpg http://gamesofthrones.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/ireland_westeros1.jpg
  8. This Forum is for Unsullied Members to post in: those who have vowed to not only not read the books, but also to not watch previews, read information on the Viewer's Guide, or seek any information outside of what has been IN THE EPISODES ONLY. For the purposes of The Habitat there are 4 categories of visitor: Unsullied = Only watch the show from HBO static to closing credits. Nothing else, nada, zilch, zip. = Welcome to post in here. Unspoiled = Haven't read the books. Watch the show plus ‘next time on’ previews and/or interviews/reviews and/or own GoT DVD boxsets and/or access HBO GoT co
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