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  1. I loved this episode. I thought it was hilarious!
  2. I worried about this too at first and while I agree they could do so much more with cable or streaming I don't feel that the show lost its edge from being shown at 8. Off the top of my head this episode had the blindfolded lady bumping into Lucifer saying "It's hard," most likely referring to the pinata and Lucifer responding "Always," most likely referring to his crotch. Then at the Roller Derby the skater they were pursuing yells "Eat me!" and Lucifer said "Yes, please." So, for me, the sexual innuendos are still there. As far as other non-kid friendly things ... the guy gouging his eyes out was pretty rough.
  3. FWIW I'm pretty sure that would be jewel thief turned armored car thief still had his shoes on while he was running through the desert in his "manties". So not much better, but at least he wasn't barefoot.
  4. So glad this show is back. Great episode as usual, and I'm glad there was more to Candy than met the eye.
  5. I thought for sure that Nick would be carrying Jess out of the elevator when the doors opened. What we got was fine though. I wish they would've left out Nick throwing salami (?) in Schmidt's toilet, I hate when they dumb him down soooo much. If it comes back I hope that they keep Nick and Jess happy and not make up a whole lot of angsty bullshit for them to deal with. It would be nice to see Cece's and Schmidt's kid and Winston and Aly's wedding. However, if it doesn't get renewed it was wrapped up nicely without a bunch of loose ends.
  6. Commenting before I read because I'll forget what I wanted to say. The reveal that Robert knew about Liam and Katherine was a surprise to me and it was interesting to see how Robert was behind the scenes messing with things (like the letter). I wonder if we will find out next season that he had something to do with his father's death? I really enjoyed this episode.
  7. The best part of this episode was Crane talking to Abbie's grave.
  8. My bad. My brain somehow convinced me the "we're brothers" scene from 1x13 had to do with her finding out. How could I forget that epic face showing reveal? (Too much TV probably, haha.) Thanks for the clarification.
  9. When they were having the celestial planning session and Amenadiel said something about it being kept from him that Dr. Linda knew they were divine did he mean he was just finding out then? Because he knew she knew a long time ago, like episode 1x13 a long time ago. [edited, because that's just not true, oops] Maybe I misunderstood what he meant. Oh my devil (heh) this episode was so good. I love the entire cast of this show and I love how it's not always the same combinations of people together in scenes. This episode made me sad, made me happy, made me awww, made me laugh ... so many emotions to pack into an hour. I find it hard to pick a single favorite scene because there were too many. Amenadiel and Trixie's scene and then the subsequent one with him keeping the doctors from moving Chloe was truly moving. And how each time when Lucifer stabbed Uriel Tom Ellis looked just a little more heartbroken until he was in tears. Maze and Dr. L ... oh, the emotion on Maze's face when she thought they wouldn't be able to bring Luci back. The Lucifer letting Dan get beat up by the thugs scene. Luci dragging his mother into the Hellevator to get her out of there. Ella and Dan together ... Most of Chloe's scenes were of her in the hospital but what she did have Lauren German rocked. Especially the end, the awkward "Hey why aren't you calling me back" call and the reaction at seeing the penthouse empty. Uh, so yeah, like I said too many good scenes. And as a fangirl bonus for me, Aimee Garcia (Ella) liked one of my tweets tonight. It sucks we have to wait til May but since part of the reasoning for that is because they needed time to shoot the extended back half of the season, I'm okay with it.
  10. I rewatched this scene many, many times (purely for research purposes, of course) and it does look like the scars are missing during the very first part of the scene when he has her on the piano. But yes, they are definitely there when they are on the sofa and Chloe touches them. To me, that little part was as intimate as the rest of the scene because he was allowing her to touch his scars. Plus Lucifer exhales right as touches them, adding an extra layer that made that part even sexier. That whole scene was hot as hell ... pun very much intended!
  11. When they were cutting Ichabod out with the torches I really wanted one of them to say "Don't cross the streams!"
  12. I just watched the last three episodes in a row and I still feel like I missed something. When did all the other people disappear from Beacon Hills? I was also confused about Parrish's cryochamber thing but someone upthread cleared that up. It just seemed like a lot happened offscreen (moreso than usual) to where I checked twice during the ep that I was watching the right one. That said, loved the Sheriff's memories coming back and it was sad to see him have to let go of his wife again. Wasn't happy that Argent and Mama McCall got whipped into oblivion (masquerading as a supernatural train station). I kind of awwwed a little when Peter sacrificed himself but almost giggled when Malia and Scott spent what felt like an eternity just staring back and watching the GR tussle with Peter because I thought back to Peter saying she had no self-preservation skills and she was proving it right then. What happened to Theo at the end of the episode? Did they just leave him to chill at the police station? I've missed Stiles a lot this season, he really was an integral part of the show. I know he still is being that getting him back is the focus of this season, but it's not the same. Dylan O'Brien is one of the best actors on the show.
  13. I think he actually said "Step-Dan." Lucifer does love his puns. I am so glad this show is back. I don't know how many times I rewound different parts of it because of one-liners or small gestures. I love that this show can make me laugh but also be serious too. The cast is wonderful and in real life seems like they enjoy themselves and working with each other. Ella was missing this week and Linda and Amenadiel's scenes were too short. The faces he was making in the coffee scene with Charlotte were hilarious. I am fine with Lucifer and Chloe getting together as long as they still have their core friendship. And whew, next week's preview? Can't wait for that.
  14. Yeah, this and all the tying/taping down of Brock's hand was my favorite parts of this episode.
  15. Good episode. I agree with storyskip, the character match ups were awesome. Loved Dan and Maze being a team at the end. Also, love the look of pride on Lucifer's face whenever he talks about Maze's ninja-demon skills. Can't believe we have to wait until January for the next episode!!
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