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  1. I also couldn't stand her on TWD and this is what I remember - the Kristen Stewart in Twilight School of Acting. I think it was a combination of the acting and writing though. That's all I've seen her on.
  2. Further comment states it's for Batman: The Longest Halloween. Oh boy. edit:
  3. Interesting. hmmm....To me, there's like Jared before he said the Finale was his favorite episode, and then there's Jared after. I haven't trusted him since lol.
  4. Don't.even.speak.its.name! With Jensen in charge, I hope there's an episode of an egotiscal TV showrunner who has to face the music for his crimes! Make it in the style of the movie 9 to 5 meets Supernatural and I'd really be happy lol.
  5. Yes! I just zoomed over from twitter. Did ya'll have clues of this or did I miss something? I'm honestly surprised but intrigued.
  6. Can't wait to see what Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Judge Renslayer (what a cool name!) And Wunmi Mosaku's Hunter B-15 will get to do in the rest of the season. Very cool that they are the 2nd and 3rd leads. Very interested in the Renslayer and Mobius dynamic after the 1st episode and this featurette.
  7. I like these theories. My speculation is that the TVA is like that group Sydney was working for on Alias. She thought she was working for the good guys. Only to find out they were not.
  8. Loki declaring, he “does not enjoy hurting people," was pretty monumental. I'm all in. (even thought I maintain they should have released these on Fridays). Loki realizing that he had sent his Mother’s killer right to her was a serious gut punch, beautifully acting by Hiddleston. I personally enjoyed spending quality time with this character in all his good, bad and ugly dimensions. The Avengers movies did not leave time to really explore him, so this felt like a treat. He and Owen Wilson do have amazing chemistry. When Mobius told Loki he was meant to bring chaos so others could be
  9. I like "The Boys" account comments:
  10. She didn't know John was the father until she found the photograph in the journal. She may have known about the him and Erin (I hate that they called it a relationship, she was like 14/15 when it happened?) but did not know who DJ's father was. She was dating DJ at the time she got pregnant.
  11. Thank you! That was bugging me.
  12. I should have called it Reverse!Fridging lol. That's what I like about the writing of Mare, she was written with aspects that could have been for a male lead. It somehow didn't come off forced or projected from a dubious place- (like see! equal opportunity! yay girl power) - which I appreciate. But yes, it's very common aka a trope. It's cut and paste at this point. There are other things that can trigger a change or give motivation to a character, etc. However, TV/film writers are going for an immediate impact in the shortest amount of time and the death of a sympathetic characters is th
  13. 👆🏾 This! That's where i'm at. There are assumptions that Dean fans are only upset because of Dean's death or even that it was a routine hunt. It's the entire context of what you listed that makes it impossible to reconcile this careless finale.
  14. The highly upsetting male fridging of Colin Zebal was beyond unfortunate. I adored him and Evan Peter in general! There were so many times BEFORE that even that could have been a turning point for Mare. I also hate that they took Zebal's crime solving victory away. It seem to be just so Mare could confess the planting of the drugs. Otherwise, I feel actually satisfied with this ending. That's huge for me as I've had my enjoyment for a series severely reduced by an unsatisfactory finale (I'm not even talking about GOT here!) - Lovecraft Country, for example. It may be because I just starte
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