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  1. This was most definitely shade! When is the last time they touched on the fact that Dean was a vampire for an episode? I would add Demon!Dean and Mark of Cain!Dean as well. It's so odd how there just ignored in later seasons. Seems like a glaring omission with them having him die in relation to a Vampire hunt.
  2. Nougat even shows up in 2017 cameo! He is really all-powerful. I heard Bela as well! Thanks for the correction @PAForrest!
  3. Gawd yes, when show had such layered episodes/scenes/situations/characters that were not so clunky and heavy-handed. *Chef's Kiss*
  4. Yes this was me. Brought me back to the feeling of happiness that Jensen is free to do other things now. Just so good to see him shine even in a this 1-minute and odd seconds clip! Let's compare notes! lol 1. They're Brothers 2. Dad in the Marines 3. Family Business 4. Bella? - (the sister's name?) 5. Murdered... 6. ...A CW Pilot 7. An Aversion to green/healthy food? What'd I miss?😄 An HBO SUPERNATURAL would have been too powerful for my poor heart!. Definitely more cussing and way less clothing, to put it mildly!
  5. The list is definitely a little off. Agreed about Swan, Song, French Mistake and Fanfiction. And Baby is too high for me. Skin, It's A Terrible Life, Faith, A Very Supernatural Christmas, Bad Day at Black Rock should be higher...I like that Jus in Bello was higher up though.
  6. They really don't like Season 7, huh? I still maintain Route 666 is no way that fucking bad after all these seasons - Season 14 as a WHOLE (except for Dean's Fanboy episode) was painful to watch.
  7. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. There's no question of where TPTB's loyalties lie. Again, I will never knowingly support anything Dick Dabb so much as breathes on in the future.
  8. I love you Jensen, but dude! It's too soon!🥺😅 (Is this his way of saying, "uh, yeah, I know it sucks..."😁)
  9. So sorry for your loss @ahrtee.
  10. I agree with every bit of this! Nearly exactly what I'm feeling.
  11. Interesting, that I prefer Michael's "ending" holding-pattern concept for Dean more. At least the Dean running his own bar for a few years part.. But I would add people who love, care and respect him...Not totally out of hunting but there being a touchbase for Hunters. Sam running his Hunter Training Bunker School or whatever...
  12. I'm even more upset today. I literally cried. Dean deserved better. IDK. I totally get Jensen now.
  13. I love hearing everyone's memories! I started with Episode one. I was pregnant with my daughter when it premiered! So their technically twins. And the house we lived in at the time was haunted, as well, ironically. It was an interesting time...
  14. My daughter can't stop laughing at Elderly!Sam's Party City wig. BTW. So some moments brought joy.😅
  15. I SO wanted to be into it. Maybe because I was also cooking, but the set-up for Dean's death was so unheroic and they both seemed OOC. So I was greatly distracted. Maybe it'll hit me on a second, non-culinary viewing. Now, you could say - that's the point, it being a mundane hunt. But it felt more lazy than clever because of TPTB. Either way, it doesn't make or break the show for me. It's been a helluva journey!
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