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  1. Made worse when you re-watch from the beginning! We are "told" that Sam is the compassionate caring one. But Dean was the one always ready to get back to the hunt of saving people, when Sam wanted to give up and run away countless times. And the way Dean connected with kids was always touching to me. Yeah, that scene can go the way of the rubbish bin.
  2. He's just so SASSY - loves it! I saw some complaints, but I Wouldn't kick him outta bed for eating crackers lol. At least we know he's not like men who do the Beard-fishing form of Catfishing, where guys look attractive with the beard but totally goofy once shaved lol. Me thinks he's trying to get us prepped for the gritty Soldier Boy/The Boys vibe.
  3. Zemo had the keycard in the book already. When Bucky asked "What's the book you're reading?" he took it as some kind of signal that something would go down. "Machiavelli" means something in their world. When the lock-down started - it looks like Zemo's cell opened, (which doesn't make sense.) So I'm fanwanking that the guard was distracted due to "all hands on deck procedures" and Zemos slipped through the door and surprised him. He then knocked him out and put on his suit. Then used the keycard to get through he security door.
  4. I think it was her that killed Selby. Someone pulled their hoodie tighter to hide their face, when Zemo started talking to the Bartender. Gender wasn't clear - she could have hid out of sight until Sam's phone call screwed them up. I didn't get the big deal about her return. I enjoyed her nevertheless. I could see them matching her with Sam if they introduce that element in the show. btw, am I the only one that wants to call ZEE-mo, NEMO? lol
  5. Thank you everyone! Great points! I guess the key thing is Bucky doesn't want to be recognized. He doesn't want the attention of fame brings and he's dealing with such shame and insecurity. Yeah, his current look has The Clark Kent effect to the public. They recognized him better when he spent hours in the styling chair:😄
  6. I'm trying to figure out Bucky's "status" in the current state of the Word as presented by this show. He was pardoned by the U.S. Government. However, judging by Yori, the waitress/bar manager Leah, and the kids from the past episode - normal private citizens are not aware of him. However, the Police seem to "know" him or atleast were nonchalant about the warrant. (just a component of the white guy gets treated better thing?) Are private Citizens aware of "Bucky Barnes" but have no idea what he looks like? This may be something that will be ironed out in future episodes. Just making
  7. My word! The worst part is the scheme was taking cash from Elderly victims. That's really low. Wasn't she the one mad at Mary because of her elderly family member?! But it's okay to mess with other families? First rule of z-list "Fame" Club, Wipe your social media of past problematic comments (just delete the whole damn thing in most cases.) 2nd Rule of z-list "Fame" Club, Do not continue to run scams... However, I wouldn't put past Jen to want to be arrested on TV. She's that narcissistic.
  8. Bucky keeps his gloves on when he's home? I find that heartbreaking, like he doesn't even want to see it when he's alone. And Long sleeves as well! The White Panther/White Wolf exchange made my day. Sam had no idea! lol These two are really family and don't realize it. They give each other crap all day but defend each other in front of others. That's how kinfolk act lol. Anthony and Seb are really delivering, I could watch a show of Sam and Bucky just doing random things: grocery shopping. Bucky getting furniture (after Sam pushes him into it and more therapy), picking out paint col
  9. After knowing Imdb has more episodes listed for her, the date reads differently on rewatch. Her questions were too on the nose and she went into great detail about Yori and grief, beyond just sympathy, like she had a personal experience.
  10. Agreed. However, Bucky IS rusty and I suspect he probably would not have asked her out on his own (His personal insecurity. Also, less baggage when he finally told Yori the truth.). Yori is like his cheerleader, his hype-man, reminding him who he used to be. It is just heartbreaking from every angle. Not as dramatic as his story, but as someone who was married for 9 years and now divorced, I actually relate a little. Dating was very different when I dipped my toe in the dating pool. Not to mention I had to figure out who I was or who I wanted to be. I had forgotten things about myself, and tha
  11. About the flowers and the waitress (I think I have a fanfic title already lol). Did she own the bar or was maybe the manager? Was she Izzy? Also: 1-I could see someone feeling flowers meant the person wanted something return. However, he had known her for some amount of time, but had not had the courage to as her out. It was not like they had just met that day. He and Yori went to the restaurant every Wednesday. They all seemed familiar enough with each other. 2-I take the flowers to mean that he was marking the occasion. "I'm not just grabbing a meal where you ser
  12. Same way I feel. WHY doesn't anyone try some serious HUG therapy for these broken men? Call it Bone Hugs in Harmony (I couldn't resist!). Bucky and I would include Loki, maybe lol. (Though Loki wasn't brainwashed but savagely misguided, to say the least. But I still love him. *le sigh*). Okay, well I have to seek this out. Is this on A03 (tumblr? dare I say fanfiction.com? I'm probably older than you lol). I confess, I had a period where I didn't read other fanfics until I finished what I was working on. Not sure what happened, but you make me want to read it now! omg I liked h
  13. Oh crap, I know Wyatt Russell! He was in an excellent episode of Black Mirror - where he was test subject for a Virtual video game. It's one of the most freakiest episodes. *winces* He was really good in that. However, he looked goofy-as-hell in Cap's Mask. Chris Evans really does give "good face." James Marden wasn't available? Or Ryan Reynolds in some Deadpool 4th wall breaking bizarro situation? I'm very excited that Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are finally getting some concentrated attention. They have the talent to pull it off. I wasn't with the initial tone at first but that qu
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