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  1. Yeah I was thinking the same. I was diagnosed at about 50. Doctor put me on meds and I did okay for several years. Two years ago I did a Reclast infusion and actually regained bone density. I go for a DEXA every two years. I’m still very much alive and not in any danger of kicking it because of my osteoporosis. So GH can take several seats with this ominous music and OMG Alexis could have osteoporosis! How awful!’ Bullshit.
  2. How could he possibly sleep when Mo was practically on top of him every damn day?
  3. I had absolutely no idea that was Ethan until Olivia called him by name! Damn he looks good. And someone refresh my memory...how do they even know each other? Thank you Courtney fro finally taking Mike into the light. Of course now they’re all going to spend the next three weeks at the bedside of a dead man before finally moving him to the funeral home. And then we’ll have another three weeks of the service, followed by ANOTHER three weeks of Sonny’s misery. I foresee a lot of FF in my future.
  4. OMG they actually administered last rites? And the close up of the Bible? Oy vey. And why are they all talking about end of life IN THE ROOM? The man isn’t dead yet (more’s the pity). Maybe take it outside? And from the looks of the preview, he still isn’t dead tomorrow either...
  5. Michael to Willow: I wish this was over Me: yeah so does the audience...
  6. Just how long is this death tour going to last? I love Max Gail as much as the next person but Mike should have died off screen during the shutdown. Or at least in the first week after the show returned. sonny: it’s not about me me: it’s ALWAYS about you! and Jason the other day telling Mike that Sonny needed to reconnect and thanking him for letting that happen? please please PLEASE someone put me out of my misery!
  7. Clearly I’m a heartless bitch because these Mike scenes are doing nothing for me. I love Max Gail and think he’s acting circles around everyone else without even saying a word. But come on already! Just let the character die. Mo can still have his Emmy reel while everyone tells Sonny what a great son he was and how sorry they are for his loss. Then maybe Wardrobe can find a shirt that fits him. Because the one he wore today was much too tight across the chest. on a purely shallow note, TR is even more handsome now than he was 30+ years ago. And he was HOT back then!
  8. I’m confused....am I supposed to feel sorry for Adam? Because his continual pity party has been a total fail for me. And while we’re talking about total fails, Phyllis’ escape club? So Lily and Traci got a tea party, while Nikki was set up with a grand piano and sheet music. These are all wealthy women. Why do they need Phyllis to enjoy high tea or playing some music? Doesn’t victor have a grand piano at the ranch? And people are PAYING for this thing? I just don’t get it...
  9. Neither can Three quarters of the American public, including senior executives with master’s degrees...🙄
  10. Not until he shoots Mooby and/or Jason.
  11. Yeah according to that site, they all premier in November: Wed 11th November 2020 Chicago Med - Season 6 Wed 11th November 2020 Chicago Fire - Season 9 Wed 11th November 2020 Chicago PD - Season 8 let’s hope all goes well!
  12. I didn’t think it was possible to be any more bored by this show than I was before the shutdown. Apparently I was wrong because I’m bored to tears. And enough with the damn flashbacks to two days ago or a week ago. the only saving grace, for what it’s worth, was Nelle calling Michael out on how everything is always handled for him.
  13. KSt isn’t pregnant IRL is she? Not that it matters in context of the show, just curious. And ITA 1000% that they don’t need more babies! On screen or off, no one wants to see another damn pregnancy story. If they truly can’t think of anything else to do with the character, write her off.
  14. Lulu was still a teenager. That in itself was a perfectly valid reason to not have a child. Maxie is a grown woman with two children. If she wasn’t interested in having more (at least now), maybe she and peter should have used protection. I still don’t want to see her pregnant, but apples and oranges...
  15. Yes, complete with lame t-shirts instead of evening attire. I just want to see how they handle the ‘entertainment.’ Because unless they’re using green screen, this show hasn’t even tried to maintain social distancing. Y&r may take it to extremes, but at least they’re paying attention.
  16. Why GH won’t address COVID on-screen, by Frank Valentini https://daytimeconfidential.com/2020/08/17/showrunner-frank-valentini-explains-why-general-hospital-wont-directly-address-covid
  17. And to keep this on topic, lulu is an idiot, Carly sucks, nik is absolutely behind the graffiti and I hope Ava takes everything from him and forces spencer to attend public school and live in a small 2-bedroom apartment with his father.
  18. So Frank says the reason they won’t write COVID into the show is they had sooo many scripts already written when they stopped production. 🙄
  19. Please no. It will somehow become all about Sonny and how he singlehandedly came up with the vaccine that saved the world. 🙄
  20. Spencer is a greedy, selfish brat who ONLY cares shot the money. Always has, always will. So I can absolutely see him telling Nick that without the Cassadine fortune, especially Wyndemere, that he wants nothing to do with Nik.
  21. @GHScorpiosRule nuJordan, chad and Emme have been roundly trashed by many here and across the internet. John Ingle? LONG before the internet even existed. I have no insight into what the actors think unless they post to Twitter and the like, but the fans have not been kind.
  22. They’re supposed to be doing their own hair and makeup unless they can’t. Although I don’t know how ER could possibly have done that herself,
  23. Yeah Y&R is doing an excellent job with social distancing but it does look weird. I mean, on-screen couples Don’t go anywhere near each other. People cross a room or stand by the door to have conversations.
  24. Okay so GH is doing a horrible job with social distancing. They’re not even trying. The only ones who haven’t been thiisclosr to one another are Liz and Franco.i know they’re all being tested regularly but they’re acting like COVID isn’t a thing. I’m half expecting to see physical intimacy by next week!
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