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  1. Funny, he had a small recurring role on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist as a doctor last season, and Noah Galvin (Asher) had a brief appearance in it this season. He sings! Noah, I mean.
  2. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, so part of why I enjoy this show is seeing (hearing) how multi-talented some of these people are, especially athletes. And to revisit talented singers you don’t normally get to hear singing others’ hits, and hearing newer stars I didn’t know. Yes, considering the wardrobes, the taping order is bizarre.
  3. That turtle-scamper hand gesture made me laugh.
  4. He was also an adorable, charming pro soccer player on Jane the Virgin. A friend worked with him recently and said he’s a really down-to-earth, nice guy. I had no idea he’d studied literature at Stanford and Oxford.
  5. OMG! I had the EXACT same reaction! I don't know what it was... Are his eyebrows different? Was it the scruffiness? It was so weird! Ah, you also mentioned perhaps it was the subdued-edness of his performance -- I did think that was part of it, too. The replicant feeling was very strong.
  6. This. We’ve had gangly youngsters before, like Zendaya, but gosh, Skai comes across as really gangly. Maybe we got a hint from her friends about the deer in the headlights problem: she’s shy, so maybe she struggles with live performances? Chrishell seems like a genuinely nice person, but Gleb has been dancing around her posing for weeks. AJ is a good dancer and performer, but I’m finding his dances completely forgettable. I wonder why. I’m so bummed about Jeannie. I really miss her energy. I hope she has a speedy recovery. Justina for the win!
  7. That’s pretty much it, she’s a regular every day person. I was looking forward to seeing her on DWTS, but she’s lower key performance-wise than I was expecting. I do see her improving every week, getting more relaxed. I thought she had good hip action. She’s a great mentor for her Cheer team members. She’s not a super warm huggy kind, but is really supportive of them. Justina’s dress looked like the formal version of the feather duster/maid in Beauty and the Beast. So far Justina, Jeannie , and Nev although he’s a little odd are my faves.
  8. This! Her Up! dance in Disney week was my favorite that week because she performed it so well. I’d never heard of her before DWTS, and I look forward to her packages and dances now. Brandon seems the perfect partner for her, too. Skai keeps getting overscored. Like others, I find her Bambi-ness and much younger than 18 looks off-putting. Not sure why the youthfulness bothers me so much. I had thought Peta looked like she’d been injured during the dance — I noticed that neck grab and wince. Hope she’s feeling better. I can’t believe how enjoyable Nelly’s samba was! I wonder what
  9. Did not get the love for Skai’s dance. She stood there for too long in the beginning, and again at a later point. I has the same issue with Chrishell’s last week and this week. I don’t know when Tyra changed her outfit, but I do know my reactions was “what fresh hell is that??” Geez, her hair, her makeup, that second dress... AND SHE IS AN EXEC PRODUCER on the show! Did I miss that mirrors spread COVID-19 so they had to remove them? On the other hand, I think the female pros have looked especially pretty this season.
  10. I miss Tom. I think part of the difficulty for Tyra was a necessary vast space between her and the competing couples when she’d talk to them. It makes a difference, harder to create warmth across that distance. Loved Justina, and am surprised no one has mentioned her yet. Everyone who didn’t watch Carole and Pasha missed Pasha’s excellent rear in those leopard pants. Actually, I missed Carole’s dance... because of Pasha’s excellent rear. Dancers have the best bums.
  11. I’m so excited about Justina Machado! I loved her on Jane the Virgin. Also looking forward to Vernon Davis, a former 49er who has or had art galleries in the area. The head coach from Cheer (Msomething Aldama) will be interesting and should be good with choreography. I like Johnny Weir, and he’ll probably be good, too. The artwork! Ugh, I can’t believe Tyra is the poster. I still love Anna’s purple dress one the most. I’m so bummed about Tom. He’s the best.
  12. I nearly skipped the Godspell and Pippin episodes because I didn’t know those musicals, but they were two of my favorite episodes. The reactions of their kids in the audience during the Flesh Dance! Oh, I laughed. The restauranteur from San Francisco (Anthony maybe? The role that was shared by two men)... I’m going to have to drive up to SF to find him and ask him to read me the phone book. Ohhh, that voice. When they brought in the former drama teacher for Anything Goes, he looked frail, but either that was just a moment of unsteadiness, or he really absorbed their energy. He looked stro
  13. Just rewatched, and I think I laughed even harder at Max repeatedly breaking into song, and Zoey’s frustration. Andrew Leeds during Goodnight My Angel. Perfection.
  14. I’m really surprised to read the takes on the Max/Zoey “I’ve been offered a promotion” end. I just watched (but can’t rewatch to check because I watched online), but wasn't she speaking last as the Zoey who sang I’m Yours and that Zoey encouraged him “to go after what you want”? I felt that also meant pursuing her, too. Wasn’t that scene after she told Simon she was done with him? I felt like the direction Skylar was given was “react in a way that could look encouraged or annoyed.” i recently read a book by Harben Girma about growing up deafblind (she went to Harvard Law and also voluntee
  15. I cannot figure out who Kenny (Kelly’s guy) looks like. Not sure if it’s someone famous or someone I knew.
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