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  1. Saw Wicked (Munchkin cast), and Amy Yakima and Jordan Cassanova were in the ensemble. Amy also played Elphaba’s mother.
  2. Electruck

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    I noticed the highlighting, too, and had wished I had paid more attention to what the clue had said about where the items would be found in comparison to where they were looking. Chris and Bret mentioned when they got there that the water was cold, then later how “once they had warmed up” at the poetry task they realized they shouldn’t have switched and went back. So being cold for hours probably contributed to their decision and brain power.
  3. Electruck

    S05.E08: Chapter Eighty-Nine

    The porch swing scene, where Alba says how she spent so long trying to fix Xo that she didn’t realize what a wonderful daughter she is.... sob! Beautiful scene.* *that I’m probably summarizing incorrectly, which doesn’t negate what a wonderful scene it was.
  4. Electruck

    S02.E13: Xin

    When Shaun asked Jake if he were a drummer, I thought he was next going to say, “because your (whatever upper body muscles you use for drumming) are particularly developed,” since the guy was standing there shirtless.
  5. Electruck

    S02.E11: Quarantine, Part 2

    This is a guess because she’s listed for both eps but her character’s name is missing, but there’s no entry for Esther, so maybe Patti Allan? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0019997/
  6. Electruck

    S02.E11: Quarantine, Part 2

    Two things: 1. Real San Jose street signs and a VTA bus! Yay for using real things for these shots. 2. If you’ve pledged to be a bone marrow donor or are considering it, PLEASE don’t let this ep turn you off of it! Under normal circumstances, you’re either completely out under general anesthesia (if they do the suck it out of your pelvis method like they did here) or relaxing in a hospital bed while your blood is taken from one arm, processed for stem cells, and returned into the other through a continuous process. (“Relaxing” may be a stretch, because you have to remain perfectly still.) The bone marrow removal process is not painful. You could donate a part of yourself and save a life! And you’re still alive! See Be The Match (bethematch.org) for how to register. i donated bone marrow for a toddler through the harvesting method in this ep. Stanford Hospital was not under quarantine :D so I had general anesthesia was out like a light. It was uncomfortable to squat, but I did an all-day event two days later with no problem other than lots of bruises on my arms from numerous blood draws. I wish the script had included “normally you’d be completely out...” so as not to scare people away from donating.
  7. Electruck

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    I kept thinking, he would make a superb Vampire Lestat if they ever did a remake... This! Every first time he appears in an episode I think “what is that vampire doing in Outlander?” He’s so pale in comparison. Definitely not outside doing peasant work.
  8. Electruck

    S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    I came to the forum to say just this. William Jackson Harper is so good. His line delivery and facial expressions slay me.
  9. Electruck

    S02.E00: The Miracle of Christmas

    I had had the *exact* same thought, kept waiting for an ep about it, then an interview comment cleared it up, especially after rewatching that ep. Her vision wasn’t SF in ruins, it was the bridge being built. Though the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge were both built in the 1930s, so I’m not sure what the vision meant. https://www.tvguide.com/news/timeless-spoilers-jiya-visions-future-past/
  10. Electruck

    S02.E00: The Miracle of Christmas

    I enjoyed it, though I was bothered the whole time they were in NK by their ridiculous outfits — the lack of preparation for the bitter cold despite knowing just how freezing cold it was going to be and mentioning that they needed to prepare for it! Yes they had to blend in, but argh! I hadn’t known about that built-for-60, rescued-14,000 event. Wow. What I didn’t understand with Rufus and Jiya, how they kept mentioning three years. That Rufus was now younger than Jiya, and that he didn’t know the current her, he knew the one from three years prior. Did she land in SF in 1885 when she piloted it drugged, then they retrieved her in 1888?
  11. Electruck

    S27.E08: Week 6: Halloween Night

    I read a short interview with Mandy Moore about choreographing the female pros in the “Boss” number some seasons ago. She mentioned they don’t usually have much time to rehearse as a group but did that time. She also mentioned how the pros are used to doing things to stand out from each other in competition and that tendency bleeds into group numbers. But how in that number, they danced more as a team, and it showed. Long way of saying that Keo’s the pro most recently off the heavy competition circuit after many years in it, and imo, his dancing still shows more “look at me” than I like to see when he should be showing off his partner.
  12. Electruck

    S27.E08: Week 6: Halloween Night

    OMG, I’m dying! That’s all I can hear now. :D
  13. Electruck

    S27.E07: Week 5: Disney Night

    I find myself smiling away at the dancing and music on Disney night. Most of it, anyway. I thought Alexis & Alan were really lovely, and thought Juan Pablo did great. I thought something about DeMarcus’s feet was weird. I think it was his footwear styling making his feet look really stiff. Poor choice if that’s what it was. Evanna and Keo had a tough song to dance to. I thought Keo’s solo near the beginning was odd, then I realized the camera had to be off Evanna while she got out of her tower and started down the stairs.
  14. Electruck

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I saw Ballroom with a Twist last night, which has DWTS pros as headliners, with an Idol or two, plus some SYTYCDers. DWTS pros were Chelsie, Lacey, Anna T, Tony, Tristan, Damian. Idol singers were Von Smith (S8) and Vonzell Solomon (S4). (SYTYCDers in the troupe were Magda and Alan Jenkins (one of her audition partners who just missed top 20) from current season and Randi from S5.) The troupe danced A LOT, more than the DWTS pros, but it was all enjoyable. We did the meet and greet after with the DWTS six. Tony and Lacey were getting a little goofy (goofier, more like it — they seem to be the clowns of the bunch), particularly Tony. It was fun.
  15. I saw Ballroom with a Twist last night, which has DWTS pros as headliners, with an Idol or two, plus some SYTYCDers. We were VERY surprised and pleased to see in the troupe the freshest SYT alum: Magda! 5 days after her exit. Alan Jenkins, who auditioned with her and just missed top 20 was also in the troupe, as was Randi Strong from S5. The troupe danced A LOT, more than the DWTS pros. Magda really stood out, as did Alan. Both in a good way. Chelsie Hightower and Lacey Schwimmer were two of the DWTS pros. Both were great, but I wish all of the pros had performed more. (DWTS pros were Chelsie, Lacey, Anna T, Tony, Tristan, Damian. Idol singers were Von Smith (S8) and Vonzell Solomon (S4).)