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  1. When I heard that Joy was engaged, I said, "Now she can marry her 'best friend'!" Today I saw on MSN.com that Joy said she is so excited to be engaged to her best friend. Can I call them or what? :) It wasn't hard, since they all parrot the same approved phrases. It is special and surreal to be entering this season of life. She prayed for a man who has a heart for the Lort, blah, blah, blah. STFU.
  2. I didn't watch. Love all the comments though. I heard Jim Boob say "Michelle & I's" one time. I have NEVER heard anyone say that, don't care how uneducated you are. I live in PA Dutch country, where everybody says "I seen it" but that doesn't make me cringe as much as this one. Putting this here because it's the current topic, and I wanted to share. At Walmart yesterday, I saw the new People with the Seewalds on the cover. Have to say, it was a nice picture, kids are cute. So while I waited in a long line, and because I was annoyed that my frozen veggies were thawing, I read a magazine for free. No way was I going to buy it. The story inside about the new baby was what you would expect. What made me laugh, though, was Jessa saying that she just loves watching her boys reach different milestones. Now Spurgie, I can understand. But what "milestones" does a 4-day-old baby reach? Did he roll over? Cut a tooth? Sleep through the night? Jessa, WTH are you talking about? Lucky Jessa. Now she has three little boys.
  3. Just thought of another thing that drives me crazy!!! "I get to marry my best friend!" Puhleez. You meet somebody one month, start courting the next, get married shortly thereafter, and that's your best friend? My best friends are people I have know since I was about 12. Yeah, 50 years. And my husband, met him in 1980, married in 1984. Those are best friends. You grow together, share life experiences, see each other through the rough times, celebrate the good times and create a bond. Not saying I don't have good friends that I met just a few years ago. And it's possible to become best friends with somebody after a short time. However, you have to have things in common and be able to enjoy each other's company, get to know each other (without an "accountability partner). But for all the girls to parrot that they are marrying their best friends just shows how sheltered they are. You HAVE no friends, no life, nothing outside Duggarville. And that's sad.
  4. WTH did I watch? It was nice to see that Jeremy has actual friends, but Jinger squealing "BAAAAAABE" drives me nuts. As does Jessa's fake laugh. What a smug little twit. Have to say that Spud is adorable, though. Cannot believe that Joy is the next to be married off. When they asked her what a "birdie" is, she sounded like a 4 year old. She seems like she's not very bright. And has a speech impediment of some sort, too. Another Duggar left untreated? Jill and Derrick are getting stranger each episode. I thought she would grow up a little, but it seems like she has regressed. I can barely look at him, with his stupid hair. He used to be kind of nice looking. What happened?!?!?!?!? The whole "accountability partner" is too weird for words. Can't TLC find something else? I forced myself to watch about half of the episode, but had to turn it off because I felt that I was losing brain cells. I cannot believe they still have "fans". Each episode gets even more boring.
  5. When they were showing all the guests at the wedding, I think they showed the little M's with an adult aside of them, carefully cut out of the shot. I think that was the Turd. Michelle's dress was pretty, but her hair and shoes were awful! The girls don't seem close to their mom at all, do they? I did tear up when Jinger was hugging her dad and gave him the handkerchief. They seem to like him. Derrick, you looked and acted like an ass. If my husband had pulled that caveman maneuver and pulled me away from the groomsman, I'd be pissed. The bridesmaids are supposed to walk with the man they've been matched with. You really can't trust her to walk with another man? Ridiculous. It's not cute at all. And the kiss and dip and look at us! Poor taste, to be sure. It wasn't your day! And WTH was with the crowning of Josie? Michelle baby talking and screeching about how this nurse "turned your little head" was so stupid. Why was that nurse there? And sorry to say that Josie could not have been any less interested in the crown. She seems a little slow to me. My not quite 2 year old granddaughter is more animated about a piece of play doh she finds on the floor. The wedding was beautiful, except for the speech given by Jeremy's dad. She saw you, you saw her, love her, etc. Boring. That dress!!! I thought she looked perfect, and I loved the long train. I hope they stay away from Arkansas and are happy together. However, if my husband had said he was looking for a meek wife, I wouldn't be sitting here now. Throughout the episode, there were commercials for a show where your parents choose who you marry. Is that where the idea to marry Joy off to her friend came from? I'd feel so special, "Joy is courting, watch next season, $$$$$$$". Poor girl, can't form a sentence after graduating from Duggar Academy and she will have a baby next year at this time. And because it can't be said enough, God, Derrick is an ass.
  6. I remember watching Jessa's wedding. Loved her dress! And I liked the FU to Boob to have their first kiss in private. Except does anyone believe they didn't kiss before? Or that Babe and Jinger haven't? Anyway, what I found so disturbing and strange was the younger brother asking Jessa over and over "How was the kiss? How was the kiss?" That just seemed weird to me. Like a junior pervert. What kid is that interested in his sister kissing her husband, and why? Jessa has turned into a real witch. And I tried to like Jeremy, I really did, but his bullshit about not defiling the marriage bed....WTH? You are ADULTS, what you do in private is your own business and God won't smite you for it. Have to confess, my husband and I were together for 4 years before we married, and we spent that 4 years getting to know each other. Know, as in the biblical sense :) We've been married over 32 years because we had that 4 years together and learned a lot about each other in that time. You don't meet somebody and a month later proclaim to be marrying your "best friend." Unless you want to be miserable. The rooftop engagement was so fake, and Michelle did sound like a dolphin. Whoever said that cracked me up. All I could think about was the movie "Splash" when Darryl Hannah was saying her name, squealing like a dolphin and TV screens were breaking in the store. I look forward to all the comments on here so that I don't have to watch the show.
  7. Wow, nice little "guest house"! But I would want them all to butt out and I will decorate my own house, thank you. Poor Cathy when they all showed up at the airport. A circus as usual. And I loved when they were all getting ready to head out the door to meet Derrick and Jill, and there's Boob stuffing his face again, LOL. I hope a "fan" sends them a proper car seat. It's not safe to be stuffing a kid the size of a 3-year-old into an infant carrier! WTH?
  8. Heaven help me, I just watched the proposal. Holy crap, just shut up and propose already! You don't need to involve 90 other people. You are a grown man, just do it. The whole thing was so fake.
  9. I remember the episode where a bunch of little kids, inappropriately dressed and using tools they shouldn't have been, were building the TTH. They were putting up studs or something, and Michelle said, "Can you all say 'perpendicular'?" It was one of her finest homefoolin' moments.
  10. The only slightly entertaining moment was watching Boob stuff a cupcake into his doughboy face while Jeremy was asking permission to court. Then Boob has to act like he's mulling it over, when we all know he is trying to figure out how many episodes they can get out of this transaction. Another "Christian Mingle" commercial, this time for the guys. Sorry, I don't think anybody is going to beat a path to the TTH.
  11. About 3 minutes into this, I had to change channels. We had a graduation party for our daughter. You know, the kind with real friends and other people you actually know? But there were no bounce houses or carnival games. How embarrassing for the "graduates!" Decided it wasn't even worth flipping back and forth. Left the granddaughters watch Nick Jr. I'll catch up on here. Lots better!
  12. Caught bits and pieces again last night. Haven't seen this mentioned yet, but did anybody else think those notes that ManBun and Muffin wrote each other looked like something straight out of middle school?!?!?!? I would love to have seen them closer-I'm sure Derrick's was OK, but Jill's was probably full of spelling and grammar errors. And I just can't with the "BAAAAAAABBBBBBBEEEEE"! If Jinge was a normal 22-year-old, she would have intelligent comments to offer about the apartment, like "Love this picture", "nice kitchen". Dear God, anything but squealing his nickname about 300 times. And Boob saying the closet smelled bad? Take a look at that grungy bunch you have living in your house! Not to mention, your daughters seem to be dreadful at housekeeping. What can they do? Oh yeah, have babies.
  13. Wow, where to start!!! Boob is such a creep. Who does he think he is to criticize Jeremy's apt. or salary? Tacky to say the least. How does he provide for his family? The fine art of grifting, passed down to the next generation. While I think this is a strange pair, Jer and Jinger seem to genuinely care for each other. They seem to know each other a little better than the others did their intended, since they are at least allowed to talk privately. But, oh my word, how many times a day? She really does act like she is in middle school, and he does seem a little old for her, but if it gets her the hell out of Arkansas, I'm all for it. Weird how he sang a song just for her, but they all had to sit and listen to it together. Kinda sucked the romance right out of it. Not my kind of thing, but I guess it was sweet. Jinger is so excited to live there. The 800 times she said "Babe!" worked on my nerves, though. The apartment is nice for a couple starting out, better than a lot have it, so STFU, Boob. And quit calling Michelle "Mama", you horn-dog a**hole. You have so lost control, and we all love it! Michelle didn't say much, thank goodness. Jer's parents seem OK. And why didn't it occur to Boob that Jinger may want to work? She could work in a daycare, or in retail, or anything she wants to do. You know, live like a normal young couple. Being far away from her family will hopefully be good for her. It will be fun to see how this plays out.
  14. My word, Central America is soooooooooooo dangerous! Let's all go visit repeatedly! Others have commented that Jill has post partum depression. Maybe, but I think she just doesn't want to be there. Or with Derrick. Or with a baby. Could this be the "hardship" for which Derrick is asking for prayers and guidance? I really think Jill would go home in a heartbeat. I actually watched most of this episode and I found the family dynamics so strange. I only get to see my sisters every couple of years, but we about hug each other to death when we get together. Always oceans of tears when we separate, too. Jessa was standing with Jill when they were getting ready to leave, saying how close she and Jill are, how they have "walked through" pregnancy and motherhood, yet she couldn't even look at Jill while saying all that. Ben is so over it all. Hope giving up your youth and any hopes of a normal life was worth getting to deflower the "hot" Duggar girl. Part of me feels sorry for him. Guys his age just aren't ready for marriage and fatherhood, and I think he is starting to realize that. I even caught a little of the "spa session" from last week. Jessa asking Anna about Josh was so scripted. Anna babbled on and on, but basically said nothing. A few times it felt like she forgot her lines, them remembered what she was supposed to say. So fake! The Duggars sure do latch onto a word or phrase and then repeat it ad nauseum, don't they? "Walking through" is, of course, the most current. I remember when everything was "surreal." Or precious. When do we find out if TLC actually renewed this crapfest?
  15. Reading all these comments made me want to watch this. But I just couldn't do it. Tonight I flipped in on for about 10 minutes or even a little less. I want to know why these young adults don't have even the most basic grammar skills. A few weeks back, JD said that Jana was "a excellent" twin. Tonight he did it again, used "a" instead of "an". Then Bin said that Flame was giving him "a inside look". Bugs me no end. Did anybody else notice that? And the stupid "care package" made me laugh. Anna seems so strange to me, going on and on about fly swatters, because we all know, those can't possibly be purchased at the closest Walmart. Oh, that's right. Jill and Caveman are "in the field." Then Anna gives her stupid "double thumbs up". Jessa looked so uncomfortable. It's a shame these young adults are so socially inept. Then I was over it. Refused to watch any of the new episode because I am afraid somehow TLC would know, and I would be contributing to ratings. I can't believe that TLC would possibly renew this show for a second season. Give it up, already.
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