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  1. I just watched the episode in which Luke Perry guest-starred. I had never seen it before. What a great episode! RIP Luke :( . But I loved learning the backstory of how Mike got involved with Badge of Justice. Mike Tao was definitely one of the show’s more underrated actors.
  2. Yeah seeing how Amy was in the beginning is pretty funny now. I remember the first time I started watching repeats of the show I looked over to my friend and said, “Wow I don’t remember Amy being such a suck up.” 😂😂😂😂
  3. Lifetime in the Philadelphia/Chester County region has taken off MC from its weekday rotation. They usually show a few episodes of The Closer, followed by Major Crimes, followed by Rizzoli and Isles. Today it’s The Closer episodes, followed by a Castle marathon. Not sure if it’s permanent, but it is disappointing.
  4. ICAM with this. I enjoyed the Rusty/Buzz connection and Buzz was one of the people early on who would point out Rusty’s self-involved, everything’s about me tendencies, like how he never asks anybody about their interests, feelings, etc. It’s after this that Rusty starts asking the various squad members why they entered police work, and Andy’s and Provenza’s facial expressions when Rusty asks them that is like ‘Who are you and what have you done with Rusty?’ One of my favorite scenes is Rusty (saying about Sharon), “She really loves her rules, doesn’t she?”, and Buzz replies, “You have no
  5. The thing I noticed in both shows is how Tao says “Okay” kinda as both statement and question. The two instances—one from each show that I can think of—is: from the Closer, Fritz and Brenda are arguing about whether Pope still has Brenda’s back and Tao calls with some info for Brenda and she says to Tao “Thanks for having my back” to which Fritz replies “Tao doesn’t count” and Tao hearing this just says “Okay” and then launches into what he called about. On the opening episode of Major Crimes, when Tao calls Provenza from the crime scene and Provenza hands the phone to Sharon, Tao is like “Oka
  6. I really like your observation here. Tonight I was thinking we see Patrice and Provenza kiss more than Sharon and Andy and Rusty and Gus. And we never saw Sharon and Andy in bed — in their bedroom, once at the end — but never in bed. Whereas Brenda and Fritz were portrayed as a very physical and passionate couple on The Closer with even little moments of intimacy shown, like him rubbing her feet. And aside from Gabriel’s and Daniels’ failed relationship we never saw any of the personal relationships other members of the squad had. Very good observation indeed.
  7. I just saw this episode again tonight and Enrico and Emmy were placed in Witness Protection while the Feds and ICE worked on Rico’s and his parents immigration issues, among other things. So Emmy was not forgotten. And as Provenza said it’s sad two officers lost their lives due to 2 ex-cons playing cop to shake down old people. Scary and sad at the same time.
  8. So last night I watched the episode in which there was an attempted hit on Hobb’s life — don’t recall the title of the show — but during it Gavin questions the squad to determine who the leak is. It’s Provenza who puts together the reasons for the questions, tells the squad as a whole, and says he finds it insulting. To which Brenda agrees. My question is: do you think Duff and company knew who the source of the Leak was at that time? Because one of the questions Gavin was asking them, ‘Have they discussed the case with anyone outside of Major Crimes?” I don’t remember now how Gabriel ans
  9. Now that you mention it, I agree, especially knowing what’s to come and how the series deteriorates.
  10. In Hindsight was confusing to follow, especially over five episodes. I really had to finally sit down and pay attention to it on one of Start TV’s reairing of it. I was bummed that Stephanie turned out to be the killer because I liked her and I liked the idea of her and Julio. It was one of the few episodes that I really liked Julio and I felt sorry for him. I’m probably in the minority but I liked Hickman and I liked the chemistry between him and Amy.
  11. I didn’t mind that because Rusty could see things were turning dicey between Andy and Nicole, but even after that Shandy were still clueless. Loved as they walked out the door Sharon says again “We’re not dating” and Rusty replies “Several times a month.” What I didn’t like was that going forward Nicole is never seen again, at the wedding and even when Andy was in the hospital those few times. And he always said he had children, but Nicole is the only one mentioned by name or shown.
  12. @bijoux I always take my birthday off and usually treat myself to a massage. I see it as the one day of the year that is truly yours to celebrate you.
  13. I loved, LOVED this episode. I am a huge Izzie fan who only tolerated Alex in context with Izzie, Meredith and OG Interns. I never liked Jo or the Jolex relationship. In a review of the episode I read in which the reviewer supported this ending, it was noted that viewers of the show had been waiting 10 years for “the Izzie shoe to drop” or for Alex to find out he had kids. Yes, it was crappy how Alex went about leaving. I too believe he would have said goodbye to at least Jo and Meredith in person. And I wish we could have seen JC and KH onscreen one more time, but not knowing what was ha
  14. I thought it was Lydia’s dad who put the sleeping pills in her milk because they make a point of saying he hadn’t expected her to wake up so soon. I love Billy Moses, though that ending was shocking. Even his attorney was horrified.
  15. I didn’t realize until a recent rewatch of the episodes where Fritz comes onboard as Deputy Chief of SOB that he was essentially given the same heart issue as Sharon in the end or close to it. But after a few episodes Fritz’s health issue is never mentioned again.
  16. I didn’t enjoy Season 3 as much. 1. I really missed Hope, though I understand the predicament the actress found her in due to the Pandemic. 2. There were a lot of pregnancy related storylines and I thought it was really selfish of Mel to spring on Jack wanting a child when he’s still wrapping his head around having twins. 3. Charmaine looked much more pregnant last season than this one. That didn’t make sense to me. 4. Not invested in the Preach and Paige story since it feels too rushed. I knew the so-called friend had drugged him as soon as she handed him the soda. I did
  17. To Serve With Love is airing right now. I always loved the Provenza and Flynn episodes, which was sorely lacking during the Major Crimes run.
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