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  1. tally1068

    19 Things I Hate About You: How the Duggars Infuriate

    It's probably been said about a gazillion times on this thread, sorry I haven't read it all, but the PDA's of J'chelle and now Jillard make me puke. Why the necessity to kiss every couple 0f minutes? Why do J'Chelle and Boob have to practically do the splits every time they show off their exhibitionist kisses to their poor chaperoned offspring? It's both gross and so fake. keep it in private please, I have to look away. Jillard are just as bad. Her adoring gaze gets on my last nerve. PAH
  2. tally1068

    Game Of Crowns

    I only decided to watch this because reading the threads made me think it was just the trash TV I love. It didn't disappoint. Hehe I get to snark on a grown up "Tantrums and Tiaras" without worrying that I'm criticising young children, a no no in my book. They are all so deliciously deluded. Who the hell enters for a Mrs pageant? Haven't you got anything else to spend $100k on? And to have to stay married to the biggest jerk in the whole of jerkdom, Nick, because the pageants don't allow an ex Mrs to enter. Count me in. I loved it. :)
  3. tally1068

    The Brides and The Grooms

    Nor me, but it's trash like this that really does get me hooked. It's so bad it's unmissable. But I'm seriously going to have to play the drinking game every time one of the so called "experts" comes out with how difficult this social experiment is/no wedding unless they are totally scientifically compatible yadder yadder. Enough already. I want more insight into how they, their friends and families feel. Not listening to the same faux serious bs from said experts ad nauseum. I got it the first time so shut the hell up. I'm still sticking with it though!
  4. tally1068

    S05.E12: Savannah

    This series has definitely shown much more of the horrible side of being a teen mom. Poor Savannah. She never stood a chance and I really applauded her for calling the cops to get her brother out. Unfortunately she's probably had to parent her alcoholic for most of her life and it's pretty normal to feel defensive when others criticize the mother. I hope she gets in touch with AlAnon and gets support. I'm not surprised her and Stone broke up though. Although he stepped up a bit at the end this relationship had DOOMED written all over it. Sad. Criticize it all you want and heaven knows it has plenty of flaws, but I'm so glad for our NHS. Worrying about bills for an operation would never happen here. I'm curious, do you have to pay for giving birth? I'm pretty ignorant about how your medical insurance pans out. I know that getting insured was a huge part of Kails' decision to marry Javi. Oops, edited to say I'm getting Savannah mixed up with the kid who had a cleft palette. I think I'm on 16 and Pregnant overload. I watched the last 3 episodes in one go last night. I was still steaming over Scot's views on wearing a condom when I watched this. It's all so sad, the girl's always seem as if they're desperate to find someone who will care for them.
  5. tally1068

    S01.E01: My Fair Ladies of London

    :) Thanks. I hope everyone thinks like you. ps, I've not chosen my profile pic complete with hat to look posh. It's just that I've recently become disabled and have to be in a wheelchair. I got my wonderful hat for a steal on EBay (less than £10) and it's a standing joke among my friends that I'm trying to compete with the toffs!! It was a friends wedding and the first social event I'd been to in 6 months. Not an attempt to compete with the likes of the so called "upper class" Sorry, completely off topic.
  6. tally1068

    S01.E01: My Fair Ladies of London

    For the first time I feel sorry for the residents of Atlanta, Orange County, Miami and all places the RH have been located. As a Brit born and raised and living here for all of my 60+ years I have never met such a load of tosh in my life. It bears absolutely no resemblance to anyone or set of people I know. Believe me we Brits are not a bunch of snobby, look down your noses and snobbery is most certainly NOT an asset. I realise I'm just an ordinary "pleb" but I like our pomp and ceremony when it's carried out by the Queen. The rest of the "aristocracy" are, IMO desperately trying to cling on to attitudes that disappeared 40 years ago. Please, please don't judge us on this bunch of idiots. Most of us are tolerant, live and let live types. I have never met an American I didn't like and, living near an American base for years I have American friends from all over The States. ( Reality TV tends to choose the larger than life characters and I cannot stomach some of them the Hantz clan and Luanne with her self importance of being a Countess! She has as much class as me) and yes, culturally we are different in lots of ways, but this is in no way representative of most of us. I don't know whether I'll stick with this as I find their attitudes shallow, vacuous and downright obnoxious. But that's the nature of the RT beast isn't it. I'm proud to be British. I'm not proud that these morons are giving the impression that all of us have their warped values.
  7. I haven't watched it for five years as I'm into my 5th month of being confined to bed, this one has me strangely addicted. It's relieving the boredom. I don't know why but it reminds me of Series 3 and the rich/poor divide, the last of the really good BB's in my opinion. But why oh why do they all lack the tools to say something without every other word being the "f" bomb? Maybe I'm an old fuddy duddy but I loathe it, particularly the girls. It isn't cool, it makes them look cheap and uneducated and chavvy.
  8. tally1068

    S05.E10: Savon

    I'm glad everyone else feels like me. I found the whole thing really sad and depressing. I cant imagine having no one around during delivery or indeed through the whole thing. I don't think I saw any emotion from Savon in the whole episode but I think a whole cauldron was bubbling underneath. I too thought post partum depression but she was like it before the birth. Indeed I agree with her own assessment of being "traumatised" I'm glad she didn't string M along and keep him as a fall back boyfriend, but I thought he was a decent guy. IMO she needs some therapy. I'm afraid I didn't rate the aunt, she seemed to go out of her way to make things even more isolated for Savon. No mention as to why she was living there. Definitely not a dramatic episode, but a thoughtful one. I'd be interested in an update in a couple of years. (Please no more Teen Mom- 3 lots is one too many. Edited to add that I thought Eden was one of the most gorgeous babies in the whole of 16 and Pregnant. Just too cute. Maybe she can get him into baby modelling. It'd be much needed money though kids working is a fuzzy area for me. Not sure if I'm for or against it, though loads of babies do it.
  9. tally1068


    I totally agree. As an alternative to jail it's a no-brainer, especially as California seems to have a plethora of rehab places that look like 5star hotels to me. Whatever happened to the Betty Ford way? Shared rooms and chores? This programme fascinates me in a sort of put your hand over your face sort of way. Lindsay hasn't even a glimmer of self awareness about being an addict. She's playing a role, that's all. The fake squeeze them tears out after AJ confronted her was telling, but bare faces lying about drinking when she knew she was being filmed? I don't particularly like AJ, I save my warmth for poor trod upon Matt (whose body language and eyes are a lesson in what he really thinks about her) but he'll move on to better pastures. I know she's got rid of the sober coach and AJ backed off, but is Matt still with her? I cant remember if I read that he'd left as all her entourage had been paid for by Oprah. I have to admit that I cracked up at the shenanigans in the high end trade in store. Way to go Lynds. Only spent $500. You were supposed to be selling stuff not trading it in for another load of stuff she'll never wear. I wonder how many sheets you could get for that $4k? She just hasn't a clue about real life. THAT'S what she needs from a Life Coach. A 101 course in basic, everyday living.I cant see her ever resurrecting her career. This little venture has backfired spectacularly. Nobody would want to hire her after her antics shown, and who knows what was left on the cutting room floor? I laughed myself silly at the mother from hell, dolled up to the nines and with immaculate makeup being told to just sit down. Do you think the PTB have instructions that Dina not have any air time. If so that must be killing her. Basically it's so very sad. Lindsay's next gig has to be "Hoarders". That, apparently is a mental health problem and I truly believe that Lindsay is one very damaged individual who has been surrounded by ass lickers and the worst parents she could have had. No wonder she comes across as such a narcissistic bitch.
  10. tally1068

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    My trouble is I get broody looking at such gorgeous pets. I adore them all and, if I could, would adopt them. There's some serious heart throbs in the photos on this thread. forget Brad Pitt or George Clooney.
  11. tally1068

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Yeah! I cannot resist forums that let you post pics of your pet. Here's the joy of my life aka Alfie a very small Jack Russell. (I live alone so he is very important!!) The first was taken with his half brother 12' high up in a tree hammock, the second is him taking refuge under his aunts' legs (she's a Parson JR hence the long legs and lastly his favourite thing, horse riding -though he hasn't worked out which is the right direction to go in!