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  1. Looking forward to the wedding!
  2. It always baffled me how a promising young writer could wind up a drunken parody of himself. The movie Capote explained it all. The relationship may have started off simpatico, but it turned into something else. Capote had all the power. Capote delivered legal help, which prolonged Smith's trial. But Capote also needed an ending for his book. After Smith finally revealed what happened that awful night in the Clutter house Capote finished his book. Capote cut ties with Smith, except for showing up at his execution. I read the book the movie was based on, written by Gerald Clarke. It's
  3. I just watched S6E6. Episode 5's ending was amazing!
  4. I don't get that at all. I get that they were once a thing, are trying to co-parent and are very different people. I think there's a mutual affection, but love is definitely in the past tense.
  5. I do! You must youtube Gogglebox. It's hilarious.
  6. Sounds like typical battling parents bullshit to me. I caught his new Netflix show, Amazing Vacation Rentals over the weekend. It's not bad.
  7. I liked the visual of Burnham and Georghiou trudging through the snow, it was a nice bookend to the first scene of the first episode when B & G were trudging through the sand.
  8. It doesn't seem to me she'll be the typical reality host. On roasts Nikki can be particularly savage. I would imagine she would sharpen the knives for this show.
  9. I cannot wait to get home and watch it on Hulu. That is an excellent episode. Thanks.
  10. Omigosh, there was a line from one of the shows, I can't remember which one, where Suzanne says something like "Don't go dropping bombshells like that" followed by "pass the smelling salts". A friend of mine does it when someone says something obvious, and I crack up. If anyone can remember the show or context I'd appreciate you telling me.
  11. In a van, DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!
  12. Just like Batman in 1966. Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel!
  13. Right! Wooh, woo, woot does not appear in print all that often!
  14. Well, at least one thing is cleared up. I know why Paulina is staying with Mike, she's not that interested in monogamy either.
  15. They sure did. I guess I have higher standards for Sophie because she had a career in law enforcement. Of course it does. The one holding the gun (crossbow) was the one that could've stopped Circe. Ryan had just gotten her ass handed to her by Circe. Luke is a tech wiz, Mary is a medical wiz. All 3 of them didn't have the crossbow. Sophie rose to the top of the ranks of the crows and has decent aim. Surely she could've aimed for Circe's legs. If Alice were there, Circe would've been caught.
  16. I thought that meant that Destiney had some additional dirt.
  17. It was definitely 'big woo'!
  18. She really is. Dangerous, menacing, unpredictable; It's a shame we get her on episode 17 of an 18 episode season. I'm hoping she's the big bad for season 3. Sophie didn't come off too good in this episode. First she falls for Circe's act, hook, line and sinker, then she just lets her walk away while holding a crossbow. Shoot the bitch! Team Batwoman doesn't need Sophie, unlike Mary and Luke, she's totally ineffective.
  19. Not everyone. I worked everyday during lockdown. Wore my mask on the PATH train, mask off when I got off at 23rd St, 5 block walk to work maskless, mask back on so I could enter my building. Not everyone wore masks on the street.
  20. FYI, if you want to hear an excellent Jean Smart interview, check out Fresh Air. JS talks about finally reaching a critical peak in her career at the same time she loses her husband. Talk about bittersweet.
  21. It sure was, it was gorgeous. She just can't help herself. Some of those elements, like the wallpaper, and the chandelier look wonderful on their own, but they just don't work together together.
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