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  1. 8 hours ago, GaT said:

    I keep forgetting to post, which is probably a good thing or you would all be tired of seeing my name. 😁 Anyway, I'm just about to start Body on Baker Street by Vicki Delany. Book 2 in the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mysteries.

    I read the first in the series and I enjoyed it.  I asked this thread for cozy suggestions that avoided certain cozy tropes.  This series was recommended, as well as Ellery Adams's Books by the Bay series and Alexia Gordon's Gethsemane Brown series.  The initial entry in both these series is in my TBR pile.  It's gonna be a cozy summer.

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  2. 6 hours ago, DiabLOL said:

    So Hilaria is still doing the accent, huh? Ok.

    This was taped pre-covid and pre-Hilaria Has A FakeAccent.

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  3. 24 minutes ago, Grizzly said:

    For the butter question, I didn't think of bread at all. I came up with baked potato and tub of popcorn.

    But in the clue the word "spreading" was involved.  Appropriate for a baked potato but not for a tub of popcorn.

  4. 3 hours ago, bichonblitz said:

    I like Monica's mom and Dad getting together for dinner. They were nice to each other and funny together for the sake of Monica. Good job, parents!

    At first I thought Monica was asking for too much.  But now I see her parents are putting their differences aside for their daughter's sake.  How refreshing!

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  5. 4 minutes ago, ByaNose said:

    Oh, I don’t. I guess the term “work” is subjective. He’s on a tv show his father has been on for several years and I doubt he had to audition.

    Michael graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts in May 2020.  I think he's okay with "work".  He's been making cameos on his father's show (he plays the younger version of his father's character in flashbacks) to see the inner workings of a TV set since Michael is interested in being a director.

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  6. 47 minutes ago, ByaNose said:

    They grew up with mostly filthy rich parents but don’t really want to work as so much continue their lifestyle that they grew up with.

    Just curious, how do you know Michael really doesn't want to work as so much continue  his lifestyle?

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  7. 7 minutes ago, CrinkleCutCat said:

    Don’t think her accounts are frozen… she had to pay for the pool heating didn’t she! I’m sure Bravo are funding her transport and accommodation for filming purposes.

    That's what I thought.  Previous posters gave the impression her accounts were frozen, they were wondering how she could afford incidentals.  She still has her Bravo checks coming in.

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  8. 48 minutes ago, iMonrey said:

    She already knows Craig's father - it's Jake. 

    Pardon the ignorance, but who's Jake?  Was he on last season?  I thought last season's flashback scenes, like this season, are entirely unmemorable.

  9. I love Shawn Hatosy, I really respect his work, but this odyssey with Pope and Smurf's ashes was laughable, and not in a good way.

    On 7/20/2021 at 11:18 AM, arachne said:

    We still have no idea how Smurf became this criminal mastermind.

    To be fair to the writers, that's going to be a long story to tell.  When the series started Smurf was at the peak of her criminal mastermind powers.  I suspect it was a long road to get there.  But I do agree that we aren't even on the first step of that journey.  Smurf still has to meet a  young  Baz, still has two more men to meet and two more babies to birth.


    20 hours ago, iMonrey said:

    This just isn't getting us anywhere. And from what I remember this was about the age the kids were when Baz came into the picture, so she should be moving into her house any day now. She doesn't seem anywhere close to that at this point.

    Just the way Julia said that Andrew needed roots, I think that's how the season ends, with Smurf, Andrew and Julia (and maybe Craig's dad) finally getting the house we all know so well.

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  10. 16 hours ago, Driad said:

    The actress who plays Prof. T's mother was on "Vicious."

    Frances de la Tour is also in a sitcom from the seventies called Rising Damp, available on Prime.  It also stars a young Don Warrington (Death in Paradise) and Kate Beckinsale's late father.  It's definitely not PC, but I always enjoy seeing actors in their exuberant youth.

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  11. On 7/15/2021 at 10:37 PM, Avaleigh said:

    When her dads realize that they're dead and can't leave the house, I'm pretty sure this takes place on the morning or afternoon of Halloween. Why weren't they able to leave the grounds if it was Halloween? Can they only leave at night?

    You got it.  That's why the girls had to return by sunrise.


    13 hours ago, sashayshante said:

    But what I really want to know is what the hell happened to Cody Fern. He hasn't been cast in any of Murphy's upcoming AHS projects.  

    Why would a rising star want to be cast in a dying franchise?

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  12. 13 hours ago, TheGreenKnight said:

    That said, I don't think her father should have control over her because she might spend her money recklessly. If she earned the money, it's not really his business what she does with it and it sounds like he and the rest of the family have been living off her.

    Thank you.  Where were the cries for conservatorship for male celebrities who were acting erratic?  Of course, they have all been living off of her, while BS had to get a court-appointed attorney.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Primal Slayer said:

    I couldnt tell if he meant legal as in 16 years of consent legal or legal. If he's 18 and in his Junior year, he'll be 20 by the time he graduates?

    He totally meant legal, as in age of consent, which is 17 in NY.

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  14. 2 minutes ago, ifionlyknew said:

    I always look forward to the View's summer book suggestions and this year's all sound interesting. I have just requested all three from the library.  I also have Sunny's book requested as well. There is a long waiting list for it so good for her.

    Was that in today's episode?  That would be worth tuning in for.

  15. 2 hours ago, PDXlulu said:

    And Brian, not sharing his job loss with Mon 2.0.  Not. Good.  They have been dating for a while and that sort of lie is enough to end a relationship.  

    That, and Brian having a heart attack at Dr. Monica mentioning she'd like to have kids  Doesn't bode well for little Brian.  He'd be better off with an emotional equal, like a college freshman.

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  16. This has got to be my favorite Bravo show right now.  None of the toxicity of the Shahs or the Housewives, Family Karma seems to be a beacon of light-hearted reality in a barren Bravo landscape.  So many scenes to love:  1. Nicholas and Amrit's mom's conversation, 2. Amrit, Vishal and Dillon at the drag show, 3. Anisha's date (lock him down, he's gorgeous!), 4. Brian still being the cutest 29 year-old adolescent, and of course, the proposal.  I'm praying they all keep their heads, and don't let their reality show exposure change them into the famewhores of the Shahs or RH's.

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  17. 46 minutes ago, ByaNose said:

    I guess they always felt it was funnier that the hosts spouses filled in ie Joy & Mark. 

    It was also convenient. Both Joy and Mark if course, had the potential for built-in natural conversations.

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  18. 16 hours ago, deirdra said:

    I live in Canada & couldn't care less about candidates running for mayor of New York.  Do different parties each run one candidate as they do for state and federal elections?  Here, individuals run for mayor and council.


    44 minutes ago, heysmilinstrange said:

    No, there are often multiple candidates; the number just depends on who decides to run. NYC did ranked-choice voting for I think the first time this election, so that could potentially be why the mayoral candidates are getting coverage on The View.

    There are multiple candidates in the primaries leading up to the mayoral election.  The democrats did use ranked-choice voting for the first time.  The democrat's had approx ten candidates running, and Eric Adams just clinched the nomination.  There were only two nominees in the republican primary, Curtis Sliwa got the republican nomination.  In the main race in November there will be other candidates but the parties do choose one candidate per office.

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  19. 6 hours ago, TV Diva Queen said:

    did I see London and Nema think about putting the turkey in the oven with the plastic on? 

    London did.  Nema strongly suggested not doing so.


    6 hours ago, TV Diva Queen said:

    Why wasn't this a buffet? 

    Because production would rather see MJ putting food on plates with her bare hands, during a pandemic.

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