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  1. I'm so glad Fitz is back. I didn't recognize Hunter at first, though, so I kept wondering it seemed like I was supposed to know random British lawyer. My husband and I started laughing hysterically when he pointed out Fitz's cryo-pod was a Yakima car-top box just like ours!
  2. Like last week, this was great and a little hard to watch. I wonder if the show has always intended for Rebecca to have BPD. I looked up the NIMH definition during the commercial break after it was mentioned and could come up with multiple examples of Rebecca's past behavior for each trait. Once again, Rebecca latched onto a magical thing that would make her life better--this time it was a different diagnosis (until she googled it). Very consistent behavior for her. I was glad to see Valencia's apparent shallowness with her "movement" was actually covering up her fear. Nathaniel and his mom--also tough. I took that as his mom spent time in an institution after her OD. If the sleeping pill incident was accidental as she said, cognitive behavioral therapy is used to treat insomnia (i.e. learning to sleep without pills). Heather and Hector are once again the consistent voice of reason. And what was Josh thinking with a puppy! Just no. Pets are not gifts, especially if they haven't been explicitly discussed beforehand.
  3. This episode was hard to watch because it was so real. I'm glad we had the wacky trio back in West Covina making poor Cornelia's life hell to add some levity. I took everything Naomi did in this episode as an attempt to help. At the start, every time she bossily did things for Rebecca, I could see she was waiting for her to snap back and argue. She progressed from her usual confrontational self trying to get Rebecca to snap out of it to supportive and caring (and drugging--which I personally didn't see coming but also understood why). Both Rebecca's depression and Naomi's desperation to help somehow were really raw and palpable. I'm glad Rebecca chose to ask for help. Hopefully now she's willing to get the help she needs, and from my practical perspective, even though this is fiction, that flight attendant would have paramedics lined up and waiting versus just assuming Rebecca's sleeping. (I'm assuming we're going to have Rebecca in LA next episode, not divert to Utah or some place on the way.)
  4. I really hope they decide to make Baby short for Bárbara or something appropriate for an adult, but Rogelio definitely isn't that aware. Rafael has done a really good job of being unlikeable much of this season so far. I'm glad he seemed to listen to Alba, so maybe he'll come around soon.
  5. I actually paid attention in episode one, but today I just wanted to fast forward through all the Hyperion Heights stuff. I'm glad the writers gave Emma and Hook some kind of offscreenville happy ending. It's better than a) nothing or b) killing off Emma. But I seem to have suddenly lost interest in any of these other people. Wish-realm Hook might have an interesting story (and count me among the group that also immediately thought of Rapunzel). But I don't think it's enough. I haven't actively deleted OUAT from my DVR, but I'm thinking about it. And I'm disappointed Emma didn't really get to do anything but serve as a plot device for wish-realm Hook.
  6. Well, I watched it, which is more than I was expecting to do. None of my other shows I watch by myself on Saturday morning are back yet. I actually dislike adult Henry more than original Henry. And it feel like cheating to have an alternate Cinderella and alternate Alice. Maybe this is OUAT's mirror-verse? For the briefest moment when she was first shown, I thought Alice was Emma (blonde hair and what looked like a red jacket). Then I thought maybe she was Emma and Hook's teenage daughter. And now a small rant about OUAT's fake Seattle. Hyperion Heights is apparently in the Fremont neighborhood (where the troll is). I will give them points for the troll being under the correct bridge, and the location is amusing because Fremont long had signs proclaiming it the "center of the universe," which is definitely in-line with this show's attitude. Also the police car was the right color. But Seattle's neighborhoods are not self-governing. Gabrielle Anwar should not have any pull with the Seattle PD. Also, I know people love to use the monorail as an establishing shot, but no one but tourists takes the monorail because it doesn't go anywhere but two stops (a downtown mall and the Space Needle). It definitely doesn't cross the ship canal into where Hyperion Heights is supposed to be. iZombie does this much better. I get wanting a new location, but it's easier to suspend disbelief over the baddie's level of control if it's a tiny town. Anyway, rant over. But that leads to a question of the curse's borders--is Jacinda limited to the Seattle city limits (as evidenced by that weird totally-not-the-Bainbridge-ferry)? Or is she stuck within Hyperion Heights? I will watch at least one more episode just to see Emma. And I thought officer Hook should have had an American accent just for fun.
  7. LOGAN! (Yes, I shouted that at my TV when Jason Dohring appeared.) I didn't really enjoy Jackass!Liv and was surprised Ravi was so into the pranks. It was nice to see Rose McIver look more like herself, though I'm surprised the Fillmore Graves people haven't convinced her to tan and dye once in awhile.
  8. I'm so disappointed Cisco didn't make a comment about Savitar creating Horcruxes. Nice to see Iris got a chance to be useful. I was hoping they might postpone the Killer Frost/Caitlin stuff until next season. I guess they sort of are, but I was hoping she'd consider the cure for awhile longer.
  9. Pretty much. I woke up an hour before my alarm this morning feeling annoyed about the finale. It's just a tv show, but I've invested a lot of time in it over the last six years. I guess several characters got some sort of happy ending--including ones who didn't deserve it. (We'll just conveniently forget all those characters that the writers got bored with.) So I guess that means Emma's job is done now.
  10. I actually wasn't sure if I wanted to watch or just end on last week. I peeked at the first post here and decided it was safe to proceed. And it was mostly okay, but it could have been so much better. I didn't care about Rumpel or Gideon at all, and I think Emma in the hospital went on for too long. But Hook interacting with his new in-laws was entertaining. Same. I get that they wanted to echo back to past seasons. Getting Emma to believe again (again), revisiting the beanstalk, those were all great. But there was a great chance to revisit the start of season 3B by sending Hook to Boston. Curio's OUAT in Offscreenville scene is a perfect way to incorporate that (and also count me among the many who expected Hook to use the bean when he fell off the beanstalk). And as many others have said, why couldn't the final TLK finally been Hook and Emma? We didn't have to make this a repeat of season 1. I mean, dammit show, it's been three seasons since the glorious season 3 Back to the Future finale (still my favorite), and we still couldn't get a TLK. As Hook said, maybe they weren't predestined, but that's no reason for the relationship not to be true love. There was an awful lot of effort for that bean to be useless. I don't see why Emma's belief couldn't have stopped the destruction giving them time to open a portal. And I still don't understand how every realm other than the land without magic now suffers from Tinkerbell disease. Absolutely! They seemed to be too tied to repeating the past rather than showing how things have changed over six years (even if it's been only two or three for them--but maybe they shouldn't have reminded me just how young Henry was at the start). At least they gave the impression of a happy conclusion for most of the main characters, but I found some of those unsatisfying. I was momentarily worried that Emma was really going to die when she sacrificed herself. I've been burned by a few other series that have done something similar, so I guess it could have been worse. I'm counting on fanfic writers to come up with an alternate version of this episode. Until then, I'll be over in a corner rewatching 3x21 and 22 along with the beanstalk episode from season 2.
  11. Still traveling this week, so I got to watch three hours early, but I missed the first five minutes and have no DVR. This episode wasn't as cringe-worthy as I thought it would be--I apparently have high standards for musical episodes. I wasn't sure if Jen Morrison was actually singing for parts of her song as she sounded quite a bit different. I also mistakenly thought tonight was a two hour episode, so I was surprised when we jumped to the wedding more quickly than expected. I'm a little disappointed that after so many years, this was the wedding we got. Per my comment last week, it went from "let's postpone" to "tomorrow," and it felt rushed. Also, couldn't the show have found a wedding venue in Vancouver instead of lousy CG? Emma's dress was a replica of Grace Kelly's. I missed part of the dress discussion when Snow's turned black--was there any mention of this? Also, hello dance ensemble of people we've never seen in town before!
  12. I admit I was ironing while watching, but I'm very confused--last week they were talking about postponing the wedding, and this week it's tomorrow. And just 'cause it's the next episode, why did it have to be tomorrow? Somehow this wedding is going to be a major production that was planned in three days (not counting Snow's extensive pre-planning). I was thinking the defeat of the Black Fairy was anticlimactic (considering I wondered how I'd totally missed it), so I was almost relieved Rumple is still completely untrustworthy.
  13. Leia1979

    S03.E17: Duet

    I thought this was cute, though some of the songs could have been shorter. Superfriends was definitely my favorite, but I hate when people tap dance on TV with tap sounds but no tap shoes! Even if they still dubbed the audio later, magically switch them to tap shoes on screen. We're already supposed to suspend our disbelief (Barry, that means you don't clap at the end of a song), so why not an instant costume change? It sounded like the three dads recorded all their singing separately. It didn't mesh well, which is too bad, because I was especially looking forward to Barrowman and Jesse L. Martin singing together. Also, what a lousy romantic musical--everyone died at the end!
  14. I finally got to see this after hearing about it from a docent at Kensington Palace last summer. It was nice seeing some of the little details I learned about the Kensington System worked into the story, like Victoria not being allowed to go up and down the stairs by herself or having to share a room with her mother. Given that upbringing, it's no wonder she's now prone to rebelling against her mother and Conroy as well as acting a bit like a bratty teen at times. And I was a little weirded out by Jenna Coleman's blue contacts.
  15. I found the parallels between Trent and Rebecca interesting. Trent really isn't doing anything worse than Rebecca did in season one, but he comes off so much creepier. Is it because he's more socially awkward? Is it because he's male and therefore perceived as more threatening? I love how direct Heather is. I enjoy how she and Hector don't hesitate to call out what the audience is thinking. Also, the Spice Girls parody was awesome. Trapped in the Bathroom was fun, too, though I'm really only familiar with the excellent Weird Al version, Trapped in the Drive-Thru.
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