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  1. Brian and Mika winning was a travesty. They had the most boring designs and they didn't win any competitions. Nate and Jeremiah should have won. They added a full finished basement that could be used as an in-law suite. Alison and Holmes had two master bedroom closets and would been my second choice to win. Even David and Tiffany added a whole first floor bedroom suite plus a mudroom and a movie theater. B &M added a door to a laundry room and bowling alley. Ho hum.
  2. If Mika and Brian win overall after not winning any of the spaces, I'll know this contest is rigged. Their lack of interesting design and weird concepts show their builder background. I thought it was going to be a toss-up between Dave & Tiffany and Alison & Mike when the show began. But now it appears it's between Nate & Jeremiah and Alison & Mike. D & T still have a chance because of the mother-in-law suite and mud room. I hope either N & J or D & T win because Alison is being such a brat.
  3. I agree. Alison also did that in one of her Windy City rehabs. I didn't like it because she said you can smell the charring for months afterwards. Who wants the smell of burnt furniture in their home? Just paint it black already!
  4. I didn't like LeAnne's boring all white exterior. I'm glad the judges didn't like Alison's cheap laminate flooring for a house with a base price of $750,000. I liked the curb appeal of Mina's house but I think that was due to her mom's influence. I did love the floors in her house. Jasmine adding a bedroom and a full bath was really smart and did add value which the judges were looking for. I'm okay with her winning.
  5. I agree 100%. Besides once I'm done preparing food, I want to sit with my guests someplace uncluttered with food prep and food service dishes so I can eat. Mina - Basic white walls made me itch for color. I love the personality that a great chandelier adds to a room and she didn't have one. She could have at least painted the ceiling. Loved her outdoor fireplace with the artwork from the flea market. Leanne - No moldings and concrete floors make the room cold. Really liked her outdoor fireplace, it was like a work of art and you could see through it to the backyard. Loved her bi-fol
  6. Wow, they really hate Alison, huh? Until Windy City Rehab, I had no idea Alison was so obnoxious and arrogant. However, her competition isn't really up to the task so far. Mina is bland, Jasmin spends too much time worrying about the others are doing instead concentrating on doing her best, and Leanne is just out there. As others has noted, Leanne's concrete everywhere is so cold. And getting rid of all the uppers cabinets was ridiculous. Her kitchen looked like an abandoned barn. I don't understand why Jasmine didn't just use quartz or granite for the countertop. A kitchen has to b
  7. Third episode, yet an another fugly white painted brick house. Having to offset the curved arched door because of the coat closet seems like the kind of mistake a design student would make, not a professional interior designer. Only the kitchen and deck seemed like actual improvements. They spent double their renovation budget because of water and structural issues. Eventually, they took the house off the market because it didn't sell. Haven't followed up to see if they put it back on the market.
  8. I just watched the repeat of that episode and wow, the white paint on that brick house is beyond hideous. I find it hard to believe that someone paid over 1.3 million dollars for that monstrosity.
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