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    Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    A place to discuss Dr. K, Dr. Pol, Dr. Dee, Dr. Jeff, Dr. Oakley, Aloha Vet (RIP), Dog Town, Vet School, etc. Note: Pit Bulls and Parolees has its own forum.
  2. zxy556575

    History Talk: The British Monarchy

    Historical sidebars, post-war British politics, show inaccuracies or questions, etc.
  3. zxy556575

    Detective and Mystery Shows

    With a tip of the hat to Al Lowe's Wheel of Murder, this is a place to discuss various gumshoes, police, and nosy neighbors who solve crimes. A few I've been watching recently: The Brokenwood Mysteries: Set in a fictional small town in Australia, it features an older grizzled male with a younger female detective. He's not exactly tortured but marches a bit to his own drummer. The mysteries and characters are interesting enough and credulity is not overly strained. It's like an easy listening music station. Two seasons of four episodes each, with a third upcoming. Chasing Shadows: England. Brilliant male detective in the Sherlock mode who doesn't communicate well/at all and has been reassigned to Missing Persons because he doesn't follow rules and nobody can stand him. He's paired with a female analyst/social worker from the Missing Persons Bureau, so it's the old robot/human template of partners. One season of four episodes. I loved it but if you're weary of perhaps-on-the-spectrum protagonists, it might not be your cuppa. Single-Handed: Police detective returns to his small town in West Ireland to become chief after his father retires. Police and community corruption and his own father's possible involvement in same underlie his investigation of other murders. Two seasons of three 100 minute episodes each. I liked it overall but would have preferred it without the focus on his dratted romantic entanglements. The Field of Blood: Set in 1982 Glasgow. Two seasons of two episodes each. Gutsy young girl working at the local newspaper tries to make her mark investigating crimes. The protagonist is appealing although the throwback to the casual sexual discrimination of previous decades may be less so (although that's the point). Without Motive: British Detective Constable investigates a serial killer, to the detriment of his family life. Two seasons of six episodes. I liked this but the season-long focus on one plot requires more of an investment from viewers to follow along. Whitechapel: The Brits like their crime series! Ambitious young DI in the Whitechapel district of London. Four seasons of 3-6 episodes focus on different crimes. The cast is appealing and the mysteries have a touch of the macabre.
  4. Several anti-Scientology sites have been enthusiastic about the show possibly spelling the end of Scientology. While I'm sure A&E is very pleased, the overall numbers aren't that high. Weekly ratings: Episode One: 2.1M Episode Two: 1.6M Episode Three: 1.58M Critics: Metacritic has a score of 65 (7 reviews) IMDB viewers give it 9.3 (400+ votes) Rotten Tomatoes is 71% (7 votes) A review in Salon questioned the extent of its appeal: "It is hard to fathom anyone other than the most hard-core obsessives sticking around to watch all eight installments of this limited series." Ha! Call me an obsessive, then. :)
  5. zxy556575

    For The People

    I enjoyed the new episode and am glad to spend time with these characters again, some more than others. I enjoyed New Ted and the way he had to tech-xplain gaming terminology to everyone. Bunch of nerd lawyers!
  6. zxy556575

    S03.E04: San Junipero

    This one was a departure for sure. It started out as a futuristic puzzle set within a tribute to 80s movies but ended as a straightforward romance. At least afterwards I didn't go to bed frightened of what the world will become. The montage of Yorkie trying on different clothes and personalities was pretty fun. She looked great as a Robert Palmer girl!
  7. zxy556575

    The Good Fight

    I don't think so. Good Fight is its own thing and aside, from a handful of the same characters showing up, Diane is starting out fresh at a new firm.
  8. zxy556575

    The Good Fight

    What time is it released on All Access -- is it midnight on the 12th? Thanks.
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    I stuck with Bellevue despite Paquin being in it, but I'm not going to be able to hack this. Something about her acting always seems like overacting to me.
  10. zxy556575

    S01.E02: The Weddings

    Hey, producers? Way to cheap out with the chintzy banquet room for 40 and cut-rate high school minister. The leftover tables and furniture stacked in the hallway was a nice touch.
  11. zxy556575

    Gratefulness and Smiles

    A place to share the small or big moments in life that make you smile. I enjoy the sarcastic joking in the peeves thread, but even I am not annoyed 24/7. To start, I'm extremely pleased and thankful for prednisone. Sure, I've had to give up my dream of being the first senior citizen to win the Tour de France, but finally feeling normal again after a bad health year is a worthwhile trade-off. I'll even take the puffy cheeks!
  12. Watching the show, I of course noticed that Penny is a very attractive person, but his storyline in episode 5 broke through some kind of wall into "lord have mercy" territory. I'm currently cataloging Arjun Gupta's previous work and seeing how much of it I can find online. My attraction may partly be due to his styling as Penny, however, since the images of him in Nurse Jackie are fairly buttoned-down and sedate. I'm curious to see if he brings the same aura of repressed anger and emotional trauma to his other roles.
  13. zxy556575

    S03.E06: Hated In The Nation

    This one wasn't achingly depressing for a change, and at 89 minutes was more like a fully fleshed detective movie, except one that only focused on the plot instead of the characters' home lives and personal neuroses. I enjoyed it although I would have liked to have been reassured as to which of the two survived in the last 60 seconds.
  14. zxy556575

    Endeavour: In The Media

    Does anyone know when season 3 will begin airing in the States? I can't find anywhere that has them for paid viewing, either.
  15. zxy556575

    S1.E07: Little Cyst

    There's a separate thread for the nostalgic nitpicking debates. I personally think it veers a bit off topic in the episode threads, is all.
  16. I'm a sucker for (1) time travel stories and (2) characters who have magic in their lives, and this certainly fits the bill for the latter. A Hogwart's graduate school! In Narnia! I liked Quentin and didn't even mind the "female best friend I'm secretly in love with" subtext. Having Julia denied entrance was an interesting twist. Seems like her frustration and anger will take her in interesting directions. I thought it was excellent and am hoping they're able to maintain the momentum. I'm not familiar with the books so any big discrepancies won't bother me.
  17. zxy556575

    U.K. TV

    Catch-all topic for sitcoms, dramas, chat, and reality shows new and old from the U.K. that don't have their own threads. I'm currently re-watching Back in Time for Dinner, about a family who lives and eats in a different decade each episode. It's a light, fun show that primarily focuses on food, but what's most amazing is that the production actually remodeled the family's house to suit each time period. It's available on You Tube. There are interesting historical asides; for example, I don't think I quite realized how long rationing went on after WWII was over. I was also a little surprised, for no good reason, to see so many grocery brands/products from the U.S. The wife had a bit of a hard time slogging through the 50s and 60s because of the kitchen drudgery and started to get a bit resentful. The 70s cheered her up, though. Fondue! There's a whole clutch of similar shows featuring Sue Perkins and Giles Coren living and eating and attempting recreational activities in various eras: Back in Time for the Weekend, Back in Time for Dinner, Giles and Sue Live the Good Life, The Supersizers Eat..., and probably others I'm missing. I'm fond of Sue but Giles can be a bit of slog for me, especially if he's eating. For a damned restaurant critic he slurps and chews like a starving two-year old who hasn't learned table manners yet.
  18. Nice lineup of guests; hopefully we'll get a few insights along with the laughs.
  19. zxy556575

    Season Two: All Episodes

    I watched season 2 this week and have to say it was odd. I loved seeing Elise and Karl work together again and liked the addition of BB and the new French female detective, but the plot was kind of muddy and lacked tension. I was also pretty tired of Karl's home life by the end and didn't really buy his all-consuming grief about Adam. I mean, sleeping in the kid's bed and reading his childhood books? A little much. Elisa falling under the spell of a criminal -- who she knew was a murderer -- was also off-putting. I realize the weirdness of it was the point, but I guess it just made me feel sad for Elise that when she was finally able to feel genuine love again after her sister's death, it came to this. I also felt bad for Gael, poor man. The specter of TT in prison still causing trouble made me shake my head.
  20. zxy556575


    Pretty scenery. The story seemed bloated and ... unsubtle? From *Dallas* to *The Son* and *Queen Sugar*, I generally haven't tended to like complex family dramas with rambling casts, but that's not the show's fault. I did find something about Kelly Reilly's acting (as Beth) to be quite offputting and she seems especially miscast as a man-eating, manipulative ballbuster. I'm slightly interested in the push/pull between Pa Dutton and Kayce but find boardroom and court battles over land/water/borders to be kind of dull. Threaten, threaten, blah blah blah. In the end I don't care if Dutton loses his entire ranch, but rooting for him to do so isn't (1) enough to keep me interested or (2) likely to happen. Am I supposed to admire that he took time to comfort and put down his horse before (apparently) even checking on the driver of the tractor trailer? I'm glad that others enjoyed it but this particular try at prestige TV didn't succeed for me.
  21. FWIW, I happened to listen to a podcast interview this morning with Nell Scovell, who was a writer on NCIS for a short time.* She confirmed that Bellisario was a no-nonsense taskmaster and discussed one incident with Harmon when he asked her about possibly changing one of his lines because he believed it would be out of character. Scovell wouldn't budge and said Harmon went on to deliver the line as written, without trying to sabotage or jack it up like other actors might have. She relayed the story as an example of her being inflexible as a writer, but it sounded like she at least respected Harmon for his civility and professionalism. * She was promoting her new book: Just the Funny Parts: And a Few Hard Truths About Sneaking into the Hollywood Boys Club
  22. Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner; coming to Paramount on June 20th.
  23. zxy556575

    All Episodes Talk

    To discuss overall story arcs and characters, comparisons to other shows or source material, etc. Contains spoilers for anyone who hasn't finished the series.
  24. She was a big part of my enjoyment of the series as a whole, unscrupulous and conniving as she was. I'm not familiar with the comics, so learning that her character was originally male was interesting. I wonder if I would have been so drawn to her as a man ... I think maybe not. Part of why I admired her was that she's such a shark despite being a woman. Or maybe it was just the focus and single-minded intelligence that Carrie-Anne Moss brought to the role. I thought she killed it, second only to David Tennant.