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  1. I enjoyed the new episode and am glad to spend time with these characters again, some more than others. I enjoyed New Ted and the way he had to tech-xplain gaming terminology to everyone. Bunch of nerd lawyers!
  2. I don't think so. Good Fight is its own thing and aside, from a handful of the same characters showing up, Diane is starting out fresh at a new firm.
  3. What time is it released on All Access -- is it midnight on the 12th? Thanks.
  4. There's a separate thread for the nostalgic nitpicking debates. I personally think it veers a bit off topic in the episode threads, is all.
  5. Pretty scenery. The story seemed bloated and ... unsubtle? From *Dallas* to *The Son* and *Queen Sugar*, I generally haven't tended to like complex family dramas with rambling casts, but that's not the show's fault. I did find something about Kelly Reilly's acting (as Beth) to be quite offputting and she seems especially miscast as a man-eating, manipulative ballbuster. I'm slightly interested in the push/pull between Pa Dutton and Kayce but find boardroom and court battles over land/water/borders to be kind of dull. Threaten, threaten, blah blah blah. In the end I don't care if Dutton loses his entire ranch, but rooting for him to do so isn't (1) enough to keep me interested or (2) likely to happen. Am I supposed to admire that he took time to comfort and put down his horse before (apparently) even checking on the driver of the tractor trailer? I'm glad that others enjoyed it but this particular try at prestige TV didn't succeed for me.
  6. FWIW, I happened to listen to a podcast interview this morning with Nell Scovell, who was a writer on NCIS for a short time.* She confirmed that Bellisario was a no-nonsense taskmaster and discussed one incident with Harmon when he asked her about possibly changing one of his lines because he believed it would be out of character. Scovell wouldn't budge and said Harmon went on to deliver the line as written, without trying to sabotage or jack it up like other actors might have. She relayed the story as an example of her being inflexible as a writer, but it sounded like she at least respected Harmon for his civility and professionalism. * She was promoting her new book: Just the Funny Parts: And a Few Hard Truths About Sneaking into the Hollywood Boys Club
  7. Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner; coming to Paramount on June 20th.
  8. Oh, Tommy Tommy Tommy. It doesn't seem like he lets the pressure, stress and nastiness of the show get to him, but he can do so much better than what he showed here. Maybe it was the time constraints or the partner requirements. I could barely see what the judges were complaining about with Empire's snake scales facing the wrong way.
  9. Goodness. I recently started watching and have finished season 2. I'm enjoying the show overall but it's grinding my last nerve how Lawson and the new guy blame Blake for everything. Always yelling and threatening to remove him from his job, plus constant complaints from citizens, spying from higher-ups in Melbourne, etc. Blake is a only police surgeon in a small town, fer crissake. Binging makes it worse, but people need to get a grip. Shouting at Blake every time he has a theory or asks suspects a question is getting old. I'm also tired of the town being so appalled that Jean lives in as a housekeeper. She did when his father was alive; what's so different? (I assume at some point a romance will develop between them, so I have more snotty gossip to look forward to. Yes, it's the 50s but still.) So far Charlie is a poor substitute for Danny, who at least had some personality.
  10. When my doctor diagnosed me with a somewhat rare disease, my reaction was, "Oh! That was the highest match on the symptom checker!" She got a look on her face like she didn't want to hear that. Heh. This time the Internet was right.
  11. Thanks for the tip about Rare, @walnutqueen. Beautiful! I got rid of cable recently and am feeling the lack of vets in my life. I appreciate reading everyone's comments.
  12. At least one of the (unfair) veteran teams went home. I wish Spike would upload include the flash challenge tattoos in their online gallery. I enjoy nitpicking at my leisure, with zoom. The attacking lion from Unkindness looks like he's doing a Broadway dance number with his front legs off to the side. Classic Trilogy's redheaded guy with the battle ax would have been nice if it wasn't for that bizarre solid green that overpowered the entire tattoo. If they wanted the guys to be fighting on a grass hillside, make the green look like blades of, you know. The losing tattoo wasn't so bad that the canvas will be embarrassed to have it. We've seen a lot jankier.
  13. I've been watching Yorkshire Vet on Acorn; it follows a mixed animal practice in the town were James Herriott used to live (one of the featured vets trained under him). It's gentle and mild but interesting to see the differences in practice between England and the U.S. I thought Dr. Pol and his team don't use gloves much, but these guys muck in with the cows up to their shoulders with bare arms. Many of the stories are familiar from the books -- being called out at all hours, lambing season, the dwindling of small family dairy herds, spending most of the alloted visit time trying to catch an animal who's in the paddock, and various village eccentrics and their pets.
  14. Now ya'll sent me down a You Tube tunnel to watch old videos of Mike Rowe on QVC. Ah, the Katsak.
  15. I'm currently starting on season 2 -- has there ever been an episode without Alice? I sometimes can't tell Morton and Cooper apart when they interject quick comments. I know they're both funny, but Alice makes the show for me. She is so charming and quick-witted with a lovely voice and fluent speech. (Which is important in radio, dammit, and too much ignored.)
  16. Home spa day -- mani, pedi (no polish), paraffin foot treatment, clay facial, chin wax. I'm exhausted!
  17. The show might last a couple of additional seasons with the Raza crew as scrappy underdogs who pull heists, but then it has little to differentiate it from Killjoys. Which I also like, but not sure I need two. At this point I honestly think I'd've been happier with a limited run of three seasons with the original crew. How they discovered their pasts and then dealt with the many memory twists and puzzles is largely what kept me intrigued, along with the growth/redemption (or not) arcs for each person that stemmed from them being mentally reset. BTW, have we ever learned about Six's family? Did his previous non-undercover GA life not include any relatives or give him a single compelling reason to return to it? What makes being a de facto union organizer in a munitions factory the more appealing choice?
  18. I'm going to remember that for my next mental insult! But tears, man. I'm one of those people whose every emotion comes out as tears -- nervousness, anger, frustration, shock, fear, happiness, sympathy -- just everything. I really dislike it about myself, especially when I'm having a firm conversation with some company rep, trying to make a point about bad service. The worst, of course, is crying at work. Gah! I agree it's not intentional. Patients certainly don't expect the person taking a blood sample to be our best friend, but there are times when, say, a needle-phobic patient needs a bit of extra patience and understanding. I did once write a complaint letter about an MRI tech; who knows what came of it but I felt better getting if off my chest. On the other side, I've written three letters to specifically thank health care workers, so positive interactions have been much more frequent overall.
  19. That's horrible, @Coffeecup. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience Many years ago I had a 6-hour glucose tolerance test for low blood sugar that required me to remain in the clinic the whole time. I got frantically hungry in the middle of it and ate some crackers from a vending machine. When my doctor was reviewing the results, he mentioned that my glucose was very low at one point but then self corrected. Sure. If by self-corrected, you mean Wheat Thins. I never admitted to him that I had spoiled the result. You're definitely not alone. Apologies in advance to what I'm sure are many wonderful people who work in these fields, but my experience has been that medical techs (x-ray, CT scans, phlebotomists, cardiac stress tests, pulmonary function, etc.) are pretty cold -- their goal is to get people in and out. No chat, no explanations, no reassurances. I have what I suppose is a mild phobia about eating things I find disgusting, which unfortunately includes barium. The last time I was scheduled for a barium swallow test, I was anxious and upset and carefully explained to the Radiologist and assistant that I was probably going to gag and to please not shout at me. Which I did, and they did. Sorry for ruining YOUR day, guys!
  20. I like Roger Cross fine, but Six has kind of devolved into a charmless nag so I wont be desolated or anything if he stays gone. I am a little sorry to see the continued shattering of our original Razaroos. (Although I'm curious if we're going to hear any more about, or from, Shrike and Jasper.) Adrian and Solara aren't very well drawn as characters yet and after last season I'm not going to get too attached to anyone new. I definitely would rather have had Calchek the real weasel instead of his assistant weasel.
  21. I just checked the .gov Do Not Call site and confirmed that my number has been registered since 2006. Pfft. In happy, ful-filling news -- chili and cornbread for dinner! Ice cold milk, naturally (sue me, I still like it).
  22. Absolutely, thanks! I should have specified that it's very graphic with sex and foul language. Definitely not a calming or cute 60 minutes.
  23. Gah on me for living in a podunk area were none of the newer Amazon features are available. I'm so jelly! Amazon built a warehouse last year about 90 minutes from me but still ships primarily from the NY area. I'm sure Bezos has spent millions on his logistics systems, but come on. For anyone who isn't aware, Amazon will donate a small percentage of their profits from each order to charity; just sign up for the program and log in at smile.amazon.com. You specify the charity. It's not a lot individually but adds up big time in the aggregate:
  24. In "what's making me happy today" news is the TNT show Claws. Only the pilot has aired so far, but I really liked it. It's set in a nail salon in South Florida and I had the idea it was gonna be a Barbershop kind of comedy but with women. It's actually more an Elmore Leonard seedy noir crime drama with some hijinks. In an interview in Variety, the female showrunner talked about the very specific, bright esthetic of the area: "When you go to Florida, it's not all black clothing. People are wearing colors and they are unapologetic about wearing colors." That pinged my heart. Yay for cheerful fabrics! I've always been a wearer of colorful, flower-ful garments, even in places where it was not necessarily the norm. My husband used to (mostly kiddingly) refer to them as my clown clothes. If any of the tops look like a solid color, chances are there's a design on the front!
  25. Happy birthday week, @SentimentalLady! My peaceful place these days is ignoring the news, but I finally got some financial issues straightened out with the Social Security peeps, and that made me smile. I gave my bathroom a good clean and am enjoying the sense of satisfaction from that. Ah, that bleachy smell! My best friend is back in town after a visit with her grandkids, and we went to see Wonder Woman and had a great lunch at my favorite restaurant. My cat doesn't like to be held but she often plops down on my hand and gazes at me in a mysterious yet comforting way.
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