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  1. kib

    CBS This Morning

    Saw O'Donnell's debut in the "Big Chair" tonight. Pretty impressive. Came out strong, in-charge and oozed confidence. I've always been a fan of CBS's news operation, the gold standard in my mind but I'm always worried when a 'morning host' takes up the flagship broadcast. Something about having had to endure doing "10 Best Christmas Cookies" segments on the early shift does a number in the gravitas department when taking up anchoring the main newscast. I guess it remains to be seen if the company brass let her stay no nonsense like she showed this evening. I hope so.
  2. kib

    Late Night With Seth Meyers

    So I'm watching the show here last night in Phoenix (Mountain time zone) and Christina Hendricks is the guest. Seth brings it up that Hendricks had a little trouble earlier in the day on another show. She says 'yes', that during an appearance on "Live with Kelly Lee and Regis" (or whatever they are calling it these days) ABC News broke into programming with a special report on the Michael Cohen hearings right in the middle of her segment. Seth rolls tape, and sure enough, the ABC News "Special Report" bumper rolls just as Hendricks is about to promote her show "Bad Girls". Everyone seems to get a kick out of that and Seth's interview moves on. Just as she's about to talk about her show, *BANG* up pops the NBC News "Special Report" graphic. OK, that's pretty funny. Nice job Seth. Turns out it was NBC News breaking into programming to cover Trump's news conference live after the failed North Korean arms talks.
  3. Both of them have been favorites of the esteemed Academy for quite a few years now. They serve their purposes which is a room temperature presence that can hit their marks, keep the show clock on schedule and not offend. I like Keys better but miss the LL Cool J lip licking drinking game...
  4. kib

    S44.E12: Halsey

    I forgot to mention, Aidy Bryant nailed her to all-too-brief appearance as Matthew Whitaker. The clueless lunkhead eyeroll had me on the floor.
  5. kib

    S44.E12: Halsey

    Worth noting, I believe there was a little stagecraft trickery going on with the painting sequence, not that it should diminish the intent or execution which was well done. I wonder if any disappointment in Halsey's sketch performances might come from her possessing the bona fide looks and appearance of a film actress but not the training or background in that profession? Not a slam, she did quite well doing something few music artists have been able to circumnavigate. Seems to me with some work she could be a slam-dunk triple threat.
  6. kib

    S16.E12: Top 24 Celebrity Duets (2)

    If I were to recommend a particular Allen Stone CD, I'd go with his 2011 (with a national reissue in 2012) self titled "Allen Stone". He had an excellent backup band and producer on that album. A great introduction of what he can do. Enjoy!
  7. kib

    S16.E12: Top 24 Celebrity Duets (2)

    Nice to see Allen Stone getting more national attention. I've followed him for a number of years and he's highly underrated. Seems like he clicked with the Idol kid well. Nice performance.
  8. That reminded me of all the work I put in using an audio editor to fix the break on Jackson Browne's "Sing My Songs To Me/For Everyman" digital release (yep, I'm that old)
  9. Here's a little tidbit from "The Arizona Republic", Alice's hometown newspaper: Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice invited the rocker to record that very song for a London cast recording album. "It was funny," Cooper says. "Because I’ve known Tim Rice, the lyricist, forever. So when they got ready to re-record the original soundtrack for 'Jesus Christ Superstar' maybe 10 years ago, he says, ‘Do you want to do the Herod song?’ Victor Spinetti did it before me. He was in ‘A Hard Day’s Night.’ A great, great actor. I said, ‘Wow. Really? I could definitely put a spin on it.’” So if I read that right, Alice's performance made it on a cast album without really being in the cast. Nicely done indeed.
  10. Congratulations to Frannie, one of the cooler people on this planet of ours...
  11. BUT THEY MISSED !!!!!! in 3...2...1
  12. ...or up the prizes...
  13. Seems like all the dance performances tonight have been played relatively straight, in so much that unlike in years past, I've not witnessed any "Dancing Cigarette Boxes"-type overtly 'leggy' numbers. Maybe they're growing up after all.
  14. Doing a military montage is another brilliant move to point out Hollywood is not the enemy. Maybe they don't tow the government line in all cases but there is a rich history of insightful war films supporting troop's efforts.