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  1. Gettin' the charts ready and polishin' the Oscar?
  2. Congrats to "The Late Show" folks for another big win: Late-Night Ratings: ‘The Late Show’ Wins Season For Fifth Consecutive Year In related news, "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" fell to third place behind Cobert and Kimmel. This should not come as a surprise. The best description I've read on Fallon's stewardship of the program is "Jimmy Fallon has turned "The Tonight Show" into little more than a televised children's birthday party". Ouch...
  3. Come to think of it, the timing and physical in that bit was right up there with Lucille Ball. Maybe Cecily's best work.
  4. Cracking good season finale. Firing on all cylinders from start to end, with the exception of the overlong NYC Film School Q&A skit. Taylor-Joy quickly got in the spirit of things and the entire cast seemed jacked up to end things with a bang. I have to admit, while there's no good reason I cracked up it as much as I did, for some reason the Celtic Woman honoring songs the audience wanted to hear, Sweet Home Alabama !!!, just brought back a goofiness that's been lacking. Same with Prom Picture and Hollywood Squares (which I would have been fine with had they gone even darker with it si
  5. Great to see some familiar names on here tonight. As always, it's been a hoot. Nighty night.
  6. The annual Primetimer "Hey they missed ______" in 3...2...1
  7. Now that's a segue !! Catskills humor to dead people. Hollywood, never change 🥰
  8. :nervously looking around: Did we all just get thrown into the warmup act in the Lido Room on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship?
  9. Oh she wasn't bad, she's seldom bad. The source material and its adaptation is what was questionable.
  10. Well let's be honest, "Hillbilly Elegy" wasn't one of them...
  11. The functional equivalent of a dog licking its privates..
  12. Damn, I guess I'll have to see "My Octopus Teacher" which I've actively avoided due to my great enjoyment of Tako Nigiri...
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