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  1. I'm relatively sure the foldback monitor sparking was a pre-planned pyro effect, which means the guitar smash bit wasn't as spontaneous as it may have appeared.
  2. I'll walk over hot coals to see anything with TV's Craigie Fergie
  3. Yup, I was thinking the same thing. It smacks of suits for both Wallen's representatives and the network attempting to salvage a commercially lucrative deal that had been cut earlier. Probably one of those packages they put together for a SNL appearance, along with a shot on the Today show, Fallon's program and The Voice. A campaign to move that product, more transaction than actual entertainment. I'll be happily corrected if I'm wrong saying Wallen's artistic output as of yet doesn't warrant the extraordinary chance at redemption he's been offered, I hadn't heard of him before this ker
  4. Pretty good story about this on HuffPost: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/how-snl-pulled-off-recreating-kamala-harris-pantsuit-with-a-melania-twist_n_5faabc38c5b66009569eb747 As mentioned, they had about 80 minutes to create the Kamala wardrobe. No advance notice, all in-house. Even in NYC, shopping for a Carolina Herrera knock-off suit can't be done at 10:00pm on a Saturday night. These folks are the best in the business.
  5. If Lorne ever chooses to retire, the National Broadcasting Company would do well to ask Mulaney to consider stepping in as Executive Producer. He delivers every damn time.
  6. RE: The “NBC:We have a type” joke. I hope that stung hard to every network weasel who is keeping their swimming pool warm off the tens of millions of dollars each of those three criminals raked in for the company.
  7. Usually a pretty good indication of the success or failure of the opening monologue can be read on the face of Lenny Pickett, who like Farmers Insurance, has seen a thing or two. My read was he couldn't get his facemask off and start playing sax for the first commercial break fast enough.
  8. Agreed, a Biden for all seasons. Sudeikis's Biden was Obama's happy warrior and America's daft Uncle Joe. Morph to Harrelson's portrayal where Biden is very much his own man and flexing his own muscles. More assertive and more aware of himself sometimes drifting in and out of the present. Carry's take was really dark. "Simmering rage hidden by a big smile" is an excellent assessment. Some of that was Carry deploying what is keeps his Gulfstream V jet in fuel, the 'rubber face', but his work has also shown a knack for portraying the troubled. Both might be good tools as his stint of t
  9. That's the thing, there's nothing sharp about the writing or much of the acting (sans Malkovich). It's executed with a club when a scalpel is the tool that was required. I also have little tolerance for the "Leave It to Beaver" endings dished up. The lunacy of the entire government endeavor washed away with Dad and his daughter sharing ice cream. Fade to black. *rolls eyes* Makes me wonder if this project hadn't been pitched to ABC in the first place but got shot down the minute Disney saw the budget.
  10. Malkovich is the only reason it's worth squandering your monthly bandwidth allotment streaming this thing. Netflix apparently really does have money to burn...
  11. kib


    She appears to wear flats (which seems appropriate for a character of her age and work-life), so little gain in height. Bosch wears cop shoes 'natch. 😉
  12. kib


    Hate to chime in on a 3 year old post, I'm new coming to the program (stay-at-home, and all) and very much enjoy it but Welliver is 6 feet tall in the same way an NBA player magically gains height in a game program. Better to appraise the difference in height not with Reddick with whom he seldom closely stands next to and we know is quite tall, but with Madison Lintz (Maddie) who, at 5"8" appears to be close to the same height. Again, sorry to roll in throwing bombs, for the most part I'm enjoying the heck out of the show. In some respects it has a bit of a "Mad Men" quality about i
  13. kib

    S01.E10: Freeyond

    She's the straw that stirs the drink. I'll admit, this is the first time I've seen her work and I'm mighty impressed. I was racking my brain who she reminded me of in terms of both quality of work and appearance. Ding...ding...ding... Cush Jumbo.
  14. A little inside baseball about taping Brad Pitt's open: SNL's Brad Pitt cold open was shot with RED's prototype 6K camera
  15. If anything, this episode was proof-positive evidence of how an extremely talented group of video editors and graphic artists can elevate a production. Don't get me wrong, the cast and writers appear to be more comfortable with the constraints they've been dealt, but that this episode worked as well as it did is all on the production staff. I just hope Lorne opened up his sizable checkbook and financed the tools required so that the editors and graphics folks could do this at home rather than travel to 30 Rock. Green-screens are truly a wonder of nature...
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