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  1. Over on the Duece, Peace Lame World lady said, "I'm happy to be the Latin face of QVC..." 🙄 If Alina wasn't already so obnoxious, that statement wouldn't have come off so...obnoxious.
  2. The "before" pics in Breezies presentations are always comically dreadful. I guess that's the point, but it's over the top sometimes. If I had a bra that made me look that bad, it would be returned or in the trash. Coincidentally, I've heard lots of Breezies bras have ended up returned or in the trash too.
  3. Over on the duece, Angel Smedley's dog, Finnigan, is currently barking like crazy for no reason and making her quite exasperated 😆 For a second I really thought she was going to give Finny a piece of her mind. She had to let QF artist John take over for a bit (while I guess she ushered Finnigan out the room).
  4. Shawn is a habitual line stepper and desperately clinging to relevancy. But yes, "sis" is commonly used among Black women as a term of endearment, and it's super cringe she used it with her two Black colleagues. Also, younger women DON'T call our elders "sis". It would be considered condescending, similar to "sweetie" or "kiddo". But Shawn lacks awareness, and she's not Black, so of course she'd pick up the wrong phrase then proceed to use it all wrong.
  5. Looks like Nutsy and Acorn had a fight in it. I've been working hard on a new (remote) job, but still watching QVC in the background. Missed snarking with you all. Last night I realized that Jane talks about Courtney as much as her daughters! I can't decide whether it's endearing or disturbing.
  6. With all the praise for hosts who take time to groom themselves (lol), it made me think of the recent viral takes from Mila "I don't need soap" Kunis, Ashton "I only wash my pits + crotch" Kutcher, and Jake "I don't bathe, my body is self-cleaning" Gyllenhal. ...Sounds like Le Skunk's kind of people.
  7. I kid you not, I thought about Jesse (I believe that's her name) not too long ago. I wondered what happened to her because she seemed to actually like and wear LOGO IRL (I briefly followed her on IG and she seemed to wear that crap IRL but not in a "flowing rags bag lady" kind of way) In other news, Leah posted this on FB with a shrug emoji and I was a lil surprised because she doesn't seem like the type to throw subliminal shade. Now I'm wondering who/what this is directed to 🤔🤔🤔👀👀👀
  8. So far only 20 minutes in, but surprisingly well (so far).
  9. I could've sworn in the promo for Tuesday Vibes (who comes up with these lame names?) Shawn said Leah would be back from vacation and she was going to ask her about something. But Amy is filling in for Leah who Shawn explained is "still on vacay." I guess Leah wanted to skip one more week of Cheers to 😆
  10. I haven't kept up with Ant since she left the Q, but are y'all saying Ant is married to and raised a bunch of slackers? 🤔
  11. Found Pop It In Your Washer, Pop It In Your Dryer, Pop It On Your Body at Burlington for "under $9"
  12. Don't you just love when you can put things together that you already own? 💖 Oh, did anyone marvel at how your skort was "literally like liquid"? 🤭😄
  13. If she starts knotting her shirts, carrying wine, and wearing Buddy Holly readers then it's a wrap.
  14. It seems all the OAPs Vanessa has worked with are thoroughly charmed by her by the end of the show. I don't blame them. She seems like a good-natured person.
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