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  1. Nothing ever came of this. No charges were ever made against her. No one knows for sure what happened, but legally - it was just false allegations. So ABC has no worries of her being a legal liability.
  2. YAYAYAYAAYAYAYAY! Derek F is up !!!! Did he say the magic words: "I evict to vote you, Derek " ?????? Please tell me he did !
  3. In other words, she's pretty dull and boring.
  4. Oh please, Kyland...during nominations say these magic words: "I eviction to nominate Derek F". I don't care who goes up against him, just get that guy out of the house !!!!!
  5. Another piece of eye candy has been evicted. They best leave Xavier, Kyland and even DereX alone !!! For the record, it's been many seasons since I've seen any player filled with such undeserved self-importance as I've seen with Derek F this season. Between the unsolicited hugs to every player he likes to dole out because he feels 'they need a hug from him' (Geez, I'd firmly push him away if he came up to me like that, uninvited) , and his unsolicited advice he likes to share - this guy has an incredible sense of self-importance. Let's pray he's next to go.
  6. Apparently much less than those tuning in. If those tuning out had any impact at all, the show wouldn't be the #1 Daytime News Talk Show for the 2020-21 season, and they wouldn't be seeing their best ratings in 24 seasons.
  7. News on potential new cohost - https://www.mercurynews.com/2021/07/22/could-kimberly-guilfoyle-be-the-views-new-trump-republican/
  8. Once again, to reiterate the point that ABC sees 'The View ' as a 'news show' and not an 'entertainment talk show' as it started out in 1997, here are today's headlines from "The Wrap" - which covers the 2020-21 season of all shows, now that the season officially ended last week.... "‘The View’ Tops All Daytime Talk and News Shows for First Season in 24-Year History" So it's safe to bet that ABC is popping the champagne over these headlines which broke this afternoon. Their transition from moving the show from their 'entertainment' division over to their 'news division' a few seasons
  9. That's something completely different than the topic at hand. She's not the only one who has a career because of their father. The topic is whether John McCain arranged in some way for her to get this job offer from ABC, with the help of Whoopi. The factual answer is "NO". No wishful thinking will change that.
  10. I think everyone truly wants to BELIEVE this is what happened, due to their deep-rooted hatred for Meghan. But facts are facts, and there is nothing factual that her father 'reached out to his friend Whoopi to ensure that she got the invite' . That's wishful thinking. Don't forget, ABC was negotiating with Meghan a few years prior to join the show, and she dropped out of negotiations when they were also in discussions with Sarah Palin to join the show that same season. If he was going to get involved with his daughter's hiring, that would have been the season he would've stepped in and
  11. Actually, one of the main reasons she said she was leaving was because she didn't want to uproot her family from DC and move back to NYC (as they're supposed to be returning to the studio in September). She wanted to stay in DC and be with her family, and decided to raise her child there -so yes, her family comes before work (according to her reasoning). Cindy was correct.
  12. Today, with media coverage about McCain's departure, there's been plenty of talk that Debbie M from Season 1 is in 'serious negotiations' to return as a host. Please no ! We already have Sara on the show - we don't need two hosts out of their league. There's a reason why she was fired in Season 1. Please - no, no, no ! One TV critic also explained why Ana won't be asked to fill the vacant seat as a host - and that's because she's not a 'real conservative voice' but a RINO. Something I've been saying all along. ABC, he explained, wants a real conservative voice on th
  13. Well, it looks like Cindy McCain put to bed any false notion that John McCain had anything to do with Meghan being hired for the show. She - and the hosts agreed - said that he encouraged her and was very persuasive for her to accept the offer. He believed it would be a good fit for her and for her to spread her wings. BTW, Cindy McCain said more than once she was so happy for Meghan choosing family over work - and now Cindy will be able to spend more time with her grand-daughter. Since Meghan has been in her home in Washington DC from the start of COVID, and hasn't left her home
  14. I will gladly apologize to everyone if someone can provide proof that this is what happened and it's not a case of remembering things the way some wish to remember it. Any link to a an interview /article where this is said as fact will do. I will definitely apologize to all if someone can show solid proof. Otherwise, I will go by what Whoopi and Sunny told Meghan on July 1.
  15. Are there four episodes all together ? I watched the first mind-numbing one, and haven't bothered with the others. If only three more, maybe I'll finish.
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