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  1. Honestly I think Holly Taylor has grown into the roll. She might have been a little weak season 1 but season 4 she really came into her own. But I guess to each is own. I am more then willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Ok I am finished with Season 1 and I am really disappointed there isn't a season 1 board. Even if it is a general discussion so I will put my thoughts here since most of them involve Martha anyway. Honestly I think season 1 could be called "Little Acts of Treason" I mean hell which character didn't commit a little act of treason in season 1? Stan nearly committed Treason to save Nina. Nina committed treason to save her own buttiniski. You could say Philip committed treason against his marriage when he slept with his old flame in New York. Elizabeth committed treason when she fell in love with her husband. And then there is poor poor Martha who committed so many little acts of treason all for the love of a man who she didn't know was using her. Stealing files, planting bug, hell even marrying him was treason. Its been a long while since I watched the first season and I have no idea what my opinion of Martha was way back then. I know she annoyed alot of people. Hell she probably annoyed me too. Who knew? Right? Right? On to season 2.
  3. Ok I really like Dark Betty. The one nice thing you can say about Alice is she can take a punch. I enjoyed this episode because Betty and Veronica were off rampaging together and Archie was off by himself doing....uhhh something. Still don't care a lick about Archie. We need more Dark possibly crazy Betty because she may be my favorite part of this show.
  4. Is it March yet? I want to this show to be back so bad. Even a Martha-less season which this is probably going to be. It still looks amazing. The walls look like they are closing in around the Jennings and fast.
  5. The whole Healy/Pennsatucky thing was two lonely people trying to find something. The finale (and the episode before) had Tucky making a friend she would never have talked to before (Big Boo). Healy's wife had mentioned that Healy has no friends so Tucky was really his only friend so when she failed to come to his safe place meeting he reacted the way he did before. Healy is a sad man who really has no one in his life. Tucky like Red was a story about falling from grace and what you find when you brush yourself off and stand up again.
  6. Vee is a Narcissist and a Psychopath. Her reasoning is far more complicated then just scratching an itch. TJ was pulling away from her; striking out on his own and and seducing him got his defenses down so that she could kill him. That at least is part of it. There is also ego involved and a whole lot of other things that take way to long to write and i am lazy.
  7. She has like 3 weeks to live and I think she has spent the majority of her life in prison. I don't think she exactly cares how she goes out as long as she goes out OUTSIDE of Litchfield. That is what she told Morello that she didn't mind dying. It was dying in prison that bothered her.
  8. The exact opposite for me. This season has made Suzanne fascinating. I loved her before but it was the same way you would love a puppy, "Oh its so cute." But now there is some edge to her and I really want to know what she did to land in prison. Suzanne strikes me as a privildged woman who fell though the cracks because no one diagnosed her special needs (whether it was mental illness or emotional needs) until it was too late. Kate Mulgrew has said that these women have slipped on a banana peel and some are paying with their lives and Suzanne strikes me as someone like that. A tiny mistake snowballed into felony or she more likely what was once cute as a puppy suddenly was not so cute once her parents realized puppies grow up to be big dogs.
  9. As Nicky told Piper: "Nobody likes to do extra work" Morello was safe and sound in Federal prison. The cops didn't want to waste taxpayer dollars and their own time on what CLEARLY was a man with an ax to grind. So Christopher went to the prison and confronted Morello which I thought was a great scene because it finally got her to open her eyes. "He isn't the man I thought he was. He's so mean" Hey whatever works...work it.
  10. Its a big cast. There was no way every character was going to get the same amount of screen time. I think the follow through for season 2 was fine. Actually there was very little about season 2 I would change. Maybe a few little nitpicks here and there but I honestly thought the season was near perfect. Yes there were a few characters, like Sophia I would have used more but there was a story that the writers wanted to tell and there was no believable way to incorporate her into the tribe war storyline. I can see her being a bigger part of season 3 now that her issues with her son have at least begun to be dealt with. What made season 2 so fascinating though was in fact the minor characters got storylines some big some small. I enjoyed the Miss Rosa plot which turned into a major plot as well as a background story involving the hispanic girl who gave birth last season and the her boyfriend who didn't talk until the last episode. I thought that was clever. I liked Soso and I loved to hate Vee. So yeah I really enjoyed season 2.
  11. The problem with Season 2s (And I have seen this with alot of other shows; very popular shows (Orphan Black, House of Cards, The Americans Etc) people expect the exact same show they had in season 1 and when it changes even ever so slightly or it is not exactly as they remember it they revolt. No show can remain static forever. New characters need to be brought in, friendships need to be tested, relationships need to begin and end. It is the nature of television. I like what Jenji Kohan said about the show and that Piper is a trojan horse brought in because she is a white girl who sleeps with other girls but she who is just a window to a larger world. This show can theoretically go on years without her. The only thing is we need to be able to allow Piper and the show to grow.
  12. All answers lead back to Fig being both cheap and a crook herself. Plus it is min security and I am guessing most of the inmates are nonviolent offenders so someone who has shown trustworthiness could get a plum assignment like that. (Although technically there should be two guards or at least have one of them check on her from time to time. but that is more on the guards being lazy or incompantent,) Stalking isn't a federal offense but Christopher's testimony probably convinced the judge/jury whatever not to go easy on her. Morello is the type to get a slap on the wrist otherwise. You know shit credit rating, a hella community service, maybe even some fines but if it wasn't for the stalking she probably wouldn't have gotten actual time for it. She is a white girl who is nice and charming despite her lack of education. It is the stalking that got her time (even though the crime she went away for was mail fraud) and more then a few years. The episode she told Miss Rosa she had more then 2 years.
  13. But what's his face was a high level drug guy and Alex made her money as an importer. I don't think either one of them are exactly friendless outside the US. Alex disappearing from the cops is one thing. Disappearing from an angry drug lord who really wants her dead is another. But I agree prison won't make Alex safer unless he doesn't want her dead just unable to testify or whatever. Either way he stays out of prison himself/
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