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  1. At least there was very little Eboni in this episode. Now if they can just show less Leah we might be getting somewhere.
  2. Wow I just caught this On Demand as well. That Lexi is a piece of work. I don’t see how they can keep her on. I did think it was cute that Sandy was still playing Hide and Seek while all the screaming was going on!
  3. That’s how many people were watching. Thanks Eboni and Leah.
  4. “She is snapping at me like a turtle…..and it is not turtle time!” Ya gotta love Ramona.
  5. I have a question. When Lexi called six times about the same thing is that what they mean by “wigging out?”
  6. Of course they can if they want their ratings to fall even more. I think cooler heads will prevail and they will revamp by bringing in alumni as they did on OC. Leah and Eboni are just too toxic.
  7. Sandy has been remarkably quiet the past few episodes. It’s almost like she is gun shy or she has been told to tone it down if she wants to survive on the show.
  8. I just remembered who Mzi reminds me of….Walt No Neck Williams who played for the Yankees!
  9. Well saying her customers are all all fatties with five cats is another reason to like her.
  10. I just want to say that I didn’t think that Warren Beatty was right for the role.
  11. Malia is a snake who took prescription drugs out of her roommates bag, photographed them and brought them to the Captain to rat her out and get her fired so she could share her cabin with her then boyfriend. Instead of confronting Hannah and telling her she needed to go to the Captain if she really thought they were a problem. In an earlier season she had started an affair with the chef but dropped him to bang her boss so she could get a promotion and more airtime. Malia is a duplicitous narcissist and just about the worst person to appear on a Bravo show which is saying a lot when y
  12. Rinna called her customers “Karen’s” because they complained to QVC about Rinna making nasty remarks about Brett Kavanaugh during the Supreme Court nomination. She felt that she could say whatever she wanted without any pushback. She really doesn’t know her audience just like Satan Andy Cohen.
  13. A new cast would be great. But what are the chances? You have a better chance of Andy Cohen acting like a moral human being and there is no chance of that at all.
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