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  1. I'm not sure if this is quotes or media...but it got me this morning. One of the players on the Washington Capitals was interviewed after winning the Stanley cup about his dad, who has Alzheimer's and this was a response tweet: "listen if you didn't cry about TJ Oshie and his dad tonight, then god, Jed, I don't even want to know you" - Meredith B. Kile@em_bee_kay The interview had me in tears...the quote pushed me over the edge.
  2. Leo McGarry: Oh, well then you're just as stupid as these guys who think that capital punishment is going to be a deterrent for drug kingpins. As if drug kingpins didn't live their day-to-day lives under the possibility of execution. And their executions are a lot less dainty than ours, and tend to take place without the bother and expense of due process.
  3. Everytime I hear on the news that we still don't have an Ambassador for South Korea (despite all the issues) I ask if Albie Duncan is available...am I the only one?
  4. I imagine the Rollo call back is that he's always had a thing for Lagertha.
  5. Because she's a woman in a time where traditionally she has no control or power and she found a way to have a little of both...plus maybe she was bored. I think a better question is why Ivar isn't killing the Cardinal? Bond Villain type mistake. Also who sails off with Floki? The boy is Cray....he reminds me of the guy on the bus who carries a walkie talkie with a homemade police sticker. He's harmless but I am not hoping he starts driving the bus.
  6. I have a blonde parent and a redheaded parent and a brunette sibling. 3/4 Norwegian as well.
  7. Margarita isn't to blame for the editing, that was Lifetime's choice.
  8. It's kinda like the old Men's Warehouse commercial...the good news is she can wear anything, the bad news is she can wear anything.
  9. Zombie Cat I think Kenya or Margarita would do better collections for JC Penny's. A top or blouse in a bright print works and would probably sell. Both Brandon and Kentaro are the kind of designers who the young and hip wear (Brandon's winter outfit screamed young actress at Sundance). I like Margarita's bell bottoms for the Grammy's or something. It's interesting how people are debating the modest clothes. I used to work with a bible school where all the women dress very modestly...and teenagers being teenagers they push it, not by wearing anything short but going in the opposite direction. One spring every young woman I saw had a longer skirt on, most of them dragging on the ground. I could see these young women buying Ayana's clothes and not caring that she was Muslim.
  10. Sophia would make a great hospital gown or straight jacket joke.
  11. Mormon's and some evangelicals...a (non-mormon) friend got a "temple ready" wedding dress....it was darling and a huge improvement over a lot of the fairy stripper looks you see.
  12. This came up for me on youtube...Donna and Sam from Somebody's Going to Emergency... DONNA It was people pushing paper around fifty years ago. Why does it matter? SAM It was high treason, and it mattered a great deal! This country is an idea, and one that's lit the world for two centuries and treason against that idea is not just a crime against the living! This ground holds the graves of people who died for it, who gave what Lincoln called the last full measure of devotion. Of fidelity. You understand the last full measure of devotion to... Treason against them is... [almost crying]
  13. I never saw him and didn't hear him saying "motherfu&^% Pam Greer"
  14. One of my favorite challenges was having the designers just make a dress out of muslin. So it was all about the design. Last week I was at a conference with a lot of college fund raisers and we were talking about PR and how they should do a challenge for college and university fundraisers...many dress in school colors...which works out great if your colors are easily available but some schools have hard colors to make work...like Virginia Tech (maroon and orange)....
  15. I wasn't a fan of the twins before this episode...but the change in vibe of the work room makes me wonder how awful they really were...the fact that she stood on the runway oblivious that anyone had an issue with her means a lot. Her and her sister seem to be a walking "millennial" stereotype...self absorbed and entitled, may never have heard the word "no" let alone be criticized. Full disclosure I think this stereotype (like all of them) is BS....at least the ones I work with currently.
  16. I too will defend the appropriate use of a peplum. It can help if you don't have a bum. The best peplum reference is from Designing Women....I couldn't find it on youtube...but those ladies of Sugarbaker's could rock a peplum. I hated the "indian blanket" pants...but they would have probably looked better on a size zero but his customer liked it. Maybe I was half asleep but thought Michael might be accusing the remaining twin copy her print off pants she has?
  17. I think Kentaro has an interesting grasp of english....didn't he randomly use the word "Mayonnaise?" I loved the prints she picked out but didn't love the outfit. Both Kenya's and Kentaro's looked like something you see in a magazine or the NYTimes style section, people attending fashion week or whatever.
  18. Can someone please work with Po Boys on marketing....their food looks amazing but the locations and social media seems to miss them. I think they would be very successful if given a chance.
  19. I think all or most contestants show so there are not spoilers during the season.
  20. I think people/women in their teens and 20s spend more money, if they have it or not. I know I cared a lot more at that age....
  21. They don't look so bad on the "right" guy...see Matt Bomer on White Collar can rock a "skinny" suit.
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