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  1. The difference though is all of those save Vance seemed to encounter this dark lightning. Didn't they say early on that Zeke's cave was in the area of the same kind of storm the pilot flew into? And the meth heads' lake was also struck by the lightning. Vance is a highly trained covert operative. He very much would have the knowledge and pull to take his death. None of this applies to Grace. Now if she had been shot by a stolen lightning generator, kind of like how Cal was, then yes, I'd be skeptical too. But I don't think anyone that's returned to life has been killed by "conventional" means
  2. Well...now that we've seen it with Cal...
  3. I can somewhat forgive this season for its quirks, it's definitely a weak season of the show. I have a feeling that a lot of the issues with dialog, characters being missing, etc. have to do with the corona protocols. For one, when this season was being filmed, I don't believe any vaccines were approved for people under 16, and many states were limiting the ages and groups available until more recently. Plus, with the primary filming being in New York, that state, and the city is particularly strict about corona protocols, in addition to Hollywood being particularly strict. It's quite possible
  4. I just hope when the time comes, if they aren't allowed to play out the 6 season story they supposedly have planned, that NBC makes the decision at minimum before the last half of that season is filmed. I'm a little tired of writers having to write season finales as potential series finales, or worse, having it dropped on them and having to rush and try and retool a routine season finale as a series finale (*cough*MacGyver*cough*).
  5. I'm currently a practicing Christian, and yes, I believe the flood story. I do however believe there has to be some wiggle room though. Perhaps the flood was more localized. From what I can see, most sources date the flood to about 1600 years after creation. By that point, humanity wouldn't have spread very far. So the "whole world" wouldn't actually encompass a huge portion of the planet. The Bible can't always be taken strictly literally in some places. If you read Genesis, just through Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel, there should be all of four people in the world. Yet in Genesis 4:17, all of a
  6. My biggest problem with this episode was Saanvi's betrayal of Vance. What clinched it for me is how when she was in that explosion, Vance immediately called "Saanvi!" and ran to her. He wasn't concerned with the wood, or the equipment, his tone was soft and full of concern, and he didn't call her "Dr. Bahl." He truly cares for her. I'm both curious and a little afraid how that will turn out. As for Angelina, yes, she should have been in counseling. To be on 828, then have the guy she loved (however contrived we may think it) be killed in front of her after thinking he was safe, it would cra
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