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  1. Did anyone notice two women had the same red dress on? I didn't pick up on it until they were standing one in front of the other at the rose ceremony and when the first one got a rose, they didn't know which of the two he called. Anna and Elena, or something like that. One of them hadn't talked to him all night and was nervous, but they both got the rose. Two ‘Bachelor’ contestants wore the same red dress on the 2021 premiere
  2. What about Kevin and Astrid? Did they break up?
  3. Now, that's interesting. I can't wait to see if you're right.
  4. The thing that I just couldn't understand was how Rob was saying he was sleeping with the ashes, but then opened the box saying it was the first time he ever saw the ashes. Did he mean that he slept with the box, but never opened it to look?
  5. I remember Trista being raked over the coals for always baby-talking. "For her part, Trista talked in that baby-talk coo more frequently as the previous weeks — and the last show — went on. " Article from EW 2003
  6. I wish my hair looked like that though. At least sometimes. haaa
  7. Can you say what the clue was? I didn't see the after show. I have though Jesse McCartney for a while now too and can't believe the panel isn't all in on him.
  8. I think Julia looks a lot like Hannah Brown. Maybe a mash up of Hannah Brown and Claire Crowley. Why did she think Brandon was going to have a long talk about still pursuing their relationship when all he said to here was he wanted to talk to her in a bit? It didn't occur to her that he wanted to talk to her about why he picked Savannah instead of her? How are these people prepped to sing these songs with no warning about what the songs will be? They know all the lyrics and where to put emphasis on certain lines and syllables. Like, they don't miss a beat. I wonder, were they all gi
  9. This is what I will never understand and keep waiting for one of the people in the family to wonder out loud. Putting aside that they were fine in Vegas, why did they move to Flagstaff before they built on that property? Also, they don't seem to get that their need for great space is dwindling. I think 6 of those 18 kids are grown and out of the house, which should leave them with 12 kids at home. Four homes and 12 kids isn't a need for enormous homes, right?
  10. I think she has the body of a 12 year old girl. That is not an adult's body.
  11. I'm enjoying it too. I have realized I can't watch it right before bed though because I take on their stress and have trouble sleeping, like their problems are real to me. There's no way. Botox on the forehead would cost her about $100. She lied about what she spent that $3000 on.
  12. When Hannah was showing befuddlement about how "this worked" for other bachelorettes because she clearly wasn't understanding why she wasn't just naturally falling in love with multiple people at a time or whatever, it struck me that it's not the show that "works" or not, but the people on it have to really want to work for each other. She seems to think all she should have to do was show up and look good so that the the show could magically "work." She's shocked that she and the men have to put some effort into their relationships. No, the show doesn't "work." Nothing "works" in good relation
  13. Does anyone know what actually happens in this AUB wedding ceremony that they think is such a great secret? I have been searching around the Google and can't find anything of substance. I would really love to know what they think is so sacred. I suspect it is quite demeaning to the women, which might be why they are threatened with an afterlife in hell if they talk about it. There have to be people who have left the faith who talk about though.
  14. Don't people get adopted by their grandparents pretty frequently when their parents either die or are incapable of raising them for some other reason? How does this relate to her and Curtis Stone?
  15. Don't forget she's a single mom. I think most people aren't interested in leading on single parents and also aren't interested raising other people's kids if they aren't 100% sure they're in love. It makes things harder for single parents for sure, but it's also a reasonable consideration when deciding whether or not it's worth it to invest your time in someone.
  16. giaNtsandYankees, that's a lot to take in. But, are you saying that Aspyn Brown's fiance Mitch, Vanessa from this show, Rosemary from My Five Wives, and the husband of Jeff’s secret older daughter, and the wife of Jeff’s secret older son are all siblings (either half or full)?
  17. Wow, I need this in linear form. Does knowing that he is Vanessa's brother make either of these scenarios more likely?
  18. I think "the Rachel" would have been a good hairstyle for her during the mid to late '90s.
  19. Also, in defense of that poster: I know who Kerry Washington is, but couldn't have picked her out of a line up. I know Scandal is a show on tv, but couldn't have told you what channel it was on or that it comes on right before HTGAWM or that Kerry Washington was on it or that the main character was named Olivia or even what the show was about beyond that it has to do with some sort of scandal. I trust that I don't need to catch up on anything or watch another show to understand the introduction of a new character here. It'll be fine.
  20. I think a hometown visit to meet Krystal's family would have been gold though.
  21. The things is, 22 isn't too young to get married. People get married at 22 all the time and make a go of it. I think the issue is that, a lot of changes happen to you in your 20's. It's when you grow and figure out who you are as an adult and how you're going to make your way in the world. You can certainly do this while married to someone WHO IS ALSO GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING. The issue I see with Bekkah and Arie is that Arie isn't feeling it all out anymore. He's ready to settle down with someone who's done with that phase too. If Bekkah is ready to get married, she's not ready to marry A
  22. My mom was a Lutheran pastor and she always said you could pretty much predict divorce or at least predict marital problems when the groom smashed the wife's face with cake on her wedding day. It just seems so disrespectful. Mykelti and her entire family are telling him NO and he thinks he's so damn funny and gonna do it anyway. I can't even understand taking a bat to a pinata of each other and why that would be funny either.
  23. I don't know where else to put this question, but who was the couple from the very first Bachelor in Paradise season that got "married" and we never heard from again? The woman was highly sought after during the first few episodes and even had her sights set on a different man at first, if I remember correctly. Did they not last? Is that why they aren't touted as a success story like Jade and Tanner, Carly and Evan? Was it Lacey or something like that? Who was the guy?
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