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  1. Ah, there are 2 Nora's, forgot that. I thought she was referring to Nora Darhk. She and Bart Allen appeared in the picture at the end. Oh! And Nora is Barry's mom's name too! 'SAaaVee...NORA!'
  2. Iris said 'We see Bart and Nora all the time' Near the end of the ep. Who is Bart? Nora was partnered-up with Ray Palmer, last I heard...
  3. My thoughts exactly! This guy is supposed to be a doctor! Basic stuff.
  4. 3 Thoughts on the episode. 1. 5 LIGHT YEARS is such a huge distance that sending Discovery 'there' has almost no meaning, and black holes at that distance would not interact at all. It'd be like going to a spot between here and Alpha Centauri. 2. They really need to lose the flame throwers for the Bridge FX; it looks silly. From a safety standpoint, that would definitely NOT be allowed. 3. After the is Bridge fireworks, why is there 'debris' scattered all over the floor, as if something exploded? Yet there is no visible damage! It looks dramatic, but makes no physical sense.
  5. I distinctly remember Sheryl saying to Leland in a irritated moment something like: 'You think you're the first Demon I've ever met". And being shocked at that, and then never really followed up on it. And what's the thing with the doll she makes sacrifices to? I'm sorry. I guess I'm not following this show closely enough. Or are they being vague on purpose?
  6. It really strikes me how everyone, despite everything they've been through, despite the things that have happened, regardless of which side they're on, still cling to their faith; particularly the peculiar strain of Christianity endemic to Gilead.
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