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  1. Omg. Why can’t they wear clothes. Todd looks so different.
  2. A friend of mine always wear that, to keep her belly in. It only makes the belly bigger, or rounder, in my opinion. Also, it is so tight to wear? How does Whit manage to get them on?
  3. Whitney has no ass. It is seriously flat. The entire backside is just her back. She has a FUPA and a FUBA (fat upper booty area). Also; in most episodes threads I see people refer to her being unhygienic, how do you know? Since reading here, I kinda “smell” her when I’m watching 😬🥴 Season 7 at the pedicure with her mom, you can definitely tell that Babs is a plus-size. A double plus in my country.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRmaNz-MChK/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. No, that they were childhood friends and reconnected after the divorce.
  6. Season 3 Whitney is mean girl. Absolutely horrible to watch. She is mean to everyone. And she has ZERO accountability. Aha, that makes sense. I do see she is packing it on more from the waist down.
  7. I just saw her “introduction” as “Buddy got a new girlfriend”. Yes, my life is this boring I am watching it all 🙈. Heather “just got divorced” and Whit says they were childhood friends and reconnected after the divorce. I think you are correct with your impression of their friendship.
  8. Rewatching the show. Heather is not in season 1, but is a background in the dance class (episode 14). If they are so close and been so close since HS, why don’t they talk as friends during class? Also, Donna is there in the Hawaiian birthday, and in the “no bs” video she had made. Was she originally a “friend” ? And, she is really pissy with people. Really rude and SO loud. How did I not really see that first time I saw this show….
  9. I’m late to this, I know. But Babs is pretty big herself. The entire family is plus-size.
  10. Yes! And she was so rude! I was embarrassed to watch 😆
  11. Oh my frickin G!! Is Courtney on drugs or drunk or something?! Everything she says is just CRINGE!! And the thing about pronouncing in Spain…. Just nooooooo!! 🙈
  12. I saw them commenting someone’s Instagram post, that they will be in episode 6 or something.
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