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  1. The girls 'found' the children's recliners and Jill left them right there in the store. No way even a single kid's chair found it's way to the barndo. And, of course, Jill keeps any crappy little stuffed animals that David 'wins' for herself. I wonder how much he spent to get those Dollar Store toys for her? Is that a cane that David is clutching? At first it looked like it might be a handle on a wagon, but it looks like it has a height adjustment piece on it that comes on a cane. Wouldn't be surprised if his knees are giving out.
  2. Interesting propaganda video from the Secretariat. I guess Jessa decided to show us how well her kids eat; nothing but healthy snacks for them! Carrots, oranges, avocado, pretzel sticks. The chocolate fingerprints on the baby carrier give her away. The messy eating throughout the day from one end of the house to the other is setting those kids up for issues with food as they grow up. So, Henry has 'read' 3 books now? Listening to him painfully sounding out each word, which is pretty good for a 4 year old, just reminded me of how very narrow the Duggar definition of 'learning' really
  3. What I noticed is that she owns her own publishing company! And it's the one that published her books! What a coincidence! It also looks like she hasn't worked as a psychologist since 2012 and most of her professional experience was as a psychologist at correctional facilities but her books are about weight loss and relationships and cyberbullies.
  4. In my family, a lot of the babies are wiry, verging on skinny, at least until they're 3 or 4. My youngest sister was built like Evangeline seems to be. She ate just fine, was perfectly healthy; she just always had really thin legs and arms. She outgrew it, we all did.
  5. About 25 years ago, when his 8 kids were still very young, Mike Keller gave up his full time job as a welder to start a prison ministry. He joined Rock of Ages Prison Ministries and I think is still affiliated with them, not sure that he is salaried or depends wholly on donations. They're a non-profit and are supported by various churches and individual donations What we do know is that the Kellers raised their 8 kids in a double wide trailer and they seemingly had very few extras growing up. More like 'the stuff of nightmares.'
  6. Not just pimping out her kids, but Anna's multiple declarations on social media that Josh is simply the best husband and father ever makes me feel like she's not a good mother, either. While I think her kids are a little young to know exactly what sort of scum their father is, they are not too young to know that Daddy has a lot of problems and Mommy should not be pretending on social media that he's doing well when he clearly isn't. Someday, maybe not until they're adults, those kids are going to find out what sort of heinous human being their father really is and wonder why their moth
  7. Me too! Was last there about 5 years ago and was very pleased with the updated audio tours. I also visited Hampton Court. I always stay with a British friend who just doesn't do the touristy stuff; she's all 'I visited on a school trip when I was 12. It's a thousand years old, it couldn't have changed that much in a couple decades.' She usually meets up with me for a drink or a meal afterwards and sits there listening to my impressions, looking at my photos, the guides and souvenirs and then says 'Maybe I ought to go back there sometime.' When I told her I was heading to Hampton Cour
  8. On my first trip to London, more than 35 years ago, I was treated to a private 'Jack the Ripper' tour of London by a London Walks guide who was a friend of a friend. He drove a Jaguar, we drank a lot and it was a memorable evening. He certainly knew his tales of the Ripper. I've done a couple of others with the regular groups and enjoyed them immensely. I've got a friend of nearly 50 years who lives in London and I'm hoping to visit next June. London is my happy place, too.
  9. I think they might, at least if it became public. If everything was kept on the down-low, like Josh's assaults on young girls was kept quiet for years, I think the family would pressure them to stay-for Jesus, you know.
  10. I don't think that parents today are 'like this' as it is that the cost of publishing a yearbook, especially with color photos, has gotten hugely expensive and the only way for the school to be able to publish it is to sell more ads; hence, the senior tribute pages. Otherwise, the yearbook would cost so much that no one would buy it. The reddit poster made it sound like Derick's parents were over the top in purchasing the ad for Derick, but, it sounds to me like it was probably a common thing and simply a way to support school activities. I graduated in 1975, my yearbook cost about
  11. Angela Lansbury is also the actor who played Mrs. Lovett in the original theatrical production of Sweeney Todd and was also brilliant in that role and won a Tony as best featured actress. I suspect that even HBC would agree that Angela's portrayal was superior.
  12. If you check their website, Amazing Grace Missions provides vendor passes for those working the fair, at least in some cases. My dad used to have a booth at local county fairs, he sold vacuum cleaners, and, as part of the fee for the space, he would get x number of passes for the fair for those who were manning the booth. It may be that the Rods got passes from the Mission for the fair and were limited to family members considered old enough to be 'missionaries'. Jill lives in Wayne County and their fair ran from the 11-16 so they were probably there. Jill has probably already bled Jona
  13. Ok, then it is Olivia, Sadie and Sofia who are NINE, SEVEN and SIX years old respectively. I can barely remember being small enough to ride in a cart let alone doing so at age 9. As a matter of fact, by the time I was old enough for kindergarten, probably around 5, I would've told you that shopping carts are for babies and would've flatly refused to ride in one. Yet, I cannot remember the last time we saw the Rods in a store where the kids weren't all piled in a cart.
  14. Sadie is 7, almost 8; Sofia is 6 and Janessa is 3. It's been a long, long time since I rode in a shopping cart, but, it seems to me most kids have outgrown the cart by the time they're 4 or so. I am trying to picture myself in a cart with my 2 sisters when I was 6 and they were 7 and 3; we're spaced the same as these Rods. We wouldn't have fit. We were average size kids, not short or tall, not fat or thin; and we wouldn't have fit. Just seeing all 3 of those kids in a single carts gives a pretty good picture of just how unusually small they are.
  15. From what I have read, it seems like, at the time he is released from prison, it will be up to the courts to decide what the terms of his parole will be including what limits there may be on his contact with children. The terms can be anything from no contact at all to unlimited contact and everything in between.
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