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  1. Yes, I think the issue was that, if she left the US for the resumption of the race in October 2021, she wouldn't have been able to re-enter on a German passport a few weeks later to get to the finish line. The travel ban wasn't lifted until weeks after the race was completed.
  2. Yup, the vast, vast majority of women (and men) who have fertility issues don't know about it until they try to conceive. I can count on one hand, probably, the number of women I've encountered in 40 years of OB/GYN practice who were infertile and knew about it before trying to get pregnant. I've seen maybe 2-3 women who were born without a uterus or other congenital defect and a couple others who became infertile due to chemo for cancer or serious medical problems necessitating removal of their tubes or uterus. Meanwhile, I've seen thousands of women who were found to be infertile only afte
  3. It's a small city about half an hour drive from Cincinnati; otherwise, I got nothing.
  4. As noted upthread, both of the teams who were brought back for the restart had to do a speedbump that wasn't shown and this is probably the reason they were behind the flag task racers. I suspect the reason that they don't show us the amount of time that teams take at the various tasks is because it would lead to questions when the show edits out significant portions of the competition like they did here.
  5. Nowadays, what with most people being vaccinated, they've been able to ease up on visitor restrictions for COVID patients. Even in the earlier days, though, a lot of hospitals would allow families in as their relatives were dying.
  6. Husbands had a death in their immediate family right before the race was to resume. One of the French train heroes had an injury and couldn't race.
  7. This. I think many homeschooled kids, especially those kept in a cocoon by their fundie parents, don't have a sense of what typical classroom learning is like and it hinders them. They haven't attended lectures with dozens of people sitting around them paying varying degrees of attention, they haven't had a daily schedule that they had to follow and learned to study math for an hour and then switch to English lit. They often learned at their own pace and took tests whenever they felt ready; they didn't have pop quizzes or mid-terms. Having to track down a prof during their office hours to
  8. Maybe you're watching a feed from the Atlantic Time Zone (Nova Scotia)? That's an hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the US.
  9. And the Duggars have very carefully made sure that Josh has no tangible assets at this point. He doesn't own a home, he doesn't own a business, he hasn't had any known source of income for a couple of years. JB and Michelle aren't going to figure into the equation should Josh request counsel from the court and I expect his finances have been set up so that he would qualify for free or very deeply discounted legal services. There is a fine that can be assessed as well as prison time, I think it was $250,000 in Josh' case.
  10. I expect that they are. However, presuming JB and certainly Josh would want the appeal handled by their handpicked specialists and not a court appointee, I could see them perhaps haggling with the lawyers over a retainer for an appeal and the attorneys deciding not to file until they've been paid; hence the extension.
  11. According to some folks on Reddit, UP was airing promos for the show as recently as yesterday morning. This indicates a major catastrophic revelation, not the kind of thing where sponsors would've even had time to get involved. If the decision was actually made in the course of a single workday, it is something massive.
  12. You'd think they'd want to keep that to themselves. However, in this sort of case, I am sure it is a major consideration. A huge amount of cash has already been spent and not every defendant would have the means to support an appeal. I imagine JB's hand shaking as he writes yet another check to defend the indefensible.
  13. UP announced it yesterday, no reason given except that they plan to move away from this kind of programming. They had been heavily advertising the new season which was supposed to begin February 10 and is already filmed; so this decision came very suddenly which seems to indicate some sort of catastrophic development in the Bates' world.
  14. I'm sure the Bates have a contract and have been paid for the filming that is already done; so I don't think they could put the brakes on the upcoming season by themselves. UP has already purchased the product and I expect they would want to be reimbursed if the Bates wanted to pull it. It's got to be UP's management that has decided that the Bates need to disappear from their airwaves ASAP which is why I think there is something out there that UP discovered that hasn't hit the media yet. If the Bates were merely sick of filming or somehow got a more lucrative deal elsewhere, the networ
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