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  1. That's kind of where I am...I love the show and I don't mind fictional portrayals of things, but I'm also frustrated that they thought it was necessary here. There was plenty of potential for drama and good storytelling without just making things up. I caught up on episode 6 tonight, and this is a really minor issue...but did anyone else not get why Ragni didn't leave for London the next day on her own so she could get to the wedding? I know Nikolai is stuck with Olav, but Ragni isn't...she answers to Martha and Martha told her she could go. She also shouldn't need her husband to accompa
  2. I don't think the show has indicated either way whether the staff speak English or not, but historically Ragni (Martha's lady-in-waiting) did speak English (and French, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish). (She grew up in Finland with Norwegian and Finnish parents, went to Swedish schools, and traveled extensively in France and England as a teenager.) So yes she definitely could have understood White House staff gossiping in English. :-) I'm a Scandinavian royal history nerd. ;-)
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