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  1. beeble

    S01.E14: Commander-In-Chief

    Naruba? Seriously? That's the name of a Jedi Banker. And I'm a little tired of these fake African countries in turmoil. Can we just make up the name of a US state that is having some sort of secession issue instead? Like Wiscshiretexia? Or Florisota? I'm on Team Hookstraten. She's the only one who can take the reins from these amateurs. How did Tom even get his cabinet position? Idealism is awesome on a college campus but brings only ulcers and pink slips in DC. Or so I've heard.
  2. beeble

    Hairspray Live! (NBC)

    I'm a musical theatre geek and I find this show just so goofily adorable. I can't stop the beat. No, I can't. That's what I want in my life TV musicals. Grease had the formula down: figure out how to get an audience, build a massive set, plan for crappy weather, hire total pros who can do this under any circumstance (Vanessa Hudgens, I'm looking at you), get an amazing director and go for it. And do it live. Sorry Rocky Horror - it's a fun show but I like my musicals live. Kristin Chenoweth, Martin Short, and Harvey Fierstein were the backbones of this show. Derek Hough's dancing was good for me and he likes Oreos (although he took just a nibble. C'mon Man! I can scarf 10 of those down in the time it took for that product placement!) The best musical for this genre? "Jerry Spring - the Opera" which was on the West End back in 2004. Best. Musical. Ever. And it lends itself to TV. Except for its extreme profanity. And a more than a few Fundamentalists would take issue with how it portrays Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, not to mention Adam & Eve (look it up). But damn, maybe HBO could do a live version.
  3. beeble

    S01.E10: The Bicameral Mind

    More questions 1)Did Ford engineer everything? How did he know MiB would stab her so that Teddy could take her away and give that speech from West Side Story? 2) Was the maze planted by Arnold or Ford? I know Arnold came up with the idea but Ford never removed it. He liked the idea of the hosts almost gaining consciousness. 3) Was the whole dang thing orchestrated by Ford? Can he play people like a fiddle as well? Charlotte wanted Abernathy out with the info in him - did Ford know this too? 4) How did the cold storage robots move so quickly to the outskirts of the party? They were in cold storage when security was there, then left before Sizemore got there. That's a lot of naked robots. 5) Has Dolores now gained autonomy upon discovering it was her own voice she was listening to? I don't think so, particularly since she's back in that blue dress.
  4. beeble

    S01.E10: The Bicameral Mind

    Maeve returns for love. Is she defying her programming or conforming to it? Whatever happened to Logan after his naked ride to the rainbow? No Minotaurs. I'm really bummed. Anthony Hopkins makes this show work. He's really unpredictable under those layers of RSC acting technique. I don't know that the show can work without him. Samurai World looks awesome.
  5. beeble

    S01.E09: The Well-Tempered Clavier

    Felix + Sylvester + Maeve = Weird Science Maeve now has to drive these two dorks around in a convertible as part of their madcap adventure.
  6. beeble

    Questions and Speculations

    They've programmed the bots not to see anything out of the ordinary for fear that they might process and learn, thereby making themselves more cognizant of their situation and learning. This seems to be common knowledge among all humans, but oddly it doesn't seem like major security breaches have occurred. I'd think that would be the most glaring security lapse: don't pay any attention to that person over there, just keep doing your bot job. Sort of like a security guard at a school where I worked. His job in his mind was to drink coffee, so he never saw kid after kid walking out of the building. This totally explains everything.
  7. beeble

    S01.E09: The Well-Tempered Clavier

    That's what I'd said in the previous episode's thread: that if Woz became a bot but wasn't called Woz, people would notice. I'm thinking Arnold had to be pretty spectacular to do what he did and was known before he hooked up with Ford. Even if it was winning the school science fair or graduating from MIT at age 17. So Ford killed off a nerd whom other nerds knew and renamed him...ok, but that seems a little risky. But what do I know? I watch the show with the same look on my face that Dolores has on hers
  8. beeble

    S01.E09: The Well-Tempered Clavier

    Here's a theory: Arnold never existed. Ford wanted a partner but was too much of a madman for anyone to trust him. So Arnold was a figment of his imagination until he created him, and then when Dolores killed him, Ford rewrote the program. Go Maeve go!
  9. beeble

    S01.E08: Trace Decay

    I rewatched the episode last night. Some things were a little clearer upon second viewing but I had to laugh when Dolores had her breakdown and said, "When are we? Is it now? I can't tell anymore!" I thought, Yup, right there with you sister. Teddy is this show's version of South Park's Kenny.
  10. beeble

    S01.E08: Trace Decay

    Regarding the lady in the welcome video, if she had been the welcome lady 30 years ago, there would be subtle and not-so-subtle changes in hair styles and clothing as well as technology that the guests would spot immediately. Even though everybody is in our future (and disappointingly enough, nobody is wearing silver spandex) they will see the differences. Plus, it makes them look like cheapskates once the damsel in distress is seen. It would like Goofy having to show you where to park AND do his entertainment thing inside the Disney park. The jig is up and some of the magic is lost. Edited for embarrassingly bad spelling
  11. beeble

    S01.E08: Trace Decay

    I think I have face blindness because I did not recognize the blond whom the MIB assumed had been retired. Most pretty blonds on TV all become blurry to me but seriously - I cannot keep bit players in my head. But if it is the same person, and she is has been repurposed from welcome lady to damsel in distress, why is she still in the video that Maeve saw? Is Maeve in an earlier timeline? My confusion matches the human condition described by Ford to Bernard. Just a whole lot of "What? Why? Who's that?" Game of Thrones is easier to follow. And speaking of our favorite bot, I vote that Bernard is not "Arnold Repurposed" for the reasons others have stated: surely somebody knew what Arnold looked like. His name hasn't been scratched from the record so somebody would have recognized him, even if his contributions were not as big as Ford's. If Steve Jobs had killed Steve Wozniak and built a robot to look like him and called him something other than "Woz," people would start to ask questions.
  12. beeble

    S06.E01: Cake

    I'm another newbie to this show, and I loved it! Nobody's equipment failed, nobody was out of their element ("I'm a vegan sandwich-maker/I'm a Paleo barista"), and nobody is evil. What a concept. I got a sugar buzz from merely watching this. How do Mary and Paul not pass out from eating this rich food? I'll bet they carried around the bottle of gin to balance out the sweetness.
  13. beeble

    S06.E09: Battle Of The Bastards

    I'm pretty sure that everyone thinks Arya is dead, even though Brienne saw her and most likely yammered on and on about fighting the Hound. Her chances didn't look great, and admittedly, she did renounce her Starkness to become "Nobody" for a period of time. I guess Bran has to make a declaration from the Tree of Knowledge that he officially cedes power to Sansa. Whoa - what if there were a woman running each kingdom in Westeros? Bananas. Just bananas.
  14. beeble

    S06.E09: Battle Of The Bastards

    I thought the same thing! Or at least Jon could have pointed for him to run to the left. However, this was the best. Episode. Ever. I only wish I could have watched it in a theatre full of GoT fans. I clapped at the Stark banner replacing the Bolton banner. I clapped at the very end as Sansa walked away with an evil smile. My dogs got the zoomies as a result. And Yara and Dany will rule the seven kingdoms laughing at guys who brag about their dicks. Or at least I have dreams of that happening. I loved that there were two women who respected each other and didn't use beauty or sex for power. One has dragons, the other has ships. Littlefinger has partially redeemed himself. Partially.
  15. beeble

    S04.E09: The Mitigation of Competition

    I think you're right. I lose track of the timelines on these shows. But if it's only been a few months, she might not have healed fully. That was quite a lot of bullets that got her.