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  1. You basically took the words out of my mouth. Except I also like Finn. I need more time to get used to Kat. I'd like to see plots where Benson automatically believes everything the "victim" claims, only to find out that she is lying out of spite, or for a payday. Something, anything to keep us guessing. Years ago there was an episode with Estella Warren and Lynda Carter where the two of them were con artists that fooled everyone, and I thought it was one of the best episodes of the series.
  2. Agreed. But she should have left voluntarily or involuntarily. Even she was surprised she could stay in the end. This lady didn’t even properly apply as her application was simply being pretty. She received the coveted home through corruption. This type of corruption is what upsets other low income applicants that follow proper procedures. I read the NY Post on a daily basis and this story would have been front page news in NYC. The single mother would have been referred to as “the prostitute” and the public (and other applicants) would be outraged that she was allowed to sta
  3. This was by far the best episode of the season. Meloni was especially good as he was forced to help protect the people that destroyed his family. Good or bad, I continue to tune into this series. However, I still don't see the connection to real world organized crime. I can't tell if Wheatley is mob connected or a made man. Because, in the mob, there's the rule of omerta, which has been rarely seen here. Bekhar flips. Angela flips. Now, Richard tries to flip. Only a matter of time before crybaby Richie flips. Usually, when you become a rat, you have to tell everything. Does that
  4. 1. I am consistent about law enforcement staying in their lane when it comes to family matters and victims wishing to be left alone. I had the same response last week when Garland and the team strong armed the husband to end his marriage and press charges, when he didn't want to (at least, initially). 2. I am against the police (Finn) conducting an interview with a small child without the mother being present. Especially when the questions are geared towards if the mom is a prostitute. Last week, I also didn't like it when Garland had the victim's young son over dinner and obtained in
  5. They should have had Rollins and Carisi argue that the victims weren't complaining and that there were more important cases to work on. Because that is what real life detectives would say, IMO. After the tennants found out what they had to do to keep the apartment, did they have the choice to leave? If the answer was yes, and they chose to stay, then how is this trafficking? I can't imagine Machado forcing the women to stay, especially since there are plenty of hard luck women in shelters that would jump at a chance to live in a luxury building that's harder to get accepted into than H
  6. My thoughts: 1. idk why SVU took such an interest in prostitutes in a nice building, especially when they wanted to be left alone. I said this about the previous episode, are there so few cases of real victims (rape, pedophiles, etc ) that they have time to go fishing for crimes? Apparently, if there was evidence of luxury items and fancy food, then SVU would have dropped it? 2. Machado was a good villain, it was a good episode title. I found it realistic that she thought she was helping the women by having them improperly cut the line over the hundreds of honest applicants (I th
  7. I completely agree with that. OTOH, the trend on L&O these days seems to be that white cast members don't have white partners. Stabler + Angela, Benson + Garland, Carisi + Garland's estranged wife?
  8. Or how about when in the interrogation room, close talker Stabler would put his face 3 inches away from a dude's face and whispers, "Come on, you killed her, right?" Or, "If you admit what happened, then we can help you." Or Olivia whispers, "You weren't man enough to satisfy the victim and that's why you killed her, right?" And then the perp starts spilling his guts.
  9. The texting aspect didn't fit into the plot because it's not real life. She had the acquittal in the bag, IMO, before sending the texts at the worst possible moment. It's similar to when perps spill their guts and confess to crimes when the squad has nothing to convict them on. But it allows the episode to wrapped up into a neat 1 hour package. I'm hard to please because I don't like the season long storyline with the OC series, but I also don't like unrealistic convictions quickly obtained without evidence either.
  10. That sloppy open mouth kiss right afterward was very strange. It was probably written by Wolf to show that Wheatley is a narcissistic egomaniac who takes loving himself to another level. And in a way, that way of thinking led to his downfall.
  11. Richie seems so out of place to be an associate for a mafia family. He doesn't seem to have street smarts- he didn't even have suspicions about Gina. He doesn't have what it takes to be in the muscle part of the family, even though he just whacked Gina. Remember that Gina took the gun away from Richie, in what about to become a very embarrassing situation. And I don't think he could stand up to tough interrogation by LE. Bell just mentioned Gina's name and Richie was about to cry like a baby. He needed a pep talk from his sister to stay quiet. Imagine if and when LE tells Richie tha
  12. I think it just takes one in the jury to think that he is less of a victim because he is a large man. I would be that one juror if I was selected for jury duty, and I bought into the defense of why didn't he just leave the room. That's one of the reasons why I wanted to see how the jury would decide the case and wasn't happy with the plea.
  13. I feel like I'm the contrarian here, but these are my honest thoughts of the episode: Pros: There finally was a male protagonist and a female antagonist. Benson was finally sympathetic to a male. These are two items that should occur more often to make the series less predictable. Cons: 1. When a husband and wife want to be left alone and not file charges against each other, the cops should respect their wishes. It's a slippery slope when the law wants to force themselves in between married BDSD couples in the bedroom. Get a safe word and call it a day. I don't like it when
  14. I like the episode title. It's from a line in Goodfellas. Henry skipped school for months, and when his father received the truancy notice from school, Henry took a beating and said that line. Then the poor postman took the blame.
  15. I watched the murder again on youtube (I hope it's ok that I post this). The gun didn't have blanks. And Gina couldn't have been wearing a protective vest. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
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