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  1. I hope everyone enjoying the series so far. So this is going to more twisting story as we heading for season 2.
  2. GREAT NEWS! MAYANS MC got renew for the fourth season next year. Next year will be up 14 episode, not 10 because it crazy pandemic scheduling. So enjoy season finale on Tuesday Night at 10pm.
  3. I'm looking forward all the news star wars on Disney plus. It would be worth some entertaining for all Star Wars fans. Have fun everyone.
  4. Is this a spoiler, the episode 3 have not air yet?
  5. Hello everyone, Here what I think what happened in the last 2 episode. When the Santo Padre Mayans delivered the drug into U.S.A, particularly delivered to the Mayans charter of Arizona. Remember Bishop and his crew believed they delivered 250 keys of drug to Arizona charter. Other Mayans from Charming and Nevada stop at Arizona charter leader Ibarra . Which then I believed they count at 249 keys. (Remember Coco stole one for Meth Mountain). Word travel than so fast to all Mayans and Galindo that one key is missing. This is where the other Mayans tried to kills EZ. It likely a civil Ma
  6. I want to know how many fans of Grey Anatomy is exciting to see Sarah Drew who played April on Grey Anatomy.
  7. I know some people like the show but other may not. But for me, I kind of like it. The remaining of the season the duel detective will beat the crap of Ronald.that would be the end of the story. I love Largaski's wife hammer on her husband. That was the best scene on Television in a long time. Big Sky returning in 2 week on April 13 on ABC with a least 6 episode to finish the season. However , I was hoping there is a second season on Big Sky next year. Have fun everyone.
  8. I think I know who is the mole who working for Border Patrol. That either Steve (the prospect) or Marcus Alverez. This is the not the same Alverez from the previous time. Something change him. I doubt this lady who was killed in the tunnel (forgot her name). This is too easy.
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