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  1. Is this the route that production is planning to use for TAR 33?, because if so this would be a major step up from the other mid-pandemic season.
  2. Let me know if this isn't the place to ask this but does anyone know what the originally planned route for TAR 33 was?
  3. I take this as production scrapping the rest of the planned 9 or 10 legs for S33. Hopefully they will put the remaining legs into a singular season (maybe S34 if TAR gets renewed) and they don't get divided amongst two separate seasons like the cancelled legs from S15.
  4. Looking at current vaccination rates and projections for countries and currently covid safe countries, I think we might see TAR 33 resume filming by Q4 of this year at the earliest and March of 2022 at the latest. I think due to the current situation this might force a first time visit to Israel & a Caribbean nation and a revisit to Australia (after 15 seasons). I think that because TAR 33 is being suspended for so long this season might be released just a couple of months after it finished filming, just like older seasons.
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