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  1. He's supposed to receive a large settlement from his lawsuit against the state. He was wrongfully convicted of a previous crime.
  2. Applegirl


    I have watched 2 episodes so far and I am enjoying it, although it's a bit formulaic with the detective with an unknown past that he's running from. I also hope that the series develops Mathias' character as it goes along so that we can understand him a bit. The accent seems to become a problem sporadically - most of the time I have no problem with it, but all of a sudden there's a conversation that I can't follow.
  3. Applegirl

    S01.E09: A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage

    I didn't think this was unrealistic - Malvo was in a situation where he knew who he was and he knew exactly what he was going to do. The victims had no idea who he was although of course they were unsettled by the transformation in front of them. They thought they knew who he was and I'm sure the whole situation was surreal. You can't react the way you would if you knew you were in an elevator with a contract killer - your brain can't process what your eyes are seeing.