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  1. Calling it now, Grace and Carter will have a meaningful convo, and Carter is gonna "fall" for Grace next....... he needs his own story line with someone brand new who has not been involved with anyone currently on canvas. If i was this actor i would HATE this character. he is a door mat who falls in love in an instant
  2. With Tay Tay coming back can we expect the Bill shooting story to finally be resolved, can maybe detective hot dog figure it out and maybe that can let the Taytots and annoying ass Ridge to leave Brooke alone
  3. The whole Deb thing would be even better if they used Doaks instead ( he would be amazing as Dex's dark passenger) or heck even use the folks from Miami Metro, Basista could be one and go into how did he miss how f'd up Dexter always was....... that would make it fun. Deb is ok but my god, stop shouting already. I am happy they finally gave us Dexter's inner monolog again, because that was what was missing from the very first episode. i think the masked gunman is the rich guy they were protesting not Douchbag's Daddy, but i do think DouchDaddy has something to hide
  4. Can Rocko ( i believe that was his name) come back into town and make a run for Katie?????
  5. yes, and i'm sure she'll be the one planting the seeds to Nick how cozy Jack and Philly are being..... and it will start a whole drama with them........
  6. I am all in for Sally and Adam (Aally?) knowing it would make Phyllis's head explode!
  7. i wish they would ask Suasan Flannery to do voice overs for her portrait, could you just imagine...... "Ahhh Another Damn wedding in my house, and it's her (or his) 5th wedding, when will these assholes get it right"..... or just some great stepahnie snark, it could be golden!!!!!
  8. GO VICTOR GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE DOWN LOCKE! TAKE DOWN VICTORIA!!! i don't like you really Victor, but I am on your side now, make them pay!!! (just leave the Abbots alone)
  9. I am NO Victor fan, but with Victoria being a bitch, Billy being a well bitch and Chel being a bitch and Nick being Nick, and Ray being a whiny baby, not actually listening or using his brain. I really want Victor to put the smack down on all of them, maybe once they get their collective asses handed to them, they can' stop being so annoying and whiney, their constant whining is so bothersome, and if Adam wasn't around who would they blame for their shitty lives? Go Team Victor, Take them all down!!!! put Adam in charge of your company ( and let him be redeemed for once he does
  10. THIS!!!! here and Chelsea. I am all for redeeming Adam if it means Vick gets a comeuppance and Chelz can just go to jail or away. May be unpopular opinion, but i love Sally (loved her more on B&B but they screwed her up there) i really hope she can stick it to Phyliss.
  11. I hate Victoria, because she is making me root for Victor. ( i am not a big Victor or Adam Fan) but i want to see Nick, Victoria and heck even Ray all eat crow when it comes out it was Chelsea. Can we ship him and Victoria off somewhere, their smugness is really starting to wear.....
  12. my brain surgery took over 12 hours, I think Ridge is in for a wait...……... Oh Steffy, you never learn, The only way this mess can be fixed is that everyone finds out about her and Liam because she's preggo (we all pretty much think that is where this will go), then while delivering the baby or something, something happens where Kelly needs a blood transfusion, and Liam can't do it cause he's not the father, BILL will be found out that he is the daddy SHOW MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!
  13. can Eric just take down Quinn's picture to prove his point??? he can take it down and give it to her and tell her to get the F out and take her stinking portrait with her, she can hang it at Wyatt's and be the matriarch of his family.... lol (yes I know she is )
  14. he most likely got the idea from Mommy, since i'm sure she has a Ridge doll hangin around her pad
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