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  1. I’m with you. She’s just a sad woman trying to get a shock factor. I can’t believe her mom was encouraging her to keep that creep happy.
  2. If my husband was pressuring me to be intimate when I’m pregnant, his ass would be on the street. What the hell is wrong with Ashley. Is she so desperate for his money that she has to subject herself to this BS? Ugh, gross. That whole convo with her mom had me disgusted.
  3. LuAnn, Leah, and Ramona are doing an intervention with Sonja about drinking. Pots meet kettle. Bahahaha!
  4. As an alumnus of Hopkins, Wendy is a joke and an embarrassment this season. She needs to take it down a few notches. She went from a professorial persona (I have 10 degrees, blah, blah, blah) to a low budget stripper. Clearly something is going on with her marriage to Kanye. Bravo is so shady “Young hot Karen” in her throw back pictures. Love the drama that Karen and Gizelle bring. bahahhaa! Ashley trying to paint a perfect married life with that creepy bald gnome. No one is buying it.
  5. Sandy was nervous about that? That was the most basic officiant speech ever. A baboon couldn’t of messed that up. Have to admit Malia and Katie are great bosses. Katie Is a ray of optimism compared to what’s her face? I’ve already forgotten about her. Ok, so the men don’t provide eye candy but they seem like they are genuinely nice people sans the creepy chef.
  6. I was actually craving a history lesson from Eboni after seeing Bershan this epi. She’s such a hot mess and does not bring the kind of drama I want to see. Why was Leah taking away from Eboni’s moment about her grandmother? I just can’t with her - she’s such a dramatic twat.
  7. Kathy Hilton is such a cheeky bugger. She starts the drama and then wonders what happened. Cracks me up. This is the KH that I remember from back in the day. I was wondering why I didn’t recognize her in RHOBH. She needs to lay off the plastic surgery.
  8. That Hermès bag is ugly as f**k. Save $94,490 and take a Little People building and add a leather strap. I can’t with Sutton. Where is that etiquette that she boasts about in her opening?
  9. Can we please replace Eboni with Bershan? I just can’t with her anymore…. Yes, Eboni, you and Bershan have very different approaches. You’re a condescending BORE and Bershan looks like she can kiki and still get her point across.
  10. I think Sandy did the same level of vetting as she did with the Russian chef (mila). Basically, does the Chef have a pulse and do they know the difference b/w salt and sugar.
  11. Completely agree. This couple is the complete antithesis of Reza and Adam.
  12. I am loving Kathy Hilton. She’s such an endearing goof unlike Ramona.
  13. Hahaha! Omg 🤣🤣🤣 You are just too fantastic!! Thank you for more than getting the reference!
  14. I’m watching Seinfeld, and Kramer recruited an NYU student to learn real “corporate” experience - he makes him do BS work. I’m pretty sure Sonia modeled her life after this episode. It’s uncanny.
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