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  1. Jennie, don’t worry. No one wants to touch your husband. 🤮
  2. Jennie needs to get herself a brother husband and then leave this man. I cannot believe he could be so selfish. He needs to be thankful that his wife gave him three healthy children.
  3. Some of these women really need to fire their toddler makeup artist. Looks like a box of crayola exploding on their face.
  4. Was G having a seizure? What in the world was happening with his to tongue. I just love Karen. Her comment about a tea bag was priceless. I like just my tea as well! Candiace needs anger management. She is a little chihuahua that just keeps incessantly yapping even when no one is in the room.
  5. Exactly! Candiace could’ve stuck to insulting Mia, as she started to do in this episode, but instead goes after her mom (this episode calling her husband a “pimp.”). She just can’t help herself. Exactly right about being emboldened by Dorothy. Dorothy stirs and welcomes any takers.
  6. But who has come on the show and called Dorothy a name? What has been discussed? The fact that her mom pays for everything? Dorothy does a great job of insulting her own child and son-in-law, and starting the rumors. Candiace can’t take her frustration out on her mom because she needs the financial help/inheritance so she “projects” onto others. The issue is that Mia was talking about Candiace’s video shoot and calling it “low budget.” Since Candiace couldn’t come up with a clever comeback, she goes after Mia’s mom. She hits below the belt and is unnecessarily nasty. No one should be p
  7. Yes, Mia was wrong to go there initially but Dorothy is also an instigator and stirs things up for no reason. Since Candiace needs her inheritance, she can’t check her mom. Mia’s mom was brought on the show but there is no reason for Candiace to attack family when they were talking about the video shoot being low budget. She purposely goes low bc she can’t have a mature argument.
  8. Candiace is looking for a size 14 shoe to kick her ass again. She’s all bark and absolutely no bite; she needs to understand that there are boundaries that one shouldn’t cross, including family.
  9. I auto read that as sous chef. Look at Mia’s tweets - she can’t spelf 🤣
  10. That’s a thing. It’s like an assistant to the head chef.
  11. God I love Karen - “I had to get a ‘vassination’ to be here.” She is everything! My husband would show my Mom the door if she was anything Iike Dorothy. Then again, my Mom doesn’t pay our bills or mortgage….
  12. I love Karen, and all of her delusions! She is truly the greatest part of RHOP. As much I can’t stand Ashley, Candice was body shaming her after a pregnancy, which is low.
  13. That’s right! Forgot about that - thanks!
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