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  1. Yesssss!!! It is sexual harrassment, Kulty was uncomfortable AF during their flashlight dinner, and Meri just kept pushing. Meri is as ugly as her personality and I still can't get over the nose. It's just too much. She can literally donate some nose to Voldemort and she would STILL have enough.
  2. Finally an episode that had me not fallen asleep within 10 minutes. I live for the Meri & Kulty drama- and when he said he is not sure if Meri really still loves him or just clings on to anything or something similar, I was laughing so hard that Mini Coldplay almost woke up. Meri disgusts me. Her "desperate" attempts to win back Kulty are just so fake. She is not in love with him, she is in love with what they had in the past, her being the First Bitch, bullying Janelle, taking advantage of Christine and sucking up to Robyn to have an ally, THAT'S what she is missing and mourning
  3. Ok so I have this theory about Janelle, and you will probably, most likely, call me crazy. I think Janelle was never sexually interested in Kulty. I think Janelle got married to him for one reason- Meri. Yeah, you read that right. I think Janelle was interested in Meri, not Kulty. Let me explain. Janelle married Meri's brother, which was her first connection to Meri- and she managed to get very close to Kulty and Meri over the next years, got invited to their wedding, hang out with them, and interestingly, as soon as the spot for 2nd wife opened, Janelle easily divorced Mer
  4. The problem with Christine is that she made her bed, but now does not want to lie in it. The earlier seasons show how arrogant she is about anything not "plyg", and now slowly reality is dawning on her; she is looking like a hag, is being a single mom of 6 children (yes, single, the government does not give a shit about your spiritual marriage, Christine) and has to sell Lalelu to afford her daughter's surgery. Christine will never leave, though- being "plyg" is what defines her, and without that, she is/ has nothing, otherwise, she would have left when Truely was almost dying on the cou
  5. I cannot stand Bonnie. She always gives me a weird vibe. Also, she looks like a bat in that picture 🦇
  6. Hey there, longtime lurker here, decided to finally join in the fun, cause the episodes get more boring by the season (and more expensive, $29.99? REALLY, Amazon??) This episode had it all again- Kulty- desperate to pretend he is FINE with his daughter being gay, Meri- desperate to reconnect with Kulty, Janelle- desperate to sneak out of any outdoor activity possible even if it requires no movement, Christine- just plain desperate, Roblox- desperate to pretend she cares about the other "wives". Out of the whole sorry bunch, I detest Christine the most, not on
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