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  1. Is it always 2 against one for the final? I don’t think I ever remember everyone being chosen by someone else.
  2. They came close to all being together at the tribute to James Burrows some years ago, but Matthew Perry was doing a play and was Zoomed/FaceTimed in
  3. I have only listened to the first two episodes-Pilot and The Lorelai’s First Day at Chilton, but enjoyed them very much. It’s not like Mystery Science Theatre, where he is watching the shows and then doing commentary, but he and his producers chat about the episodes. He chatted with Yanic Truesdale and Macy Grey in the first one & Sally Struthers and Rose Adboo in the second. I’m saving the rest for a road trip I’m taking in a few weeks.
  4. Scott Patterson has a podcast-I Am All In. He has never watched the show, so each episode is his discussing the episode after he has watched it, and he also has cast members on
  5. Ms. Kim said the same to Lane in Gilmore Girls-children don’t make the rules, you may live like that somewhere else.
  6. I meant that we didn’t see that dynamic on TV. Norman Lear shows renewed to be very SHOUTY: All in the Family, Maude, The Jeffersons, One Day at a Time….
  7. When this aired-there were no single moms with teenagers. We had nuclear families or blended families like The Brady Bunch. Maybe The Partridge Family came closest, that I remembered, but Shirley was a widow. Becoming a Singing Family wasn’t really a realistic choice for anyone’s life. I kind of remembered Diahann Carroll’s Julia as a working mom, but I believe she was a widow also.
  8. I wonder if they would have accepted Jackie O, since that was a common usage of her name…🤔
  9. Considering TBBT episodes usually have a run time of 20 minutes or less, that’s just sad that anything needs to be trimmed for even more commercials.
  10. Sadly, this is how I got Omar Khayyam Any other Rocky & Bullwinkle fans out there?
  11. I loved Jason Alexander’s follow-up question to the Survivalist saying that Yes he would eat a human was “What kind of beer goes with that”! 😆 The correct answer is, of course, Fava beans and a nice Chianti.
  12. chitowngirl


    The old adage that “it’s not the destination—it’s the journey” has never been more true than in Us, the hilarious and heartbreaking new miniseries starring Tom Hollander (Baptiste, The Night Manager) and Saskia Reeves (Roadkill, Luther); a whirlwind tour of Europe’s most iconic cities; and a last-ditch attempt to save a marriage. The two-part adaptation of David Nicholls’ bittersweet, bestselling novel, premieres Sunday, June 20 at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE on PBS.
  13. Alan has a great podcast-Clear and Vivid and and a spinoff Science Clear and Vivid. The episodes that are the best, for me, are the ones that I think I have no interest in the topic. I always come away more informed. He has brought the MASH cast on for reunions.
  14. I cannot think of a show I want to watch less than this one
  15. Zingy mentioned they filled out the paperwork, probably quickly and perhaps not above board. To which Rebels first husband, the policeman, said that he “heard nothing”.
  16. Or she’ll wear a wig. If she does, it had better be a good one, considering the wardrobe budget they get. Allison Janney’s wigs on Mom were pretty great.
  17. When Rebel and Lana were in the world’s largest storage locker and she got to the box of ceramic animals, I was screaming “it’s in the cat!!!”.
  18. Was it a permanent desk job or just until she was able to go back to her other duties?
  19. Some week it really WILL be a hummingbird cake! 😆
  20. They usually show the Tournaments that aired throughout the season-TOC, Teen, and College.
  21. It looks like recipients are there for Joan’s part....😊 eta-I adore Emmylou Harris! Now I’m wondering why more of Debbie’s wasn’t done with an audience.
  22. I do miss the energy in the room when there is an audience and the reactions from the recipients. 😕
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