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  1. What a huge mistake to cancel this show! I miss it. Thankfully, I bought the first season. Each episode is a little brilliant gem. The actors were amazingly talented which is saying a lot since most were very young. So sad and I'd love to know the reasoning behind the decision.
  2. Well, a grown woman with extremely poor judgment . . . "let's go on television and tell the world I got knocked up at my father's funeral by a complete a-hole". Most women would be keeping that info to themselves until the day they died. How many people here would be proud of having sex with Chris and admitting it on national television?!?!?! (Was it a grandfather's funeral? Tomato, To-maat-toe...)
  3. And that's a wrap. Things pretty much turned out the way I figured. And that's unfortunate in a couple of cases: V&E and C&P (it would have been wonderful if Paige had issued a statement and not met with him). BTW you need to find the article where Chris states the baby "made a dramatic exit". Who says that about a miscarriage - regardless if there was a real pregnancy or not? Chris was NOT crying. He makes the sounds and puts his head down because there are no tears. And then she chases after him. Message to Paige: I guarantee you that everyday you decide to not see h
  4. AMEN. That's exactly what I was thinking.... "How DARE you imply, let alone state, that she "pulled" him. That is a LIE... shame on you "Pastor" Cal. If I remember correctly, LYING is the 9th commandment and perhaps, you should go back to remedial Christianity class!
  5. Just waiting to remove this show from my DVR line-up! This season was a deal breaker. I did like some of THIS episode though... love these couples. They make me smile: smart, honest, mature people whose opinions I value.
  6. Yes, I don't think he sees her as an equal. I don't either. She is reckless with her life while Erik has been very planful. I'd be totally on her side up if she stood up to Erik as a strong, intelligent, sober, mature woman. But she doesn't because she isn't. (You get a pass on two or three episodes of passing out on someone's sofa in life and you turn in the card at ~24. I don't see her standing up for herself, but fighting for her immature lifestyle. She's almost proud of not progressing in life.) Erik wants a partner not a rebellious teenager. I doubt he would patronize any of the women I
  7. Because there isn't time to grow their hair. I think they only have two weeks between finding out they are chosen and the wedding. Since they both have part of their head shaved - it would be impossible to grow out in time. I agree on their hair! Jake looks like he's got that military thing going on and Ryan... well, it's just odd. That said, even with time, they might think their hair is hot stuff!
  8. @KateHearts If you look a couple weeks back you will see some pictures someone posted of "Erik and his first wife". The guy doesn't look like Erik to me, but some people think it's him and that he must have had plastic surgery. You might want to take a look and judge for yourself.
  9. I think it will make him look better - people are suspicious of the never-married! It will give him an "in" with the divorced-lady crowd 😄 As an older woman ... let me tell you that dating definitely favors guys as people age. So much so, that I don't get why Jake keeps mentioning it!
  10. I agree about the insecurity in this relationship... sorta. But, those with privilege don't serve in the military. You might not remember (not sure of your age) but that was one of the biggest arguments for keeping the draft (a way to equitably feed the US military). And, yes, it appears his family is successful but not wealthy - wealthy people own jets not single engine planes IMO.
  11. This season was so difficult to watch that I am done. I will finish this season to decision day but then, on MY decision day, I will never watch again. What they should do: 1) Not give Chris even one more second of air time. They should delete his image etc. 2) One of the "experts" should explain to people why his behavior was abusive and as a public service use those scenes to tell people to get out of abusive situations and how. 3) Find a nice walk on part for Paige on some show giving her hair, makeup and beautiful clothes for it. 4) Get Paige therapy for the hur
  12. Amen. He is willfully naive about Virginia and her problems. But some people have to learn the hard way. That's where Erik's beliefs about himself are going to kick him in the ass. I like Erik a lot but he is a know-it-all and he thinks V only needs to make a few changes . . . he will have to confront soon the fact that he can be wrong sometimes.
  13. Well, except all these people 1) signed up; 2) are getting paid; and 3) know that cameras are rolling. Restraining orders are not for people who are volunteering for abuse - but I get your point. (I think some of these folks are going to regret doing this show for the rest of their lives. Especially in the career arena.) The world is very different now - fortunately or unfortunately - a false move or word can ruin your life. If a person can't trust themselves to be careful in word and deed, they shouldn't sign up to have a camera follow them around (or even be on any type of social media).
  14. I think most men would find sex with a snowman or a block of ice more pleasurable than sex with Haley. . .
  15. Agree with so many people here. Erik - get thee to an Al-Anon meeting! Unfortunately, not my first rodeo with a drunk. I think the cats are a straw-man for V. She will do anything to find a way to get out of this so she can drink. She keeps being more and more unreasonable because she doesn't want the divorce to be because of her alcoholism. She knows. She knows. She knows she's a drunk. The one thing I thought was funny... Haley buddying up to Virginia! The hugs! It was so revealing. Haley wouldn't speak to a trashy lush like Virginia (with her shell choker and bad skin) outsi
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