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  1. Yeah, I was amazed by the gift of the car, too. I kinda got the vibe that maybe the production company actually arranged and paid for the "gift" though
  2. To me, the time-capsule-like quality of watching the reality of the pandemic slowly break over everything was the most interesting part of the show, dredging back lots of memories of what processing those events was like for me. I'm honestly baffled by how all-consumingly they pursued the "basic white girl" aesthetic. I'm no influencer or design guru, but a lot of the elements they were obsessed with already feel quite dated. I'm not saying people don't still like avocado toast and rose, but making that your entire personality feels like pretty 2017 to me. I guess the problem with theming your
  3. Personally, I didn't really mind the staying in one location. In recent seasons, the locations and allowed shopping areas are so controlled anyway that the competition aspect of the contestants have to adjust to new places is pretty muted, and it seems like a new city is just usually an excuse for some kind of local challenge
  4. In my recollection, challenges like that were more common. I've been rewatching some of the older seasons FN has on demand to refresh my memory on all the different trucks. IMO, the rise of social media to be SUCH a huge societal force crept up slowly on this show and then washed it out. There's a big difference between building awareness of your truck, so people who happen to live in a city might come out on a filming day, and the kind of clout that gets people to buy a single item for $75.
  5. Warts aside, this season has been SO much better than the last one it feels like a breath of fresh air.
  6. Ugh, of the three trucks I recognize, I only remember liking one of them. The other two I vaguely remember as being insufferable.
  7. I thought all three cakes were gorgeous - which was really refreshing to have it be so close- but I agree the cards were stacked against Derek. It was completely unfair to NOT have him be the one assigning birds. I will say, though, that people from Maryland in general are really into our state symbols and I imagine that Duff being from Baltimore specifically... Derek's "oriole" theme probably hurt his soul. It hurt mine and I was rooting for Derek.
  8. But Leah didn't know who Bucky was. Karli has always demonstrated awareness of his identity, seemingly both as "Bucky Barnes, friend of Captain America and Avengers ally" and the Winter Soldier. If by this point, she hasn't done enough research on one of her primary adversaries (a Google search would suffice) to know that he fought with Cap in WWII, then she is insanely incompetent.
  9. Yeah, I noticed that. I've always believed since watching Endgame for the first time that Steve talked about what he was going to with Bucky before he left, but it was nice to get the confirmation, and the confirmation that choosing Sam was part of that conversation.
  10. Yeah, the fight scene at the beginning frustrated me. Walker vs. Sam, yes, that does make sense the way that part of the fight went down, but Bucky should be able to take down Walker single-handedly. They both have serum, so that's a wash. Walker has the shield, but Bucky has his vibranium arm. Bucky has DECADES of experience as a hyper-deadly assassin. Bucky AND Sam? that should be a piece of cake. But Bucky's been nerfed all series long, and I wish I knew why.
  11. I was pretty darn sure BFD was going to lose when the editors chose to show us them saying "we're going to win." Then, I was positive when Tyler spent over half the "award ceremony" giving rambling justifications why the producers rigging challenges to give teams that are not good at selling an advantage is actually a good thing. I'm disappointed, but at least BFD is going home with six ears.
  12. That is an absolutely fantastic comparison, and you are right on the money. If it was about arm maintenance, Bucky would have known about it. Or if the situation had come up where Bucky had gone rogue, been re-Winter Soldierized etc., and Shuri had to go look up the schematics or something, I could believe that it had a benign purpose or was possibly just a inevitable design feature of an arm that can also be snapped on. But Ayo- who wouldn't be doing maintenance - knew, knew so well that she could immediately perform the action on Bucky without knowing in advance she would want to. T
  13. ... the point I think is to deepen our understanding of the pain and suffering Bucky has been through and to further establish his ties to Wakanda in general and Ayo specifically. Ayo being the one who helped him recover from being the Winter Soldier informs our understanding of all their interactions in the episode and explains the feelings of hurt and betrayal on both sides. It has absolutely nothing to do with Sam.
  14. These are unSnapped, non-American kids who are seeing Sam out of costume. The older ones would have been around five when Sam was Snapped, and he's only been back for a few months. For the two years before that, Sam was on the run doing covert missions only. He was only a high-profile Avenger between Ultron and Civil War (... a year or two of in-universe time?) I think it's very reasonable the kids didn't recognize him.
  15. That's true. I don't think food access, specifically, was ever going to be one of the short-term post-Snap issues on Earth Really depends on the plant or animal. Crops like wheat or corn, sure those probably be fine. But if half the world's forests were snapped, that's going to take decades to even begin to recover from. Some endangered species have only a handful of members left - sometimes only one viable breeder of a gender. And of course, there are half as many pollinators now...
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