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  1. Request Zoey’s on Netflix! https://t.co/AwJRQAybWn
  2. Sunday 30 May on E do the Zoey extraordinary playlist marathon let's try to watch it all and spread the word so as to increase the views
  3. petition for renewal http://chng.it/RHpNcMF4td
  4. (Finale) - Advance Preview: Timing https://www.spoilertv.com/2021/05/zoeys-extraordinary-playlist-zoeys_14.html?m=1
  5. I looked and last year they announced the renewal in June
  6. I still didn't know this ... It definitely wasn't love at first sight for Max and Zoey on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. In fact, when they met on their first day at SPRQ Point, they actually kind of hated each other.
  7. if I understand correctly why he still cannot accept his situation and what other people may think ... If you can watch it in streaming because there is the final scene between Zoey and Max that is a tearjerker and it was inevitable that sooner or later Max ....
  8. https://tvline.com/lists/cancelled-renewed-tv-shows-updates-list-seal-team/zoeys-extraordinary-playlist-nbc/
  9. Yes, true for me she is clearly in love alone who cannot admit it to herself ... the final scene in which she spoke with Simon made it clear and she told him that she no longer has feelings for Max but they are only friends because she does said the therapist !!!
  10. I don't remember ... but in the short relationship that Max and Zoey had, Zoey told him she loved him? because I remember Max's I love you but not Zoey's
  11. who knows what Zoey will do or say in the finale because the way they got between them makes us think that Max will never come back talk about the rest of the season ... https://twitter.com/LionsgateTV/status/1389278586729865221?s=19
  12. from what Skylar wrote on her Twitter in the next episode we will know if Max goes to New York, from what I had read and seen in this episode I think he will leave
  13. on reddit there is someone who thanks to Amazon is seeing 2x11 and then I asked us if we will understand who it is who will go away and he said yes !!! 2x11 the synopsis from amazon zoey return to the world after an extended time away and discovers that a lot has changed at work and in her personal life in her absence it seems that.... Max sings the heart song "New York State Of Mind." How Zoey will react ? So for me it will be him who starts in the final
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