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  1. Does anyone remember the old baking show they used to do on a Disney soundstage years back? They included cake and sugar artists... and had a full day (12 or 15 hours, I think) for the challenge. It was a long time because I always wondered how the live audience could sit there watching them that whole time. Even with all that time and extra team members, some of the creations still had flaws. 5 hours for these challenges is not long enough. Seems like they should give them at least 8 hours.
  2. Power tools guy is such a show-off. Hope he doesn't win. I'm rooting for the dark haired lady carver and the Carving Competition neophyte. He struggled the first few challenges, but had a strong showing with the food challenge. The lady did a nice Marie Antoinette display. Sorry I don't remember their names. Ugh!
  3. Oh, she was complaining about those stairs at the end of the program. Heh! He tried to warn her!
  4. OMG...thank you! I just saw this episode last night... and couldn't believe that was a considered some sort of super creative move. That would be the first thing I would remove if I bought that house. Yuck!!
  5. My red flag about this couple is that they rarely used the words "we" or "us". It was mostly, "I'm not buying a sofa or TV". "This just the place I want". Hope they were playing it up for the cameras... but she seemed really angry about working to support both of them... while he was put partying.
  6. Doesn't Mickey have a son? What happened to him and Mickey's Russian wife? I can't remember.
  7. My popcorn ceilings have glitter and sparkles in them. 🎡"They shine pretty like a diamond" 🎡Hehe! ..and I love them. 😍
  8. They were a cute... no drama... no hysterics... no demands couple! I really like the one they chose... and glad they got the place for a steal!
  9. HeHe. When she mentioned the vineyard, I said: "Mitch didn't have a vineyard. He was a rancher!!" Then I realized how old I am... and that she was talking about the Lindsey Lohan version, which I loved too... Just not as much as the original! πŸ€—
  10. He didn't bother me so much because he seemed to be the more reasonable of the two... just trying to placate his silly wife. Hope his sensibility keeps them on track.
  11. For $5 bucks it's okay. But, so far from what I've seen there's not anything here you can't get from regular cable. But there are fewer commercials. I love HGTV so it's worth having some of my favorite shows on demand.
  12. Yep... the guy even admitted it at the very end. He said something like "The truth is I'm not going to be doing the actual work:. Heh!
  13. I do too. It was funny when Jeremiah was trying tamp down Nate overly competitive edge. Nate would say something so OTT about winning. and Jeremiah would say quickly follow up with "Nope, nope that's not what that means. That's not what that means at all". LOL! Overall though I could do with a little less trash talking.. especially from the design stars. They should just worry about their house... and not what the others are thinking or doing.
  14. She's as cute as a button... but a little on the wacky side with her obsession over rodents and dead people. The previous elderly owner of my house died in it. At night when the floorboards creak, I joke that the old homeowner is having his evening walk. I politely ask him to sit down somewhere so I can get some sleep. πŸ˜„
  15. I did not get that separate toilet thing. She kept saying the toilet was in a closet. I'm single, so it's not a big deal either way for me. But, if I lived with another person, I would greatly appreciate a toilet in it's own little room.
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