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  1. Okay, I'm not the only one who thought that was a little strange. It was very awkward. Was expecting Ree to at the very least offer her condolences. Very weird indeed! I heard "fortunately" too.
  2. I liked the one they picked the best. My gripe is with the size of all the condos. I get it. San Diego is a hot spot... but, damn that's a lot of money for such a small place. Living alone would be okay... but for two people and then eventually one or two kids. The redhead was looking to stay there for at least 11 or 12 years. They're going to outgrow that place way sooner than that.
  3. African American here... and it doesn't bother me either. Never thought much about having a bathroom attached to my bedroom. But after watching so many of show... I now want one! Stat! Hehe!😉
  4. I thought the facial expressions of the two people were a little weird looking too. Didn't get the judge's OTT praise. I was going to go back and check whether their original sketch mentioned whether they were both women... but was too lazy. The artist chose those round forms so they wouldn't have to finesse the shapes. I agree with whoever said they were the favorites to win... for whatever reason. Kind of felt like they were getting the winner's edit when the one guy kept going on and on about the new woman who joined their team.
  5. I agree. Money seemed to be the deciding factor. She mentioned something about him being able to fit some kind of boat in that canal/pond. Really? It didn't seem like much would fit there. But, considering that these shows are mostly fake and their choice was probably the house they had already purchased, most of the back story was probably made up... except, about her being a cancer survivor.
  6. Erin reminds me of the actress who played "Jo" on the Facts of Life: Nancy McKeon. I think she's beautiful. But, her face does always look like she's mad. Hehe!
  7. I think she's trying to compete with the Shinmin, who often wears short, cute and flattering dresses/skirts. Didn't work. That's not Erin's style.
  8. Yuck! All her flavors seemed unpleasant for a cheesecake.
  9. I love Lashonda. She reminds me of my cousin. Some people see it as her "being on". But, for me that's just her personality. I get that can be off-putting to some people. But, it's familiar and natural to me. I'll miss Jamal. I liked that he took chances with his bakes. Not sure why I'm not on the Jon bandwagon. He seems like a nice guy... and he's a definite cutie. But, for some reason, I'm not a fan!
  10. I didn't think she came off as a sore loser at all. YMMV. I don't think she came off as a sore loser either. I think she was trying not to cry. She's just a kid... and was trying to keep her head up. Also IMO, there's nothing wrong with saying "You'll see me again"... It's something she's probably heard losing contestants say on other competitive shows. A lot of kids imitate these tropes: "I have to take it to the next level", "I came her to win" etc. It's okay to have self confidence., especially in a youngster. She'll need it for the other real life challenges she comes up against down the road. She wears her confidence differently than some of the other kids... and in my book that's okay. Every kid doesn't have to fit into someone else's idea of humility.
  11. That's exactly what she said "We're headed to the courthouse!"
  12. Doubt it... probably just has a good agent... capitalizing on the success/popularity of the cheesy "Sharknado" movies.
  13. I don't usually make fun of people. But, I thought was hilarious when the contestant bragged that she "didn't come here to lose"... and promptly lost in the first round. Heh! Girl, concentrate less on bragging and more on not being a hot mess on national TV.
  14. I think if she had bigger windows or lights inside... so the judges could see her extraordinary work better, she would have won. Judges also said her theme wasn't clear until she explained it to them. Even with all that, I would have picked her to win.
  15. Didn't like either one of these ladies... but I agree Reva was worse. The gingerbread lady was full of herself... but, it seemed like Reva couldn't stand not being in the spotlight. The assistant as always been a background player. It's not a 50-50 partnership. Pour the damn isomalt and shut the hell up. Her voice and bragging got on my last nerve. Very immature on her part.
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